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Ant Saves a Life

8/2/2007 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ant the comedian is not always just about getting laughs ... and if you've seen his act, you know that's true! But the comedian recently received e-mails from a man who talked about his plans to take his own life. Ant to the rescue!
Ross the Intern and Ant
The e-mails revealed a man who has been dealing with weight, relationship, employment and sexual identity issues. The correspondence grabbed Ant's attention -- who responded by asking for a phone number -- no, not for a date! On Tuesday, while recording a "Talky Blog" with Ross the Intern, the pair called the distressed fan and gave him some emotional and genuine advice. "Reach out before you do anything crazy."

What they said struck a chord. The guy sent another e-mail to Ant after their conversation, promising to ask for help when he's feeling down and out, and saying that he now has hope. "I'm still at the bottom, but at least now I can see the light at the top."

All because a few celebs took the time to make a simple phone call. Not all stars are making news for clubbing, getting DUIs and forgetting their panties.


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Adrian S. Duarte    

ANT is an amazing guy!!! I'm so happy his effort, as small as he thought it was at the time, made such a huge impact on others.

(ANT Colony member for Life)

2641 days ago

Barb"Loves the Ant Colony"    

ANT is so very nice, and so is Ross. Two caring men that have not forgotten where they came from. Check out their myspace BLOGS. We need more people in the world like them. Love to both,Barb "LOVES THE ANT COLONY'

2641 days ago

Jerry Dean    

ANT and Ross are two of the most amazing people ever! I have been a colony member from the start myself and everyone that is a part of it will tell you that ANT is the most caring and wonderful man and I am proud to be a part of the colony!

Peace & Love

Jerry Dean

2641 days ago


Ok In the past 2 years I have gotten to know both of these men...well Kinda!

Ross Is a good guy and means well but he urged ANT to not take this on....meaning he would have not gone the same route that ANT did and help the guy to the Extent that ANT did.

ANT cares about everyone who he comes in to contact with. I used to think Ross was the real deal...the caring loving Celeb that was not Celeb Like...then I met ANT. ANT reads and responds to almost Every e-mail/comment that he gets. I know that he takes time out of his life to talk to us as therapy for himself.

How do I know he is real??? Well He offered to call my mom after surgery. And he did even though he had a splitting migraine. He could have easily blow it off and not called and I would not have thought any less of him. I saw my mom smile and laugh for the first time when she was on the phone with him....

THANK you ANT for being you and for giving us hope and faith that there are real people who happen to be famous

Love you bunches

2641 days ago

klee klai    

This is real news! Finally a story about Celebs doing GOOD for a change!

2641 days ago

Mr. McGoo    

How refreshing. When you see the trash in LA like Lindsay, Britney, Paris, etc. these guys give you some faith that there are still good people.

I can't picture any of the above mentioned ho's taking time out of their partying to help someone who is hurting.

Way to go Ross and Ants! Keep up the good work.

2641 days ago


This is an awesome story! I knew there were still people out there in the upper echelon that still gave a damn. Right on!

2641 days ago


This was a great blog by two fanfreakintastic people.
To think these 2 fellas started out blogging to anyone who would read, and now they have grown to NBC bloggers.

They are a must to check out!!

When you're there, check out the comment sections..... you'll see amazing outpour of love from the fanbloggers to the man in distress.
You'll also find some of the very best humor in their blogs.
Ross also has a chat room, the links are on his blog site.
The world needs more of these type of people.


2641 days ago

Jeanne From NC    

I have to say I am readers of Ross' blog and an Ant colony member. What they did for this guy was beyond words. I wish all news media coverage picked this up like you did. Thank you TMZ for doing a beautiful article on a real situation of stars reaching out to help someone they don't even know. Ross and Ant are both very funny and caring so it was no surprise when Ant wanted to call while he was there with Ross.

I wish more things like this could be talked about instead of who's going to rehab next, who's got who's jail cell, who's possibly preggers or going out with such and such.

This article is exactly what should be all over the press right now. Thank you guys!

2641 days ago

Mrs K    

The BEST thing about this, is its not a one time deal. Read the Ant posts, read the Ross posts. Both of the kind loving souls are all about being positive and helpful to their blog buddies all of the time. Great that they get good press for it, and even better that they never needed it in the first place!

2641 days ago


ANT and Ross are just genuinely sweet souls, which is so refreshing. I'm so glad that more people will know that about them now. Big mad love for both of them. XOXOKimmy

2641 days ago


It sure is nice to see this kind of response from the public as well. These celebrities are much more helpful in these situations on a positive note. We need more of this and much less the the Michael Vick

2640 days ago


Ross and Ant are the best.... How many people would take the time to really reach out and show their love to someone?? I give them both hugs and kisses and think they ROCKK!!!!

2640 days ago


To Jebediah and Tahari,

First of all, I'm not a "dude" so quit assuming, and second, get over yourselves. Are you the moral compass of entertainment morons now? I heard they gave the fat guy crack to slim down. Word is, he is on the street right this minute looking for his next hit. lol I'm not trying to make anyone feel miserable. Thats your own doing if you let me make you feel that way. And as soon as you respond again, it will prove that I CAN make you feel miserable because your both mindless and lost. Good luck fellas!

2640 days ago

lori all talk    


2640 days ago
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