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What's Under Britney's Headband -- Revealed!

8/3/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee back at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britz and her sloppyguard were fetchin' some frappuccinos at Starbucks in glamorous Sherman Oaks -- STOP THE INTERNETS! -- she took off her Weaveguard© headband! And even her new little dog seems to be traumatized by the reveal! Run, Toto, run!

Photogs snapped the waffleweave horror, a complex construction of braids and what appears to be some type of epoxy. Her messjesty wore a tube top, a bitten-up manicure, some Elvisish sunglasses -- and her other hairy accessory -- a teacup Yorkie named London. Girl oughta just plop that pooch on her haid!

No photographers were injured in the making of this photograph, y'all.


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Why don't you leave this girl alone. She loves the dog, she paid for a weave and is trying to enjoy her money and her life and you hound her day and night. I feel sorry for her. I could never handle the way you place her life under a microcope and constantly put her down and nit pik her every singel move. SHE is a rich woman, she's talented and attractive. She has hit some bumps in the road of her life, we all do, and she's probably sick of being the target of your malicious gossip constantly. Friggin' give the girl a break. Leave her alone. She has a right to a life and you have been robbing her of it. Find another target - It's pathetic the way the media talks about her. She is not a tart, she is a human being, she's young and she is rich. Maybe... you are jealous of her sucess and want her to fall so hey yeah, maybe you could report on that dirt too. It makes me sick how you continually pick on her. For God sake LEAVE HER ALONE!@ Get a life!

2635 days ago


Seat belt? Oh yea, the car is not started! lol Check her pictures out, never wears seat belt. She don't have to, ya'll.

2635 days ago

judy j    

With 2 babies to care for, why the heck is she always carrying a dog? I raised 2 kids, and I loved taking care of THEM. Yes it's hard work, but I love my children. This women is out every day seeking paps and partying. I hope for the sake of those two babies, they are taken away from her.

2635 days ago


Please, leave her alone.....

2635 days ago


To the poster who said leave her alone many other celebs wear extensions. You are right they do, many of them do but dayam!!! NO ONE looks as pitiful as Brit!

2635 days ago


Poor Britney - I'm actually starting to feel sorry for her.

2635 days ago


Her hair should have grown back plenty by now- if she stopped dying it and putting cheap extensions in.

2635 days ago


You know, it's been about 2 months since she showed us she was a total psycho & shaved her head. It's time for her to get rid of this lame-o weave & just wear her hair the way it is. It's long enough that it's not going to be a shock, and that nasty ass weave is the biggest joke in the universe; time to dump it.

2635 days ago


Why are white women wearing fake hair? We don't need it. Our own hair is beautiful. When Paris walked out of prison, her own hair was much straighter and finer than that fake stuff she sews to her head. Britney's hair must have grown back a little by now. She would look better with short hair that is HERS, than with fake hair.

Also...why are people with nice noses going to the plastic surgeon and getting hook noses? Like Paris. We've been conned into thinking that we have to erase our own naturally beautiful looks so that ugly people can feel normal.

2635 days ago


Would someone please remove all scissors and razors from her home??? She obviously continues to buzz her hair. My hair would have grown at least 4 inches by now. She is so ridiculous - a short style - whatever color she chooses to make it - would probably be flattering to her tired ass anyway.

2635 days ago

Rick Sparks    

Everytime I see her, I imagine the smell of burnt cheese and the taste of ashes.

And no, I *don't* enjoy it.

2635 days ago


Yes the girl obviously has problems and issues, but come on. She shaved her head, so her hair has to grow back! You guys make fun of her with the headband, and now she takes it off and you still make fun. She has more problems than her weave, so can't the papparazzi give her a little break about some issues!

2635 days ago

nicole jensen    

She should just take the weavels out. Her hair probably looks kinda cute short. But then again it is Britney. Ick Ick Ick. She will never be a star again except maybe a porno star.

2635 days ago

Britney is CRAZY!    

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Well unless you are Britney Spears, then the world just laughs AT you.

What a moron.

2635 days ago

boo booring    

Ughhhhhhhhhh. what is the point of shaving your head and getting rid of that nasty ass fried hair, and getting new fresh looking natural hair growing back, just so she can tighten a weave there?! and she's going to most likely bleach it, color it, heat it, curl it, fry it, burn it again and again and again,,,,ahhhhhhh

2635 days ago
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