Lindsay Sure Could Use a Boost!

8/6/2007 1:24 PM PDT
Anyone can cash in on Lindsay's runaway trainwreck woes these days. This weekend, a plane flying over Malibu pulled a banner that read, "Hey Lindsay Get Boosted Not Busted!"

So who's trying to boost their sales with Lohan as the butt of their ad? At first, beachgoers thought it was two boostful contenders, the first being Boost Mobile. Linds could then two-way walkie talkie her assistant and avoid the whole car chase/hostage thing -- which can be really tedious when a girl's out of range. Others thought it was Boost nutritional energy drink. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein, this drink is perfect for a crackerjack gal on the go for days on end -- who might not have the time or appetite for actual food. Sounds like Lilo could use both!

Turns out, it's neither. It's EBoost vitamin drink powder -- not that Lindsay needs any more powder!