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Richie Finally Gets It:

'I Have a Responsibility'

8/1/2007 8:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In tomorrow's interview with Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America," Nicole Richie is going to sound very strange -- like an adult!

Richie, who has (finally) admitted to being four months pregnant, handled Sawyer's questions like a champ. When asked about putting people's lives at risk with her DUI arrest last December, Richie said, "If I could personally apologize to every single person that has lost a loved one from drunk driving, I would." Not bad, Nicole. Not bad at all.

Catch the full interview Thursday morning on ABC's "Good Morning America."


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LOVE HER!!!! Congrats Nicole.

2550 days ago


Yall need to stop raggin on this chick! Yeah she's young and now she is at a turning point in her life..thats the way it goes! I was a mad woman until I crashed my car from being woke me up! Some people, especially people who do grow up fast and in the party life need that wake up call in order to realize what they have been doing! The chick just got into mad trouble with the car and then shortly there after realizes shes pregnant. If you ask me it proves the kind of person she is to step up and grow up! Nicole's gonna be fine! I know I am now!

2550 days ago


I heard on the local tv in Los Angeles that the next time Nicole drives while drunk and someone is killed, it will not be manslaughter but murder. That is part of her plea bargening. Don't know if this last only the 3 years she is on probation or not but this is what they said.

2550 days ago


Good for you Nicole. You seem so much more sincere than Paris was in her after jail interview. Best of luck staying sober and especially congrats of luck to you and Joe on your pregnancy and baby!

2550 days ago


for those of you who said that Paris and/or Nicole are educated!!! THINK AGAIN! Paris barely has her GED, or does she even have that? Young adults do make mistakes but their reasons were beyond ignorant and selfish.

I don't believe a lick of it, with or without a kid I'm sure the only thing keeping her from drugs and her old tricks is Joel, she's gone man to man but he's been the only guy not trying to enable her so far. Her own father is at fault for her immature disaster of a life. She still hasn't put on weight and she's close to 4 months....her gut is probably bigger than it should be at this stage because that fetus has no where else to hide, even being the size of a golf ball....sad.

2550 days ago


Nicole finally gets it.." Yeah right!" For all those that believe this self-testimony of hers, you must also believe that the Moon is made of Green Cheese as well...

2550 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

I believe it when she lives what she preaches.

2550 days ago


I was hoping that this interview wasn't "news" anymore due to the fact that there have been a bajillion stories about it already on tmz. And they all same essentially the same thing. It's been a really bad trend on here lately.....

2550 days ago


I hope she means it. Stupidity has gotten old with that set.....

2550 days ago


I've always liked Nicole. She makes me laugh. I always knew she was alot smarter than what she acts like...Best of luck to her. I'm dying to see what her stickly body will look like pregnant as well as after she has the baby...This pregnancy will no doubt make her a more physically healthy person.

2550 days ago

Not Impressed    

We care why?

2550 days ago


Thank God she is not whining like a 3-year old as Paris did.

2550 days ago


hey marie, we think she has an eating disorder because we KNOW she is capable of gaining weight. ever seen what she looked like before she hit 85 lbs?? she has the ability to gain weight, she chooses not to because she is selfish and won't even do it for the health of her own child. what a stupid bimbo.

2550 days ago


kristin, i give Nicole a little more credit than that. i think Nicole is doing the right thing, and i'm sure she knows that she needs to eat right to take care of that baby. i think she'll have a healthy baby. you'll see. she's certainly not stupid.

2550 days ago


To: S----> Nicole went to collage Paris is the on that has her G.E.D ome peple on hereact ike they never made any mistakes. What you failed to realize it's her life not our's. She has to hit rock bottom so she can move on with her life. When your young you do some crazy ass things that can stay with you for a lifetime buts all in how you change your life that counts.

Like my mom always said people always talk about you when your doing bad and never let that go but when you change no one never's says one good word about you.People tend to judge other ppl when things in their own lives aren't going right. Judge no man/woman if you cant judge our self...........................

I know I made some mistakes in my life but I dont act like now that I change I'm better than the next person.

2550 days ago
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