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Thandie Newton's Bulimia Battle

8/5/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Pursuit of Happyness" star Thandie Newton battled bulimia for a year.

The tiny actress told People that her eating disorder started when she was a teen ballet dancer, and that she ate "nothing but cottage cheese" in order to stay thin.

Years later, after a string of emotionally abusive relationships, Newton had an eating disorder relapse. Her bulimia was so severe that she has "scars on my knuckles from where I put my fingers down my throat."

It wasn't until she went to a therapist years later that she "made the connection between shame and self abuse."

Newton has been married for the last nine years and has two daughters, Ripley, 6, and Nico, 2.


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2635 days ago


They all make it sound like life's so terrible for these spoiled rich bitches.So what she had an eating dissorder ! at least she has $ for doctors and such so i don't feel her " pain" , instead i feel bad for me and a lot of others who don't have a damn penny and also have every day problems to deal go ahead girl and cry boo boo

2635 days ago


poster #13, when you stick your finger deep down your throat you tend to chomp down on it, it doe enough times you will break the skin, and since your body dont repair itself fast enough, because your body is depleated of vitamins, your fingers scar.

2635 days ago

thandie newton fan    

Who the ph*** is Thandie Newton???

2635 days ago


The reason why she has scars on her knuckles is because when you put your fingers down your throat and back out when purging, they hit the back of your upper teeth.

2635 days ago

Joel Cairo    

"... a string of emotionally abusive relationships..."??? What is that, when you disagree over how to raise the chihuahua??

A real abusive relationship lands you in the hospital, and entitles you to have a reaction, this excuse is just movie star jive...and makes ME want to vomit.

2635 days ago


omg busby - you are an idiot. I was bulimic for many years and became diabetic while bulimic. I assure you that my bulimia was no easier to control than my diabetes. They are BOTH diseases. You obviously do not understand that, but your comments are idiotic and offensive.

And, I don'f for a second believe Thandie had bulimia for 1 year. Nobody has it as bad as she did for such a short time period. If you're gonna come clean, come completely clean. No more demeaning.

2635 days ago


I don't think she was in "Time Machine," that was singer Samantha Mumba.

2635 days ago


I noticed when she was on ER how horribly thin she was. She was pregnant at the time, and I remembered hoping that it was just part of the storyline, because I did not see how anyone that thin could be healthy enough to carry a child safely. Apparently she really was pregnant, and thank God everything ended well. I am glad to hear that she is doing well now.

2635 days ago

Not Your Average Joke    

For the person who asked about the scars on the knuckles, when you stick your fingers down your throat you often scrape your teeth. That is why a lot of times bulimics will carry toothbrushes with them, so they don't scrape. Also your fingers may not reach back far enough to hit the gag reflex so they insert more than a few fingers, hence scraping.

2635 days ago


For those who do not recognize the extremely talented actress, she played Will Smith's wife in "Pursuit of Happyness". She also had several guest star appearances as Kem, Dr. John Carter's girlfriend and the mother of his child (who was stillborn) on the long running medical drama "ER". She also had an amazing role in the controversial movie "Crash" as well as many other credits, which you could view on

2635 days ago


Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-like shes over it- your never over it

2635 days ago


I'm happy that Thandie Newton overcame her eating disorder but I just don't understand why celebrities need to announce that in public

2635 days ago

Georgia's Annie    

Thandie is a wonderfull and talented actress that has been in so many great films. She was amazing in Crash. I can't believe anyone would not know sho she is. I wish her the best.

2635 days ago


No, people. Thandie Newton was neither in "Drumline" (opposite Nick Cannon) NOR in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner "(opposite Ashton Kucher.) THAT was Zoe Saldana in both those roles. My Lord. Get it together, people. There are more people in this world than the 3 white women you see over and over again in Holly wood telling us what "beauty" is. (Oh. Is Britney Spears still beautiful?)

Thandie Newton doesn't even LOOK like Zoe Saldana. Thandie is biracial -- Black/white. Zoe Saldana is a Caribbean mix. Again, get it together people.

This message board is just pitiful.

2635 days ago
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