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Jermaine Jackson Off the Hook

8/7/2007 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just decided that Jermaine Jackson will not have to pay child or spousal support ... for now.

Jermaine's off the hook because the judge could not verify any income for the Jackson brother, though his ex-wife Alejandra claims he made money off a UK version of "Big Brother" and got $150,000 from Prince Abdul in the Middle East -- which Jermaine called a "loan."

Jackson's mother was ordered to continue paying for the children's expenses and must let Alejandra continue to live in their home for free. The next hearing will take place September 24.

TMZ caught Jermaine on his way into Stanley Mosk Courthouse, where he was none to happy to see our cameras -- even flipping us off to prove it!


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the only reason any of you meaning TMZ and others are covering this is because he's Michael Jacksons brother , Jermaine shouldn't be famous for what has he contributed for that stature being Michael Jackson's brother pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse!

2634 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

So I guess Jermaine read TMZ‘s cheapy creepy story?

2634 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Hey Boontocky, Get over yourself. All celeb kids are referred to as Spawn in here. MORON!

2634 days ago


wow u people r ignorant racists! are u members of the kkk? men with all colors have avoided child support! has nothing to do with his skin color. (fyi) what i mean by u people i would be refering to all the ignorant uneducated people who have wrote racist comments)

2634 days ago


Read TMZ anywhere! Go to '' on your cell phone!

2634 days ago


Read TMZ anywhere! Go to '' on your cell phone!

2634 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

#15 - Posted at 2:03PM on Aug 7th 2007 by boontocky - I agree with you. Other than the spawn comment. They always say celebuspawn or some other play on words...nothing racist there.

2634 days ago


#17- Matt Leinert did not object to paying for his kid, he objected to his $ grubbing ex claiming she needed 30G's a month to take care of the kid while she lives at home with her parents and has no job! I'm a single mother of 2 and have raised them for 10 yrs on my own on a mere $250/month from their dad while he's out "spawning" new babies left & right, buying new cars, and season tickets to football and gambling. I've raised my kids on $25-30K per year and we are doing just fine. The differenence is he felt she should pay her share and he'd pay his, I'm sure he's more than happy to spoil the kid, just not her and she didn't like that! As for the Jacko Wacko crew- I agree he's a deadbead and should be forced to pay something.

2634 days ago

Jenna B    

I have a white ex that isn't paying for his kid. It's not racist. It's everywhere. Loser deadbeat dads. Anything to get out of paying. That man should be ordered to find money somewhere to support his child. McDonald's is always hiring. He could always spend time in jail to realize he needs to work. When they find my ex, that is what they are going to do.

2634 days ago

Tarazadaza, Africa    

Just another "NO TALENT" loser-------I'm ashamed of you! Mikie may be a child molester but atleast he made me some coin. Yo Yo Yo!

2634 days ago


Did you notice that when the Jackson's are in trouble they cry BROKE? They disgust me. What losers!!! They are so friggin weird!!!

2634 days ago


He thinks he's #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2634 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

All members of the Jackson family automatically get a free pass, no matter what. I think the authorities are afraid of them.

2634 days ago


First Jermaine need to step up and be a father pay his support for his kids. Second I can't believe that Mrs.Jackson would let that woman stay in her house knowing she was marry to her other son and then let them have kids together. He claim he is broke if I was the judge show me your bank record to prove you are broke. She living rent free so why she need support she don't have to pay bills. The up keep of their kids is Jermaine mother. I don't think he broke he just don't want to take care of his kids. I think Michael was taking care of one of his brother kids supporting them.

2634 days ago


Jermaine has about as much class as his once famous now-a freak-show brother Michael. Both mooching off people for cash, just fry them already and do the world a favor.

2634 days ago
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