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PETA-likes Protest Paris and Brit

8/2/2007 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed as pop dog carriers Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, PETA protesters took to the streets of Hollywood today to cast light on the problems caused by buying pets through a breeder. But really, when you dispatch people dressed up as those two, no one really cares what your cause is!

According to PETA, for every dog or cat purchased from a breeder or pet store, another dog or cat on death row at an animal shelter must be killed. At the rate Paris and Britney are going, there won't be any pets left for the rest of us! Arf, y'all!

"Forget jail or rehab," PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch says. "These selfish stars should do a stint in an animal shelter." Hopefully, they've already had all their shots.


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puppymills suck!    

The problem is that these puppies mostly come from puppy mills or backyard breeders! So by purchasing this dogs (who probably have health issues) you are giving the low life breeders more finacial incentive to keep cranking the puppies out. Yes, I know there are responsible breeders out there, but responsible breeders don't just sell dogs to strangers at a pet store, they ensure that the pets are going to good homes. Read more here:

Anyway, I'm not a peta person, just someone who volunteers at an animal shelter where over 60 animals a day are put down. And yes, that includes beautiful kittens and puppies that have no health or behavioral problems. They are killed because there isn't any room for them and not enough people adopting from shelters.

If people would just spay and neuter their pets this country wouldn't have to put down 5-6 MILLON homeless animals a year. I am at least encouraged by celebrities like Jessica Biel who adopt from shelters and lend their support to rescues.

2607 days ago

Celeb News by E!    

Junior Spokesperson, Channing Estell, 14 of Oxford, Alabama also stated in an interview with Star Newz, that, "We believe in what we are doing and our cause, I am not part of the "old" Peta who are totally against anyone owning anything in leather or wearing leather shoes or carrying a leather purse, we just want people to be responsible and do what each of us as humans can to preserve and protect the rights of animals." Estell states that, "most breeders are in the business solely to make money, not because they love animals like myself and many others do."

2607 days ago


I thought PETA's mission was animal liberation... you know, animals run free without owners, PERIOD!!! Has it changed to pushing us to own pets which come from their "approved" adoption sites? Where are PETA's research statistics which prove that for every dog or cat bought from a breeder or pet store, one has to be killed in a shelter? PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch, how many "free" clinics does PETA maintain for the spaying/neutering of pets to prevent unwanted puppies/kittens? Your organization rakes in the bucks and could easily afford to help those who can't afford the price of spaying or neutering their pets. Do you pay your members to make asses out of themselves, as pictured above... or do they do it for free? I think your organization could have a valid impact someday, but not until you improve your psycho-Nazi tactics and get some sense.

2607 days ago

puppymills suck!    


Where will all the homeless animals go if it is illegal to put animals down? There aren't enough shelters to house them all and not enough people adopting from shelters to house them all.

I too HATE that animals are put down every day, but it will continue until people take responsibility and have their pets spayed and neutered!

2607 days ago


Why don't these stupid protesters go to the pet shops and protest the PET SHOPS buying from the puppy mills. Oh no, that would make too much frickin sense, now, actually going TO the root of the problem? I'm no fan of Paris and Britney, but if the pet shops wouldn't support the puppy mills, there would be no puppy mill puppies to buy. PETA is just out for some fame and glory today, making themselves look like idiots, and they make all us REAL animal lovers look stupid! Has PETA done anything USEFUL AND PRODUCTIVE to help stop the puppy mills? Nah, they are in love with publicity, which never seems to do much for animals in need. Everytime I tell someone I rescue animals, I get, oh, you're one of those PETA freaks? NO , I am not a PETA freak, I actually HELP animals!

2607 days ago


#7 BULLCRAP. You know nothing of shelter animals. Most animals in shelters have wonderful temperaments... HEY, they are LOST PETS!!!! Most are housebroken. And for truly loving EXPERIENCED pet owners, most behavior problems can be diminished if not eliminated by expert training. Just as with PEOPLE, few animals are born bad, or are beyond help. If there were more knowledgeable trained people, there would be almost no unadoptable animals. So YOU go spend 6 months in a shelter, working for the animals, and then come back and air your expertise!

2607 days ago


I have purchased 2 dogs from the pound, and both of them died young.

I now get my dogs from breeders who's houses I go to and inspect their dogs and their kennels. I do business with breeders that breed for the love of the breed, not "puppy mills".

If more people would go to breeders instead of the mall, it may put a dent in the 'mall puppy mills'.

PETA SUCKS~~PETA SUCKS~~PETA SUCKS...there, I feel better now!

2607 days ago


Wow--the comments on here are sad. If you buy a pet in a pet store, one will die in a shelter. The idea of Britney and Lindsay buying $4,000 animals and treating them like clothing accessories is just sad.

If you are opposed to cruelty, you should be opposed to buying animals. Good job, PETA!

For people who want to open their eyes to what PETA is really about, check out To find out how meat is made, check out

2607 days ago

Insert comical name here    

So if we all get our pets from shelters what will happen to the ones in the pet stores? There are only so many homes, people not neutering their animals is the problem. The pure breed pups deserve to live just as much as the shelter dogs. PETA is much more about a political agenda then helping animals. That is animal abuse in my book.

2607 days ago


I hope someone from PETA reads these comments~
not that don't already know how much people think they're a joke!

2607 days ago


Hey Petite, sorry you didn't get "your money's worth" out of your pound puppies, because they died young. I'm sure you still gave them a good life. Some people with extra big hearts come to shelters to choose the high maintenance, old and unattractive dogs and cats. I bet they get alot of satisfaction from rescuing these pets even if they only have them for a short time.

2607 days ago


Posted at 5:31PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by PETA is stupid
"PETA is much more about a political agenda then helping animals. "
I think PETA is about making money, not politics.

Just like L.Ron Hubbard, who invented SCIENTOLOGY to make himself into a millionaire. Too bad Ron couldn't take it with hell!

2607 days ago


Less than 1% of all euthanized dogs are AKC registered... I love animals and am all about animal rights but PETA is a ridiculous organization!!! Bottom line spay or neuter your backyard pet! Stop producing mutts and mongrels and the problem is solved... This is coming from a vegetarian animal lover that HATES PETA!!!!!

2607 days ago



I'm feeling quite juvenile about this today...


2607 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Fourteen-year-olds are known to be overly emotional, easily swayed/duped, and already mostly fallen into the love-animals syndrome, and not in a healthy way.

If you notice the people who join PETA and other radical groups, they are usually emotionally immature, unstable, with plenty of problems of their own. PETA are murderers.
And they believe that humans should die rather than to do medical and drug testing on rats.

Also, last I read, PETA did not believe in having pets at all, so this protest is stupid. They believe no one should own a pet at all and no pet should be caged or on a leash or
whatever. I guess they should all run free in the wild, kill each other, and starve to death.

2607 days ago
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