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What's Under Britney's Headband -- Revealed!

8/3/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee back at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britz and her sloppyguard were fetchin' some frappuccinos at Starbucks in glamorous Sherman Oaks -- STOP THE INTERNETS! -- she took off her Weaveguard© headband! And even her new little dog seems to be traumatized by the reveal! Run, Toto, run!

Photogs snapped the waffleweave horror, a complex construction of braids and what appears to be some type of epoxy. Her messjesty wore a tube top, a bitten-up manicure, some Elvisish sunglasses -- and her other hairy accessory -- a teacup Yorkie named London. Girl oughta just plop that pooch on her haid!

No photographers were injured in the making of this photograph, y'all.


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I read the first few comments .... for crying out loud ... her hair is fine, no one should care if she bites her nails, she does not have to dress to impress anyone, her dog is adorable and obviously very loved. I am not a fan. I am not perfect .... are any of you???

2645 days ago


My only question...who gives a crap?

2645 days ago


Everyone needs to stop paying attention to her media wise. She is a person like all of us, and needs to be left alone to deal with her problems. She needs prayer and love, if the media would leave her alone maybe she would seak the help that she needs. God bless.

2645 days ago


Poor girl... leave her alone! I look like that on my best days!

2645 days ago


who cares? the girl is past her prime

2645 days ago


leave brittany alone

2645 days ago


leave brittany alone

2645 days ago


She looks like hell. Boy does she need a makeover. Doesn't she have ANY gay friends??? They would whip her back into shape faster than you can say trainwreck.

2645 days ago


look brit get it together for your kids not just u . You r truly a nutcake and if a man can make u crazy like that especially a man with no money, then u really have problems. Just get over this loser and live right for your children. OOOOOOO! and tell ur sister congrats expecting; like big sister like little sister!

2645 days ago

doggy dog    

Brit~ Girl yo ugly and you know it we all clap our hands! You one ugly mother trucker ugly ole thing yo is!

2645 days ago


Why cant everyone get a life and leave her the hell alone so what her hair is growing back and so what she didnt cover it with a head band it just shows she has more balls than alot of celebrities.So let the girl live her life.

2645 days ago


Oh, my Gawd! (that's southern for God, by the way!!)

2645 days ago


Why oh why doesn't Britney just stay home and be a good mom to her kids? All she ever does is party and make a spectacle of herself. If she wants a career, she has to earn it, and that takes hard work not partying. She should start looking into being something besides a teen idol, because those years are over for her. Perhaps she could find a career in movies, as there are roles for all ages, looks and shapes and sizes, if she learns to act and works at it.

2645 days ago


You people (tabloids) need to leave the poor girl alone for awhile... She is obviously having some very personal and serious issues going on in her life..It's hard enough for anyone to go thru divorce and raising children ...and to have the tabloids criticizing and judging her every move and what she does is ridiculous and only worsening it. Back off and give her some time to heal... People heal in different ways. Is all the partying right when you have children?? No, not by any means, but WE ALL know the children are being well taken care of and WE ALL have made parenting mistakes through life . She became who she is (at a very young age mind you) by committment and hard work with 100% dedication.... She is down but she is not out.. cut her some slack, she will be back and in top form... and p.s. I am not a groupie or a follower in her music... I am a mother..

2645 days ago


These things are what happens when girls are growing up too fast. When people tell girls they are too old for Barbie they assume its time to play with booys and be more like a woman,Its worse when the girl is in the public eye, I have all of Britneys music I like her style she's just having a ruff time right now,after all I think she had to grow up to fast so mom & dad could pay the bills since she was a child she was in the mickeymouse club and then to this her parents made her grow up too fast I dont think she is to blame Brit take the extentions out and com to NC go to wilmington or the outerbanks ,you can lay low through the next 5-6 months to get yourself a break you just need some space & time to get yout thoughts.I know your a good girl. Keep your head up. C'mon people give her a break you know whats in your "backyard" is a lot worst.

2645 days ago
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