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Lane Garrison

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8/2/2007 8:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_lane_garrison_mugshotLane Garrison was taken into L.A. County Sheriff's custody at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and booked. 

He will spend tonight at Men's Central Jail.


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so sorry....BUT u deserve whatevers coming DUDE!!

2636 days ago


Which prisoner was he?

2636 days ago


Can you see it a book a movie even talk show circuit Tyra and oprah will jump all over this when he gets out. And he will get the Awwww we so proud of you as that poor boys family will go every day I miss my child.

2636 days ago


--launching one's career down the toilet???---

Am I mistaken or didn't this guy KILL someone.
I think he will lose more than his career.

Why are people only sorry after they kill someone?

I went to a Christmas party in 1994 where I knew I would be drinking so I rode with a friend. However, her keys ended up in my pocket since she didn't carry a purse.
When you are drunk, you lose all sense of what you can and cannot handle...

My friend and I were separated during the night so I took her keys out of my pocket, started her car and drove out into the street the wrong way on a one way street. I was pulled over instantly.

I am thankful everyday that I was stopped immediately and didn't have a chance to really get out there. I could of easily killed someone.

I don't even drink anymore... it's not worth it. I have a great time sober, so why drink alcohol?

2636 days ago


While he did make a bad decision, that dumb kid shouldn't have gotten in the car. People make mistakes and he seems genuinly sorry and heart broken. It could've happened to any of us. Don't act like you people haven't driven after a couple of drinks. You were just lucky.

2636 days ago

Sonny Anders    

Who in the hell is Lane Garrison?

2636 days ago


In his letter to the Judge, Lane writes "I'm praying that taking full responsibility can somehow ease some of their pain."...

Does taking FULL responsibility mean writing the judge and begging to be let off easy?

2636 days ago

Georgia Girl    


Can you talk about someone besides Lane Garrison?

I don't even know who the dude is.


2636 days ago

Papa Bear    

@#7 When you are of a certain age and don't have kids your career is pretty much all you have. It's a pretty big deal to be under the age of 30 and unemployable yet helthy and non-social security eligible.

He did kill someone but as far as I've read ON THIS SITE he is probably gonna walk after 90 days since it was an accident. However, I doubt he will ever work again.

I think it's a stretch to say people are only sorry after they kill someone, you sound like you are sorry for what you did and you didn't kill anyone.

Alcohol isn't for everyone. I myself enjoy it, but I know well enough not to drive when I know I'm gonna be drinking. That's what trains, cabs & buses where invented for. More people need to remember that. Drinking and driving is never a good thing.

To everyone who keeps asking, even though it's been posted on this thread and this site, he was a major character on the hit show on Fox called, "Prison Break" for about 2 seasons.

2636 days ago


No more please! I don't want to see another story about him. I am Laned out today.

2636 days ago

Mysty Maples    

TMZ, can you consolidate all this Lane Garrison crap instead of having 20 different postings of BREAKING NEWS? Who freaking cares?

2636 days ago


All you Lane Garrison Haters out there, do as my name suggest XOXOXOXO

2636 days ago


is anybody thinkig that this is BS. thi case recieved less publicity then Mike Vick's allegations of dogfighting. maybe is just becausei livein norcal but the media is not touching this. garrison is your typical LA douche bag getting away with murder. if heis so remorseful then why not accept your time.

2636 days ago


Hey #8 (Spencer) ...WOW, you are pretty judgmental for someone who admitted they could have done the same thing?! No one forced that kid in the car. We should try and make something positive out of every situation and ruining someone else's life isn't positive or going to bring the other guy back.
Let's just hope a few people learn from this.

2636 days ago


Hey TMZ... get a fricking life here dude!!! Who the hell is Lane Garrison and why do you care so much about this? We sure as hell don't. Get off it...

2636 days ago
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