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Victim Says Garrison Lied

8/2/2007 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lane garrisonOne of the women who was in the car Lane Garrison crashed has just testified that to protect himself, Lane Garrison lied and said the boy who died was driving when it crashed.

Michelle Ohana, who was hospitalized, said, "I was in shock when I heard Vahagn [the boy who died] was driving. How could he lie to me when I was in the hospital?" As she said this, Garrison was shaking his head in disagreement.

Ohana, who was in a wheelchair for two months, said she stopped breathing in the hospital and her mom is so terrified she still checks her breathing at night.

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is this hearing online/tv?

2638 days ago


I am not IN ANY WAY justifying Lane's behavior, but I WOULD like to point out that the kids that got in that car are just as much to blame for what happened to them as he is. They CHOSE to get in the car with Lane and they KNEW he'd been drinking. This is such a tragic, tragic story. I agree he should go to jail. Anything less than the maximum sentence would be a disgrace to our legal system.

2638 days ago


this is just very sad. He is a good actor and I hope he learns from his mistake.

2638 days ago


Even though I'm not on Lane's side in this, it seems hypocritical for these girls that were in the car also to be blasting him for what happened. There's no doubt in my mind that if Lane didn't get behind the wheel, one of these girls,or the dead kid would have. They should be apologizing for not trying to stop what happened,instead of going along for the ride

2638 days ago


I thought Garrison admitted to everything? Was his original story that the poor dead kid was sriving and then once the police found out, his story changed? If that's true, I hope they throw the book at him!

2638 days ago


Did this "victim" care about the innocent people on the road? Apparently's all a good time until YOU get hurt. I'm sorry, but I blame each and everyone of them.

2638 days ago


Hum a 17 yr old girl who was drinking, hooked up with man to old for her, got into car with him drunk driving, had him buy alcohol for her, going with him to another party at 1 am, possibly under influence fo drugs! Where is the parenting here? Sounds like she is more to blame than anyone.

2638 days ago


What sickening is how everyone else involved in crash is looking for a payout. These kids all willingly got into that car - they should be the ones doing PSA's!!!!!!!!!

2638 days ago

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