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Charlie to Denise -- You're a Nanny Goat!

8/7/2007 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a declaration filed by Charlie Sheen in his ongoing custody fight, in which the actor grumbles that the nanny situation just ain't working.
Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

In the documents, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Sheen explains he's now engaged to Brook Mueller, whom Sheen says "has a strong relationship with my children and she and I provide them with a structured and safe environment." Sheen wants more time with the kids, without the intrusion of nannies approved by the court who must be present when he has the kids.

Charlie says "I am capable of selecting my own child care provider and I request an order permitting me to make that decision."

Click to launch!Sheen alleges recently, Richards "has repeatedly made unnecessary telephone calls to me and to my home. These calls have resulted in disputes between us." Sheen wants the court to 86 all non-emergency calls. He's also asking for extended visitation -- he'd like to pick the two kids Saturday morning and return them on Monday every third and fifth weekend of each month.


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Charlie.......don't let anyone judge you or your past.. go for it and be the best Dad you can be

Denise has her faults too (how do you go out with your best friends husband and disreguard people so easily.

Charlie a Dad is the most important role you'll ever play. You only get one take to get it right so make it count. And by all means keep your play life out of their lives.

2601 days ago


Denise Richards = CONTROLLING & MANIPULATING. She had certainly done well handling the press and the court system for a while now. She made first made Charlie look bad then she attempted to make Heather look bad. She is pitiful in behaving like she has been scorned by others.

2601 days ago


Who cares about Charlie or Denise? Hopefully a good judge will make the right decision for the children, whatever that may be.

2601 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

Charlie can't possibly be any worse than that whore of a mother. If she gets free reign to take and expose those children to whatever why can't he have unsupervised visits. This is just dam* ridiculous. She thinks she is sticking it to him but the children are the ones that will pay the ulitimate price.

2601 days ago


Although, it is odd that Charlie mentions his engagement in the petition. What does his engagement have to do with being a good father and not being addicted to porn or drugs? Isn't that the reason for the supervision in the first place? Shouldn't he talk about being a good father in the petition? Just wondering.

2601 days ago

Kate you know anyone of these people personally? How do you know for a fact Heather & Denise were best friends? According to Denise their friendship was over way before the relationship with Richie. Also, Heather is not exactly an angel. She was dating within a week of the announcement of the breakup. I personally think Heather milked all that for all the publicity she could get. Not to mention her midget boyfriend, aka Dave Spade. I don't condone what Denise did but unless you lived in a loveless marriage with a porn addicted drug addict, I don't think either one of us can judge her so harshly. Even Charlie admitted (the first time they split) that he put her through hell. I just don't think its fair to be judging her so harshly. From what I've seen she is a good mother and I hope they can come to civil terms for the kids.

2601 days ago


#78 Heather stated in People magazine that Denise was one of her best friends- I guess that makes a difference?

I am sure Denise is a great mom , and doesnt want to be judged for being a whore to her friend, thats why Denise shouldnt judge her ex-hubby morally. As long as he is a good dad to his daughters, thats all that should matter. He didnt make a great husband, but thats why they are divorced.

Many people live in loveless marriages, but we dont go after our friends husbands, or ex-husbands. Denise & Richie got too cozy, too fast after the so-called seperation of Heather and Richie. This is what makes most people believe Denise had a thing for Richie long before he seperated from Heather. If this was truly innocent, why is the friendship over between Heather and Denise. Heather made the comment in People, that she felt betrayed by Denise.

Charlie can be a great dad despite his personal issues. Just as Denise can be a great mom despite the fact that she will take your man.

2601 days ago


Another crazy Hollywood family. They are both bad parents, I'm sure the court will do the right thing for those kids. It is really sad that we have to have a license to drive a car, get a gun, own a pet and any one can have a bunch of kids - no matter how screwed up they are!

Sad that these two irresponsible, self-centered twits can't set aside their petty differences for the sake of their children.

2601 days ago


I feel horrible that parents constantly put children in the middle of their crap. Don't they realize how much unhappiness they are putting in their children's lives? I mean, come on. The guy is an ass of a husband, and she is an evil wench of a wife. However, as parents they need to come together and do what's right and fair for the kids. Besides, he needs to see the girls more. Girls need their daddy, too. In a bitter divorce, you can't believe everything he or she says. Courts don't go on solid proof sometimes. Whatever she said is going on, whether true or not, the courts will side with just in case.

2601 days ago


denise is just a gold digger!...i bet if he offered her more moola she would let him have the girls......where were the girls when she was blowing ritchie sambora??....looks like he rode her wet ,then hung her out to dry!...good for you charlie!

2601 days ago


Charlie .Denise is ugly....Pointed nose and too skinny.What did you see in her?

2601 days ago



2601 days ago


Denise is a lying piece of trash. She lied about Charlie watching kiddie porn, and she should be the one with the supervised visits because of making false accusations, she is the one using these poor kids just to hurt Charlie. Charlie may have watched porn, but he never did kiddie porn, Denise just lied about that because it was easy to attack Charlie like that. Denise has nothing, her looks are gone and she is not an actress, and she needs Charlie's money because the only thing she can do is be a sirt-of waitress at tacky Playboy parties, how pathetic is that. Now Charlie found someone else and Denise is out and she can't stand it so she is using her own children to make Charlie's life a living hell. Charlie isn't the one getting into public brawls, throwing laptaps and screaming obscenities in public, that is low-life Denise, and she hooked up with the Queen of Trash, slutty Pamela Anderson - two peas in a dirty pod, those two, such good role models for little kids, NOT! Denise is trash, and the judge should put her under a microscope, too.

2601 days ago


This is a new world where idiots make comments on complete strangers, you don't know these people to gossip about them in such a disgusting way.

It is very important for children of all ages not to be exposed to relationships outside of a marriage, this might be the way in Hollywood ,in the real world a caring Mother or parent
would never expose children to such a public fight.

Think of the children and forget your needs and urges to be an unfit parent.
I could never bring a child in this world vitro without a loving husband let alone wanting your ex to produce sperm for another child in this public sad if it's true.
The children should not be exposed to a girlfriend or f'iance either around visting rights.

One needs to choose children or live-ins....also a netural nanny should be around at all times in a situation like this, a nanny picked by the court.

What you are doing reminds me of the two women from the bible fighting over a child
obvious this is a money matter, how sad to drag babies thru such a fight.

Would they prefer the babies be taken and put in a foster home?

2600 days ago


Mary Helen---I never heard that--that is crazy. I didn't even know he was with Kelly Preston. WOOOOOWWW> He should stay supervised.

2594 days ago
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