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Cops: "Little" Star Hit Bar, Drove Car

7/31/2007 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pint-sized pop on the TLC reality show "Little People, Big World" has been hiding a pretty big secret -- he was busted for DUI last month.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, 45-year-old Matthew Roloff was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, around midnight on June 19 after cops claim that Roloff's van had been swerving on the road.

Roloff, who then failed a field sobriety test, was taken to Washington County Jail, where he was cited and released.


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I can't believe the number of people apologizing for this guy on this site. Everyone whines about how the system lets people off easy when they hear about some guy with 8 DUI's killing someone, and then some minor celebrity gets cited for his second charge and people are talking about it like its the cop's fault! If this guy is in fact guilty, then it seems to me he's just another big mouthed hypocrite on TV, preaching responsibility and not following through in his own life.

2600 days ago


Hey he is just like us the only differance in him and me I did not get caught at it.

Still a great guy and father

2600 days ago


Little people, BIG problem!!!LOL

2597 days ago


He is only human, and it is so big of everyone to be so judgemental. He may
have just had a couple of drinks with dinner. Who hasn't done that? I hope those
who are judging him can truly say that they have never driven after drinking. The difference with those who get DUIs is they get caught. He isn't a millionaire like
many of the stars that get arrested and it is only suspected that he was drunk.
Remember "Innocent until proven guilty.

2597 days ago


If Matt is found guilty i think that tlc should pull the plug on the series, i mean what kind of example is Matt showing to all the young kids that are watching his show, this is supposed to be a family show, not anymore Matt thinks he is above the law and that he can do what ever he wants, well he is in for a surprize when he goes to court if he is found guilty, no body is above the law not even him, and he refused to take a breath test ,so what does that tell you, doesn`t take much math to figure that out.

2594 days ago


j.p. do you know what Matt "thinks"? And as far as the canceling the show....isn't it a reality show....?
"let him who is without sin, cast the first stone"

2594 days ago


The breathalyzer was "scientifically proven" to work for you lucky judgmental "normz" to prove guilty or not. Many of you say it here... you wonder, you don't know, you assume... Since when has it been okay to convict people with that which is not known in this country?! There is nothing scientific to "prove" that this machine works in the least for little people, but firsthand knowledge, proof and experience that it does NOT work for little people like myself. The only thing Matt proves so far (and more than likely learned through the first DUI that this machine did not work and was not accurrate for him) was that he was very smart to refuse a test that has not been proven to work for our little people. This system and these attitudes prove nothing except that we have a long ways to go. A test or machine that has equal capacity to destroy our lives, needs to have the equal capacity to include us as well. If Matt "knows" within himself that he is innocent, I hope and pray he will fully address the horrendous harms, theories and attitudes of ignorance and destruction to the lives of little people that include me, some of his friends and even his own son. This family has the resources to do what I could not. "Proven guilty" in your world is not the same as "being" guilty in mine. The longer I live the closer I feel what it's like to being pecked to death by a bunch of chickens. Just because we don't look like the "normal" chicken doesn't mean we deserve to be attacked by a bunch of "peckers"!

2594 days ago

Amy Noall    

Give the guy a break! They BOTH have drinks every time they go to dinner, and it probably doesn't take much with his size. How could he possibly walk a straight line, he can barely walk period! AND, I would drink if I was married to that woman too! She is so ungreatful, and really needs to count her blessings in him and what she has. And, I don't care how many jobs she has or how many soccer teams she manages, she is the WORST house keeper I have ever seen! Lazy, unappreciative, and MEAN.

2594 days ago

Southern Girl    

Hey Rosiegirl #363, I agree with you. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I wish everyone that doesn't like Matt would just leave him the heck alone and just stop watching the show. Stop reading about him. My gosh! That is not too hard for you to do, is it? What is the big deal? Then, you won't get so upset.Geeeeez!

2593 days ago


He has a wonderful, additional, way to support his children. I hope he has not messed it up where the shows ratings will drop.

2593 days ago



2592 days ago



2592 days ago


K says "shake him up, he does not look trashed"

S says "When is this topic going to be discussed on "Little People, Big World"...I don't want to miss that show!"

2588 days ago


"Little People, Big House"

2587 days ago


Not to change the subject, but I can't wait to meet Matt and his family at the KANSAS State Fair in September. Hang in there, Matt. We love your show.

2586 days ago
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