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"Brainiac" Brit Drops a Hit, Runs

8/7/2007 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears pulled off a smash and dash in broad daylight yesterday -- bolting after she slammed into a frickin' parked car! Hit me baby one more time!

As the Britster was pulling into a Studio City vitamin store on Monday, she banged her Mercedes into a parked station wagon in a botched attempt at parking. After scraping up her wheels in the crash, Brit screamed, "I'm a brainiac!" Well, there's no denying it now!

Not once seen checking out the other vehicle, a micro-dressed Brit popped a ladylike squat in front of her Mercedes to inspect the damage, giving a few photogs another view of her hoo-hoo-dilly. Will she never learn?

Brit then walked right past the scraped up wagon next to her, and left without leaving a note for the owner.

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed that Miss Spears has not contacted the owner of the station wagon. Damage to the other car was minor. TMZ spoke to the owner of the vehicle, who said that she hopes the former Mrs. Federline will do the right thing.


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Someone that lives in that area needs to call the police and tell them to watch this video. That is a hit and run and she should be arrested for it.

She is so self consumed that she didn't even look at the other car.

2635 days ago

are you new?    

isn't it time for Britney and Paula Abdul to take a
Thelma & Louise ride together? I'd buy a ticket!

2635 days ago


Isn't that technically called: "Hit & Run"? In California, Hit & Run is a felony. Someone should file a good samaritan police report - and maybe then Brit and Nichole could be roomies at the Lynwood hooscow. Imagine how fun that would be!! Hell, if it was timed just right Lindsey could be there too! Pillow fight ya'll !!!

2635 days ago

HIt and Run    

If Ditzi Brit didn't want to be followd by photogs all she would have to do is NOT shop or go to the place where she KNOWS that they will be. Any actor in Hollywood knows that they can stay out of the limelight if THEY WANT TO. Everyone knows that you go shopping on Robertson and have lunch at The Ivy when you want to be seen. There are thousands and thousands of other restaurants in LA. But these media whores show up at Robertson Blvd where the paparazzi live and then beg them not to take their pics. STUPID! Its all a game.

2635 days ago


hey ! is that hit and run
she should be arrested
and at least get life in the mental ward

2635 days ago


must have hit a nerve - TMZ deleted me!! LOL

As for those of you that want her head on a platter for "hit and run" - think about this logically (if you can) she DIDN'T leave!! If she would have gotten in her car and drove away, then it would be classified as a hit and run. You can't possibly think for a second that if she had left a note on the car that it wouldn't be n Ebay by now?!?! That's the most ridiculous thing I've read. Yeah, leave a note - hey, I'm Britney Spears and I hit your car. Sorry - call me @ ### ###-####" - sure TMZ would have had a field day with that one! Some people just don't have a clue - and guess what, I'm not talking Britney. See that reflection in your computer monitor - yep, that's the moron I'm talkin' about!

2635 days ago


Umm...lamebrains trying to defend poor Britney and her parking:

I don't suppose it would ever occur to you that when one hits another car, one gets out ,one checks THE OTHER CAR for damage as well as their own car, one leaves a note if no one is around so that they can be contacted and be a responsible person.

Yeah, poor Brit. What she did is hit a car and leave. Very responsible.

2635 days ago

L.A. Douchenozzle, Esq.    

TOTALLY STAGED, TOTALLY FAKE. I know exactly where this store is, and there just HAPPENS to be 15 photographers there? I been there 150 times, and NEVER seen a pappoo.
MORE FAKE NEWS BY TMZ and Brit's publicist.

2635 days ago


Calling her a "Train wreck" is a very huge understatement. This girl is seriously F**K'D UP.. ...that's no lie. And IF ALL of this behavior is being done on purpose, well that's just as f**k'd up. I think her family should just take the bull by the horns & go after her. Set her straight. I mean, JEEZ, she's giving them enough evidence to use against her.!!!!! I'm sure they will get plenty of support, far, far more than any that the Bimbo can pay for. All of her "inner circle" is paid for. I also think that there is a sexual thing involved here too. I think Spears, Lohan, Hilton, Richie, etc...enjoy a "girls night out" , quite often & enjoy them far more than they will adamit. They always seem to be around a lot of women, especially late at night jumping into the limo.

2635 days ago



The selfish, self-centered twit didn't even look at the other vehicle! She only asked the paps if her she "hurt" her car and only looked at hers then blithely walked off!

Man, what a selfish piece of crap she is.

2635 days ago


You know, it was wrong for her not to leave a note for the owner of the other car, but I could not imagien being followed around all the time by the paps... especailly if I was trying to park my car and cameras were going off around me. I could see some anxiety setting in. No wonder some of these stars go nuts.

2635 days ago


PLEASE don't expect me to feel sorry for this nimrod. For shiz sakes, GET A DRIVER!!! She just committed a hit and run on videotape! What an idiot. It is frightening to me that this dimbo is out driving. What do you suppose would happen to me or you if we plowed into someone else's car and just walked away? As far as being followed by the paps...give me a break. This girl goes out of her way to attract attention. No sympathy due here.......

2635 days ago


Listen, I don't want anyone to think I am on Britney's side. I think she is about as useful to society as a doughnut is useful to a fat man, but if I had that many people around me snapping photos and following me, I would probably have done the same thing!

2635 days ago


to leave her alone, Damn: when was the last time u have u're ears check? cause i just so the video and u CAN HEAR the door hitting the other car, so i dont know what video are u watching. and like everyone said, SHE ONLY CARE ABOUT HER CAR, she didnt even look at the other car. she had plenty of space to park, only if she put that dog away and used BOTH HANDS to drive this wouldnt happen, so stop blaming the pap for this it was HER FAULT no one else

2635 days ago


Can't they just write her up for a hit and run, be done with it...
Paris, Nicole, Lindsey (soon) -- might as well toss Whackney in the lockup for a bit.

2635 days ago
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