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Paparazzo: Brit's Man Gave Me a Beat Down!

8/1/2007 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A photographer says Britney Spears' bodyguard attacked and beat him "without any provocation" outside the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas on July 26 -- and he has the injuries to prove it!

In a press release issued by lawyers for Flynet photographer Andrew Deetz, the photog alleges Spears' bodyguard, Julio "J.C." Camera, unleashed "a barrage of punches and kicks to the head and body." Deetz also claims Britney had to be to be stopped by hotel security from attacking him as well. He says she threw a baby bottle at him and yelled, "I am going to kill you! I am going to f***ing kill you!" He added that she shouted that he should get a restraining order against her because if she didn't kill him, she would hire someone that would! Like who, K-Fed?

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called and J.C. was issued a citation for misdemeanor battery.

Deetz, who maintains he always kept a safe distance of approximately 30-50 feet while photographing Spears, says the attack caused him "multiple bruises to his face and head as well as injuries to his brain, neck and other parts of his body." He claims he continues to receive treatment for his injuries.


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So all you fools want us to believe is her bodyguards let people get so close to what some of you saying they pushed her into a mirror, then it was one of the kids and then one moron saying kids was hit with a camera.

You all sound like dumbwitted lawyers.

Fact, gaurds would have never allowed that, tape does not say any of what y'all are saying and in fact says it was the photo guy who was smashed into the mirror and why his head was cut open

I keep asking why is that tacobell gaurd pulled the guys pants down as seen in the photo and why did she bring the kids in there at that time of day to do what play poker or the slots ?

Makes no difference it was her guy that did the harm, he caused the injuries and should go to jail or at least deported

2639 days ago


gingergirl - I totally agree, as big of a trainwreck as Anna Nicole was, she's a Princess Diana compared to awful Britney!

2639 days ago


50 I'm confused

It does not say the photog hit the glass window. They said the photog had head injuries from the beat down from the bodyguard.

2639 days ago

Terminator X    

I could care less about the paps or her bodyguard.......Now the children? That's entirely different. Please someone (Child Services) come and take these kids so that they might not grow up to be like their mom. How many times must we watch as she endangers her children and the public for that matter before someone steps in and takes control. As for Britney being bipolar, I'm bipolar and I think she might be as well. Her behavior is increasingly more erratic. There are plenty of good pills to "even" her out. PLEASE SAVE THE KIDS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! Who would of ever thougt K-Fed would be the "stable" parent.

2639 days ago


Kill or be killed. Ask princess Di. Have these dogs heard of the zoom lens? Why do they have to get so close? I have no sympathy for the paracites.

2639 days ago

"Just say 'no' to butt crack!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :] Ew. lol

Matt Roloff has a chronic drinking problem.

2639 days ago

yr not kiddin anyone    

Yay!!!!! You go Camera........

2639 days ago


I'm so not a fan of Britney's...but, good for her bodyguard. She's got a kid in her arms....the papparazi should back the hell off or get the spit slapped out of them. I agree they put themselves in the limelight....but, there should be some flippin kind of spance requirement. Sheesh....give them ten feet at least. How they manage to walk through all these freaking low lifes trying to make a buck is beyond me.

2639 days ago


Even though Brit's an annoying, trashy, trailer park diva, I have to say that what I've seen and heard about most of these photogs is even more annoying. They're the type of guy that love to provoke people and often go too far in search of a pic. Brain injuries, give me a break. The little dork isn't adequately equipped. Back the hell up and stay away from celeb's kids if you don't want to get beaten, dumbass.

2639 days ago


Butt Cleavage, yuck.

2639 days ago

sara penney    

Stop stalking women with children! I'm with Britney on this one. If I had been with her,
these stalk a rot zees would have been limping away, making like squirrels looking
for their nuts!


I have sent an email to the hotel informing them that I will not stay there as it is
a place that is UNSAFE for women and children.

These men are following Britney around and will not give her a moments peace!
As in following her from state to state! They should be arrested as stalkers. Just
because the b******* have cameras in their hands is no excuse for the licenses
they take. ANYONE else would be arrested for accosting her like this...persistently
and right in her face and her babies' faces!

Britney needs a new attorney with a new approach...RESTRAINING ORDERS
against these whining cowards.


2639 days ago


I hope the Pap wins and drains her dry! She became a celebrity and now paps chase her and she freaks out at them. Did she have an umbrella with her this time too? Sheesh. Celebrities should be GRATEFUL any pap wants their photo. I doubt the pap is lying. There's no other reason to send out a press release after retaining an attorney and also knowing casinos do in fact have footage of the incident. Also, Britney threatening his life? What a nut job! Isn't anyone going to do anything to protect those kids from this wacko? Kevin? Hello?

2639 days ago


The photogs NEVER keep 30-50 feet distance. Gimme a break, Brit gets points for this one.

2639 days ago


I would expect some criminal history if Brit had Bipolar.
She shows some control in that area unlike her peers.
I do feel she needs some anger management courses.

2639 days ago


So cute.

Britney's embarrased the one time she doesn't pay a million photogs to follow her around all over the place. Please, this washed up dog turd loooooooves attention wherever she goes. It keeps her a little relevant.

2639 days ago
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