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Lindsay Livin' Large on Long Island

8/5/2007 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Amy Fisher, there's a new Long Island Lolita in town! Driving-impaired diva Lindsay Lohan is laying low at her mom Dina's Long Island home. The New York Post reports that La Lohan flew from L.A. to New York with sister Ali on Friday. A cargo van stuffed with LiLo's suitcases stopped by the Merrick, N.Y., house yesterday.

The trainwreckin' party princess is out on $25,000 bond after last month's disastrous DUI arrest. She's due in court on August 24, the same day she was to appear on previous DUI charges.

Reese and Ryan: Together Again?

Nearly a year after blonde power pair Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe split up, the pair may coupling up again. Last week, Reese and Ryan were spotted having lunch at L.A. eatery A Votre Sante, one of Reese's favorite spots. And, a source tells Page Six, the pair have been taking morning runs together down at the posh Brentwood Country Club.

Says a friend of Witherspoon's, "Reese and Ryan are trying to work it out. They are still close."

A rep for Philippe denies a reconciliation.

Cruises Stir Up St. Tropez

Tom Cruise and robowife Katie Holmes caused a commotion last night when they stopped by the chic Mediterranean vacation town of Saint-Tropez. Cruise and Holmes are traveling with high-profile Australian newlyweds James and Erica Packer. Tom is taking a break from filming that Hitler movie.

Reports People, the Scientoloriffic twosome inspired an all out "photo-riot" among paparazzi staking out the town. The Cruises took it all in stride and the pair was later spotted at a VIP Room, robotically dancing together.


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I am happy for Reese and Ryan, as long as he has sowed his wild oats and wants to commit to their relationship. I hope it works out for them. As for Lohan, she needs more than her family, though that is a good start.

2574 days ago


How can Lohan leave the state of California if she is on bail?

2574 days ago


last night on abc there was an old lindsay lohan movie that my children were watching. at one point in the movie she calls a rock star who is her character's idol that he is just a drunk and she is obviously so disillusioned and sad by his partying ways. he turn his life around because of her. how ironic!

2574 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Good luck Lindsey...
I hope the hater slobs on this site don't start a week long bash of you. You mother is an angel...beautiful... I hope she ends up on Stedman's arm for good!

Take care!

2574 days ago


Wow Lindsay is really safe with her mother maybe they have drug deliverys to the front door, Ryan and Reece make such a cute couple I hope they work it out she is the best thing that ever happened to him. As for Tom and Katie "whatever" he is such a freak who cares what he does with poor brainwashed katie.....

2574 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


What evidence do you have that Dina takes drugs. You are disgusting.... If you are such a big Reese Witherspoon Groupie you should learn to spell her name correctly.


2574 days ago


Does lindsay not even own her own house or apartment?? She must have really burnt through some cash and what does she have to show for it . Potential Jail time although I find it hard to belive she will do time what with the judicial system in LA its a freaking joke Lane Garrison got 90 days for DUI manslaugher.

2574 days ago


There is rumors and story all over the place that her mother is a coke whore (the apple doesnt fall far from the tree does it??) And where there is smoke there is generally fire. I would say that is pretty disgusting, and im not a fan of reese i just think they make a cute couple , and my lack of any effortt to do spell check is not the issue last i checked this is not a spelling contest and homey I am sure you will burn in hell you phyco....................good luck to you..........................PEACE

2574 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Perhaps Lindsay is with her family for emotional support?

Regarding your comment on Lane Garrison...I don't think watching
Judge Judy while ironing your hubby's garbageman uniform qualifies
you as an expert in legal advice.

BFF! Katie

2574 days ago


Umm Lindsey is out on bail in L.A.?

How is it she is allowed to travel to Long Island, NY??

Regular folks who are out on bail, pending their court hearings are usually TOLD they can't leave the jurisdiction, until their court appearance.

Whats next? She flies to a country that has no extradition laws w/ the USA? Like Brazil?

2574 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


I don't believe in Hell... and if the likes of you fills heaven I don't want to go there.

Anyhow ,your childish post riddled with cliches is amusing at best... just because a child takes drugs dosen't mean the parent did... or is that how things work in your town? So if we base your behavior on that of your mother...would you be a shoplifter that entertains15 hell's angels in the back of a sno cone truck....?

Just asking!


2574 days ago


Maybe thats what your husband does for a living , my maid doesnt iron clothes we send them out to the cleaner. How far up Lindsays ass are u and im not sure who Judge Judy is but Lane Garrison had a male judge and last i checked that was just and opinion of mine, not leagal advise you poor sill thing, go stuff another cream puff into your fat ass....................

2574 days ago


I am happy for L. Lohan, but last time I checked people aren't allowed to leave the state when they are out on bond. Either the rules in California are different, or this is another example of her thinking she can do whatever she wants.

2574 days ago


You have some serious mental issues anyway I have better things to do than to sit here and converse with a complete moron so you enjoy your cookie dough fat ass while i enjoy the florida sun and go boating with my family, apparently you do belive in hell because you said "Burn in Hell" so you have a great life hopefully youll get some exercise today other than eating good luck fat ass...............................SEE YA.............................

2574 days ago


Can't imagine Reese getting back together with this loser.

2574 days ago
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