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What's Under Britney's Headband -- Revealed!

8/3/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee back at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britz and her sloppyguard were fetchin' some frappuccinos at Starbucks in glamorous Sherman Oaks -- STOP THE INTERNETS! -- she took off her Weaveguard© headband! And even her new little dog seems to be traumatized by the reveal! Run, Toto, run!

Photogs snapped the waffleweave horror, a complex construction of braids and what appears to be some type of epoxy. Her messjesty wore a tube top, a bitten-up manicure, some Elvisish sunglasses -- and her other hairy accessory -- a teacup Yorkie named London. Girl oughta just plop that pooch on her haid!

No photographers were injured in the making of this photograph, y'all.


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hey anna you seem pretty sure of your self so i guess you have been a STAR and had tons of cameras in your face 24/7 how come i haven't heard about YOU? Bitch

2645 days ago

Cynthia Bartling    

I wonder how many awful pictures there would be of any of you if you were phorographed every waking moment. I'm sure most of you would make Brittany look like a real beauty queen!!
LOL!!! All of you are just jealous. Why do so many of you want bad things to happen to others. Says alot about those of you are are always making derrogatory remarks about celebrities or anyone else for that matter! Mean people suck!.

2645 days ago

Mary Toothman    

Will someone please help this girl? She needs someone to take her under their wing and get her away from the cameras for awhile. It's obvious that Brit needs some guidance, as she's all over the place and will lose her kids if she continues to spin out of control. Even if she doesn't think she needs professional help - she does.

I hope someone will care enough to step in and give her some tough love.

2645 days ago


Jan you go girl. :)

2645 days ago


I really wish TMZ would STOP slamming Britney at every little tiny itzy-bitzy turn that she makes! Give the girl some space to breathe so she can get her life back together and possibly figure things out on her own so she doesn't lose her children, so they are saying is what is happening (which I don't know if that's a leak from the Federline camp or what!) but I honestly think if everyone will just leave her alone and let her be, she will do a whole lot better. She said she found GOD in rehab. She needs the space on her own time to follow up on that, and she needs our (her fans) prayers in multitudes, for her to get back on her feet again. Britney, I'm rooting for you... AND... I'm praying for you! DON'T listen to the "BAD BRIT-BRIT" stuff that's smeared all over these pages; I'm sure it's not helping you any!

2645 days ago


She is just a hot mess. Nuff said

2645 days ago

Can't Remember    

OMG....I just wish people would leave her alone! It's hard enough going through a divorce and a possible emotional meltdown without doing it in front of millions of people with their fingers pointing. Chances are the very people pointing their fingers and making the crappy comments about what a horrible person and or Mom she is have all been there and felt the pain she is feeling right now. The only difference is they were allowed to do it in private. Let her heal and find her way back in life without judging and making comments about what a loser she is. She will eventually find her way back on her own terms.

2645 days ago


It's really sad how this girl has changed. One moment she seemed so "bubbly", and the next, it seems like she's about to go off on the deep end. Too much partying, sex, and clubbing, sometimes takes a toll on ya. Jumping into a "marriage" because you THINK that you're in LOVE, having babies, because you THINK that's going to help you keep a man, or make a man love you,( when here ,it seems like you're not loving YOURSELF!)( YOURSELF!!)'s so sad. These young girls really need to SLOW DOWN..They are moving just a little too fast. Really LOVING someone, and being truly COMMITTED in a marriage is almost like a joke nowadays. You get caught up in the spirit of the moment, and the least little NEGATIVE thing, you're ready to call it quits and go on to the next guy/girl. Oh!..... and while making and dropping BABIES in between. It's really pathetic.

2645 days ago


What difference does it make to her, or us if she goes out messy as you call it. Britt could care less what you think about her. Her life is hers and you don't pay her bills and I'm sure she doesn't need fashion tips from wannabes.

2645 days ago


Leave this poor girl alone. With people constantly in her face about every little thing she does, you would think every one else is perfect in this world. Let her be.

2645 days ago


Does anyone remember that brittany was a singing star for oh i don't know about 6 or 7 yrs before anything bad was written or photographed oh and she was a child singer she did everything right as soon as she screwed up everyone was right there to tell her she never had a childhood or teen years remember?????? I guess you are all better than anyone? let her get her life back on track

2645 days ago


I can't tell if that is Britney in the picture......if I could see her beaver, I would know if that is her or not.

2645 days ago


Brittany is obviously under a great deal of stress. She needs privacy. She should seek a quiet place and take her children with her. To the media, please leave the poor girl alone and let he get her life together.

2645 days ago


Ok peeps! "Haid" is how us Louisiana people say "head". Poor Britney, I feel really sorry for her. She needs a major therapy. Seems like she is seen more often with her dog than with her kids. Sha Darlings!

2645 days ago


hey jeff I GUESS YOU are a DOG ?

2645 days ago
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