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Ving Rhames' Dogs Maul Man to Death

8/3/2007 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD tells TMZ that "Mission Impossible" star Ving Rhames' dogs have mauled and killed a man who worked for the actor.

Cops tell TMZ the victim worked as a caretaker for Rhames, watching over the dogs and his home. The four dogs, including Mastiffs and an English Bulldog, have been taken into custody by Animal Control. When LAPD received the call this morning at 7:15, they say they found a 40-year-old black male on the front lawn, deceased.

Calls to Ving's reps were not immediately returned, and the actor, apparently, is out of the country shooting a movie.
KABC is reporting that the body of the caretaker had bites all over his body. And police tell us they've never gone out to the house for an incident related to the dogs before.

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Zenophobe Alien    

#30. Excuse me, most white men have poodles.

2636 days ago


bunch of racist pigs!

2636 days ago


#14 yes, mastiffs are usually gentle dogs. So they had to have been provoked. They aren't known as the " gentle giants" for no reason.

2636 days ago

Ted D    


What's your point? Ving and Vick are both black and those are the facts. Learn to deal with the truth and perhaps you will quit blaming others for your own mistakes or failures in life.

2636 days ago


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why some men have vicious dogs.
And yes, these kinds of dogs gives men a sense of power, or want to appear that way.
A person's pet most often mirrors the image of themselves or their inner beings. Most
movie starlets have cuddly little dogs with bows on their heads, whereas men tend to
have dogs that looks like Butch from one of the Looney tunes cartoons. See my point?

2636 days ago


what a horrible accident.

2636 days ago


You are obviously not a dog person because all dogs can be a safe pet. You dont know why these dogs attacked this man and nobody will probably ever know. Euthanizing these dogs is not the answer and you should be appauled by your comment. If you do or had a pet and it hurt somebody.....would you "get rid" of it? I dont think so.

2636 days ago


oooh yay, racial comments for nothing...shows how "smart" you are to start that issue...ridiculous.

2636 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

#31 nice to see that Mike Vick nurtured his dogs.

2636 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Sad. Somedogs are more agresive than others. Youhave to know all about a breed and your lifestyle before having a dog. A 6lb. dog can be agressive. Next, bloodlines. Next , treatment. Next, your family meaning age of family members, what household staff is there, kids, other animals in the household. Next, number of dogs. Four bull mastiffs ? Why not one Bull Mastiff. if anyone here is not familair with a Bull Mastiff, it is a dog weighing around 300 lbs!! Maybe they are 200-250lbs. Google Bull Mastiffs.
Dogs are domesicated wolves. Pack animals. Ving's dogs attacked ,no doubt it was follow the leader of the pack. If one starts anything in dog world, tearing up the newspaper ,then they all follow. Dogs(domesicated wolves) need to roam free meaning in your home or your fenced in , gated, grased ,shaded yard where they cannot get out and no ohter animal or person can get in. Dogs cannot be, like one person said, caged. The secure home and secure yard is where they should roam.

Patti Labelle was attacked by one of her dogs sometime ago. Isaw her on Cribs show and her dogs,and she a few, were in kennels. Baaad news.
Sad. Very sad.
Sad for Ving. He seems like a good guy. He is a good actor. he will have a big lawusit. he is in trouble with the law. He has a White wife and a youngchild so where and how were these dogs housed. I doubt if Ving had the dogs roaming free in the house and yard with a young child.

2636 days ago


This is really sad, but understandable.

I used to have mastiffs. They were sweet, lovable dogs, until they had a litter of puppies. They became aggressive and a huge liability. One bit a child that had come to visit my son. I was afraid they would get loose and kill someone, so, tearfully, I had them put to sleep.

I read the opinions of ignorant people who blame the owners of aggressive dogs. I had ours professionally obedience trained, an was a stay at home mom, so I was with them every day. There was nothing we ever did to make them aggressive, and no way of knowing that they would turn vicious so suddenly.

2636 days ago


Unlike humans, animals almost always attack for a reason - that reason, 99% of the time, is because of what a human does to it.

2636 days ago

cha cha    

My dog is mixed breed of lab and pit and shes so calm and loving.Maybe because I treat her like my own child.She sleeps in my bed ,eats what I eat and she gets lots of love.Not all these types of dogs are killers.I blame the owners for that. Im not saying they dont have it in them but so do people.

2636 days ago


# 20 you obviously do not know what you are talking about. If you did research on the mastiff breed, you would know they were bred as gaurd dogs not "killing machines" there is a big difference.

2636 days ago


Mastiffs were bred to protect private property. If there is somebody that came into that property, unless they had attacked the dog, they were bred to pin or tree a person, by means of intimidation. If these dogs mauled this man to death, that means one of two things, the man attacked one of the dogs, or were trained to attack. Another person teaching their dogs to kill. A shame for these animals.

A friend of mine had two mastiffs. A burglar broke in and as he was dismanteling the stereo system, the dogs snuck up on him and had him "treed" on the sofa. He was stuck there for over 5 hours, until my friend came home, and called the cops. Neither dog bit the man.

2636 days ago
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