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Garrison and Sister's Written Plea to Judge

8/2/2007 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters written to Judge Elden Fox from Lane Garrison and his sister, Amelia pleading for mercy.
Lane Garrison: Click to read
In two separate documents, the Garrison siblings give the judge a rundown of their tragic history.

In the sad letter written by Amelia, a family history of violence and alcohol abuse is described. Amelia says her family was so dysfunctional, she attempted to take her own life at the age of 10. Lane tried to gain custody of Amelia when he was 17, but he was deemed too young by the court to care for her. On two separate occasions, Amelia says she had to administer CPR to both her parents, who were unconscious.

Garrison's mother and father are both deceased.


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You people say what about the parents of the dead guy. All kids at that age drink. At least he didn't drink and drive, he knew better. He might not have known how much Lane drank before killing him. I feel sorry for that poor family.

2635 days ago


Why do people say things like even though he had a difficult childhood it doesn't mean he can go KILL people? He didn't purposely do it, it was an accident. He didn't have the intention of killing anyone. Also, yes lives are hard. And how many people do you know with DUIs? TONS. Theirs are taken lightly because they didn't end up in deaths, but they're just as serious. Also, have some more sympathy!

2635 days ago


I know them both very well and have for 15 years. Everything they say in these letters are true and it is sick that these very private letters have been posted. This is no one's business other than the involved parties and we need to move on.

2635 days ago


Of Course the parents want to make it seem like their children were saints. Well newsflash responsible kids would not have been drinking. They would have never gotten in the car with someone who was intoxicated. He can only take so much fault. He was drunk, hello, he was not in his right mind, they a consequence of drinking. You cant tell me that there was not one sober person at the party who could have called a cab? Im sorry but if you get in a car with a blind person Dont complain when they hit something. The same goes for these kids, they all made very bad choices, and it was at the cost of one teenager.

2635 days ago


Uh Sue he made it everyones buisness when he chose to drink and drive and the kill somebody in the process , too bad he had a rough life he should have learnt from his parents and never had a drink .

2635 days ago

crimson pixie    

Kate #80 (9:40AM)... I think it's great that you feel you have overcome your earlier abuse, and I wish you well.... but if you can be so superficial about another person's experience, and so judgemental about someone else's experience and choices, either you're lying about being abused or have only dealt with teh first few layers of your healing. Really dealing with one's abuse makes a person wiser, kinder, more compassionate.
It seems Mr Garrison is indeed taking responsibility -- prison isn't the only recompense/punishment even if dime store psychology makes it out to be.

Lies #86, (11:01AM ) How do you know the kid never drove and drank?... he apparently didn't that night but you don't know what he did other times.

2635 days ago


This is to help "friends" of Lane who apparently don't read the facts and are mislead. It was
not an accident, everything he did that night was choice he made. He choose to invite himself to the party (if you heard the witnesses, not Harland Braun), he offered to buy the drink and laughed at their choice of shopping, cookies and marshmallows (after the kids said they are 15).
He wanted to take the girl with him to buy more alcohol, her friend went for safety and they both asked the boy who was killed to come with them for safety. Read the speach of witnesses, it is open and accessible, girls feel guilty asking the boy to come to help them.
Last not the least, it was not a hollywood party, it was a party for school kids, where Lane was selfinvited.
Did you hear the prosecutor's speach, how Lane was throwing a tantrum in the "pavillions" and asking the manager to sell alcohol to thetcelebrity ,even though it was past 11 o'clock. I am sure you still will feel sorry, at least with more facts to reality.

2635 days ago


u are the jerk u cahaddy

all of uz hu r giving lane hell r uz are the 1s hu need to wake up he addmitted he was guilty not a lot of people would have done that there son shouldnt have been out drinking at the ages of 17!! when the legal age it 21 so wake up!!!!!so piss of and leave him alone u heartless things !!!!!!

2635 days ago

My Ears Are Bleeding    

There's something fishy about that girl's letter. Some of it sounds made up - she says she was in an orphanage for a while after her mother died but there are no orphanages here in the U.S. - only foster care. You'd think she would have gotten something like that right. . . .

2634 days ago

hello, it    

This is an open note to alot of you. Keep it short. Have you ever heard of a sentence? There is no such thing as a 250 word sentence. Periods, commas and such are good things. No one will read it if they get dizzy trying to.

2634 days ago

hello, it    

45. If you read the story again you will see that it says that he will have 90 days evaluation to see how much more time he should get. He did not get just 90 days.

Posted at 8:22PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Kani

Finally! Someone who can actually read!

2633 days ago

hello, it    

97. There's something fishy about that girl's letter. Some of it sounds made up - she says she was in an orphanage for a while after her mother died but there are no orphanages here in the U.S. - only foster care. You'd think she would have gotten something like that right. . . .

Posted at 2:43PM on Aug 4th 2007 by wtf?

Where did you get this idea from? There is not now, or has there ever been, enough foster homes. So you tell me, where are these children going? Think about it.

2633 days ago


The 17 yr old bears no responsibility. Someone said "Why was he getting in a car with a drunk 20 something guy?" 17 yr olds do not have as good of judgement as a 26 yr old-it is the 26 yr olds responsibility to watch out for a minor! It is sicking to hear people blaming the kids too. You are totally wrong!!

Garrison should do time in prison-several years. If he is just given the 3 months there will be outrage in the community! And the judges desion will be overturned a lot of us feel.

2626 days ago
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