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'Big Brother'

Wings Pilot

8/6/2007 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Big Brother 9UPDATE: To be absolutely clear, the banner that appeared on last night's show was NOT pulled by Jerry.

The producers of the CBS reality show "Big Brother" have grounded a pilot they say planned on ruining the show.

Lawyers for Endemol USA Inc. sent a cease and desist letter to Jerry Hider of Blue Yonder Air, to stop him from flying his plane over the "Big Brother" house. According to Endemol, Hider was planning a flyover carrying a message that told the other players in the house that Eric is "America's Player" -- essentially ruining part of the game.

Endemol alleges that by doing this, Hider's proposed actions would violate a "tort of intentional interference of an advantageous business relationship" -- or, in layman's terms, "Dude, don't ruin the game!"

Hider alleges that he's not trying to ruin the game, and that he was simply paid to do a job. The peeved pilot wouldn't release the name of the person who has been hiring him to make "Big Brother"-related runs, but said that up until now he, CBS and Endemol enjoyed "a symbiotic relationship." In 2001, Endemol even produced a story about the banner operation.

In a statement to TMZ, CBS says: "It's always great to have fans that are this engaged and passionate about 'Big Brother.' However, we also need to protect the integrity of the competition, which does not allow any outside influence on the houseguests who are sequestered from the public broadcast and therefore unaware of some of the secret twists in the show."

Is Hider going to try to fight Endemol and CBS? Not likely. He told us "If I had a bunch of attorneys I would fight this, but it's not worth my time."


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didnt this happen already??...i thot i heard danielle saying she saw a banner..oh well

2599 days ago


...........ME SO HORNEY,,,,,,,I LIKE BIGG BUTTTTS!!!!!!!,,,big whatever???cervezza mo'bettta

2599 days ago


i thot this happened already??...danielle said she saw a banner..

2599 days ago


Hear this was going online through Albie Hecht's new deal, along with Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen cartoon and the one by Amy Poehler.

2599 days ago


Tooooo Late.... They already showed the plane last night on the show

2599 days ago


Worldwide Biggies is the one doing Amy Sedaris' new online talk show, along with this.

2599 days ago

Nanny of 8    

go to Morty's Tv for spoiler on Big Brother. We know who the VETO already..

2599 days ago


All of Big Brother fans should start dialing the number and see how this person likes his privacy invaded. Leave the game alone for the millions of people that enjoy watching Big Brother. Not a very funny joke at all. He should be the one CBS sues.

2599 days ago


Don't ruin the show by flying the banner! What they did last night was bad enough!

2599 days ago


Why is CBS letting this man bully a fellow contestant. D1ck Donato has been bullying and harrassing the women in the house and CBS has done NOTHING about it!

The only thing worse than a bully--are the people who sit around and watch someone get bullied and threatened.

He has threatened her life, threatened to rape her with a boot and poured Iced tea on her head. If you don't think that is a crime--go to a bar and threaten to kill someone and pour a drink on their head in front of a cop... let's see how far you get.

HE (D1ck Donato) threatens, harrasses and bullies Jen Johnson every single day...several times a day. It is sickening. Why aren't they doing anything to protect her or the other houseguests???

This isn't going to end nicely..he keeps getting more and more agitated everyday...

2599 days ago


th banner last night said Eric and Amber are lires. this one was going tell about Americas Player. Read the article people !

2599 days ago


A few years back, I paid $300 to the dude from Blue Yonder Air to fly a banner that read "You have fans out here (and my website url)" It was more of a promotional stunt to see if they'd read the website name on the air. That day our traffic went up 150,000 over normal, and the only people who heard the houseguests reading my banner were those watching the live feeds. Very interesting.. but I think that Endemol is 100% in the right on this particular issue. My banner wasn't harmful to the game... this one would have been.

2599 days ago


To add, the producers could have wisked the houseguests inside saying emergency meeting.... CBS should pay some person to keep an eye out for planes like this so they have a running start before players get a chance to see the AD

2599 days ago


There was a banner plane they showed last night that said Eric (America's Player) was a liar, along with another contestant, Amber. It has caused alot of turmoil in the house.

This sounds like a new plane that was going to say right out that Eric was America's Player, a 'mole', so to speak.

Listen, I've been a fan of Big Brother and watched every season, but, IMO, if you actually pay money out of your pocket, probably hundreds of dollars, to fly a banner plane over a reality show house, you should use the money to get a life, or see a therapist instead.

2599 days ago


if any real men were in the show
they would not let that 70's moron
treat any one the way he does
no wonder his daughter did not speak
to him for those year
i would love to meet that little skinny
WEASLE on the street
and totally whip his ASS
for all the women who watch this show
including his mother
who must be real proud of him????

2599 days ago
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