Dog Free: "We're Not Saying We Told You So ..."

8/2/2007 10:00 PM PDT
Duane "Dog" Chapman found out conclusively today that he won't be locked up in a Mexican jail -- and he could barely contain his relief. Que bueno!

In a statement to, the famed Bounty Hunter told fans, "I'm just like in shock right now," after a Mexican court granted him his freedom this morning. Still, he refused to take the opportunity to talk trash; instead, the clearly emotionally drained Dog -- one of TV's toughest tough guys -- just lost it.

Meanwhile, his Huntress, Beth Chapman, gave us the news update, namely that a court in Puerto Vallarta considered the motion of Dog's lawyers -- which said that the statute of limitations had run out -- and decided to let Dog and his two associates go free. "Many many mahalos," says Beth to Dog's supporters, "and aloha."