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Are People Still Into "Just Not That Into You"?

8/7/2007 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Drew BarrymoreAfter failing in the talk show world, Greg Behrendt's immensely popular book, "He's Just Not That Into You," is now being developed as a feature film starring Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Connelly. Drew Barrymore in a romantic comedy? Get out!

The book, a self-help man-guide for women, was spun off from a 2003 episode of "Sex and the City," which used the title as a catchphrase. Behrendt is listed on IMDB as having served as a consultant on the show in 2001 -- meaning he didn't even work on the episode. This guy has made a career off of six words he didn't even write!

Behrendt gained notoriety for the book after several appearances on "Oprah." He landed his own talk show last year, but it was canceled after one season -- when viewers just weren't that into it.


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Zenophobe Alien    

I'm just not that into it

2634 days ago


I know someone will scream at me but I really don't think Drew is that great of an actress she looks ok she's not someone i go o i gotta see her movies.

2634 days ago


Ummm....Do you really think that episodes of tv shows (with a writing staff) contain only material written by the credited writer? Even a short internet search would help you discover that the episode in question was inspired by Greg Behrendt's advice to female writers on the staff. Nice libelous comments, dummies.

2634 days ago


I personally loved the book and have lent it many a friend!
It's hilarious and so true.
There's at least two things in the book that every female will read and think to herself, "wow.. I've done that. Sounds just like me!".
And when I say at least two, I'm being modest. There's probably more than two that girls will find they can relate to having been there.

2634 days ago

5th grader    

big brother info....this movie looks a little sex and the city-ish

new chat........ new conspiracy message boards.........

Love Drew, she is classic .....

2634 days ago


Why would something that makes clear what most people like to go on and on and on about and angst about 4ever do well? "He's just not that into you" saves time and energy but girls just wanna bitch and moan about the problem guys in their lives. Why get rational now?

2634 days ago


i could never understand casting her in the charlies angels movie, what a mess, it was like, which one doesn't belong?
drew talks like a stroke victim or a 4yr old.
its not cute because she is not cute & too old to pull it off.
i think there was serious drugs in her past.
probably a good person but blah, not for me.

2634 days ago


I love Drew and anything she wants to do is OK in my book.

2634 days ago

So Glam    

I don't get the appeal of Drew Barrymore. She's not pretty, looks like she could be a fat girl and puts on a really annoying babyish lisp when she talks. There are so many other actresses that are pretty, talented and have charisma but it seems that Drew is in every romantic comedy. Why?

2634 days ago

So Glam    

I think Charlies Angels was "her" project or something. Like she was the producer I think. I agree though in that she's not cute. not even pretty. What is her appeal? She gives ugly girls hope???

2634 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Uh, I'm just not that into this

2633 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

The guy that wrote this book is a moron. he was on Oprah once or twice and ended up with his own t.v. show. WTF?

2633 days ago


Loved GREG BEHRENDT's show!
He was so refreshing, appealing, original.. I actually found something I could turn the TV on for during the days I was home with my 3-yr old. He was a breath of very fresh air. COME BACK GREG! xxxxxx

2633 days ago

Piston Broke    

Greg Berhendt has got to be the biggest tool to ever hit TV. Whoever thought he had what it takes to carry their own talk show had to be seriously hopped up on heroin. Makeover shows? How freaking original. Greg is the most in need of a makeover, what a dumbass.

2633 days ago


that book is a waste of money. you want relationship advice? ask your grandmother!

2633 days ago
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