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Fired by Clarkson, Hired by Britney!

8/6/2007 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned that Britney Spears has finally succumbed -- to the notion of having legit management! Britz has hired uber-manager Jeff Kwatinez to help resurrect her dying career. Nurse! Code Blue!

We're told Kwatinetz, CEO of The Firm, one of Hollywood's most powerful agencies, is eager to get his hands on a charity case -- and Britney's a case, for sure. If he can pull off an image revamp for the trashtastic poptart, he'll be considered a hero in Hollywood ... and considered for sainthood by the Vatican! Good luck to him. Bring your own Taser!

As TMZ first reported, Kelly Clarkson axed Kwatinetz to hire Reba McEntire's manager/husband Narvel Blackstock. The Firm reps such stars as Leo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Korn, Enrique Iglesias and Ice Cube.


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Good for her ! Thank God!!!! Maybe he can hie her a sensible stylist to do something with her wardrobe and hair. I hope this works for her. and I also think she needs a publicity agent so she can stop getting into these pedictements.

2636 days ago


I love Britney Spears so much. She's the best. All she need to do is hit the gym and she's okay. I don't think she's crazy at all. People just judge her and they don't even know her. People just think (most people think she's crazy so I'm just gonna say that she crazy too.) Britney Spears is a great recording artist and I know that her come back is going to be huge because only a real Britney fan would know that. I bet not one of these people who said bad things about her even brought any of you albums and I have all 4! From 1999-2003!
Yay Britney Spears!

2636 days ago


Britney Spears made more money than you guys will ever make in your whole life! Britney Spears is hot and will always be hot! I love her always and 4ever no matter what! Go Britney!
I hope she makes a two disc album to make up for the four years she's been making her fans suffer!

2636 days ago


There's 2 (TWO) people in show business who need to give IT UP and go away... those being Maddona & Britney..........they are both gross..their talent has since faded into the sunset of life.......Britney is no longer 16......she's a joke...Once you've shown the world your (ASS) bits and pieces.....................Your finished.....!

2636 days ago


Whatever he's being paid can't nearly be enough money to deal with Brit! She needs a psychiatrist and meds-not career management. Until she get's the personal drama together, the career is not gonna fly.

2636 days ago


I hope people realize that hardly anybody their comments if its more than a few lines. Seriously, people! Do you actually have that much to say about sum1 you don't know and aren't likely to ever meet. TMZ, love the site!

2636 days ago


brittany should hookup with howard k.stern.they would be a great couple.

2636 days ago


We Bash Her because We Don't like Her... it's as Simple as that. She's a Poster-child for for Bad Behavior, Bad Parenting, Bad Talent (if You call that talent), and every other category You could Possible think of. She should have just done the right thing and disappeared into the sunset when her childhood career ended... but she didn't because she's addicted to fame and publicity, good or bad. She obviously doesn't care if she's a Trainwheck... as long as people are still looking at her. If TMZ, and all other Media outlets, would just do a "Brit Embargo", she's probably just Self Implode. So Stop Talking about Her, Stop Writing about Her, Stop taking pictures of Her, and Stop Interviewing Her. If We can Do that for a While.. We might finally be rid of Her once and for all. :P

2636 days ago


It Doesn't matter how much money she has made... she still doesn't have an ounce of class. And the last time I checked, You can't buy Class. :P

2636 days ago


she makes her fans suffer? LOL she is making the world suffer... Hey brit take all the money you made and GO AWAY.... You and your greasy clothes and hill billy ways make the world sick..

2636 days ago


Jeff - first thing - PLEASE - get her a proper hair stylist - PRONTO !!!!!!!!

2636 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

JKwats former asst~~~ Weren't you an astroNUT in another blog and Lindsay's former bodyguard in another? Write a book? "The life of a Hollywood agent's ex-assistant" would be a best seller, I'm sure--so exciting (yawn). We all wanna know who some agent sleeps with--ZZZZZZZZZZ
Get a life, loser!

2636 days ago

BOEING 787    

HORAY!!!!!!! another YES MEN assistant just like her THUG BODYGUARDS thay shall
have in acordance for there CONTRACT will not stop bRIT-bRIT from taking narcos
drinking, and killing photogs. They will pay no concern by CONTRACT for the kids and
the diet and dental problems. This is just more bad medicine, but as soon as Kwatinez
makes notion of concern for bRIT-bRITZ declining stability and the childrens declining
health bRIT will fire him figuratively or literaly.

2636 days ago


"anon",.....legally, "public figures" are fair game when it comes to written and spoken opinions (from TMZ, or you, or I), - that's why Howeird Stern's threats were treated as the laughable legal smoke-screen that they were (there have been ZERO lawsuits filed). There is NO power in it, it's a "Paper Tiger", nothing more. HKS is a murderer and B.S. is a no-talent has-been. C'mon, sue me.

2636 days ago


Britney Spears and her "career" are DOA. She doesn't need a lawyer -- she needs a mortician.

2636 days ago
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