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Paris -- Saving the World, One Accessory at a Time

8/7/2007 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton went on yet another shopping spree yesterday, stopping in at a Malibu accessory store with a brand new sidekick.

Sporting an animal print bathing suit and a Nicole Richie replacement (pregnant peeps can't party, right?), Hilton perused the shelves before heading to a parking lot packed with an army of Paris loving children.

Hilton paid her debt to society by posing for pictures and signing autographs for the kiddos. Who knew ex-cons had so many underage fans?!


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2634 days ago

not impressed    

How sweet! Sooo glad she is finding the time to give back to society like she claimed she would post-jail!!!

2634 days ago



2634 days ago


And each and every child is probably smarter and more mature than she ever will be.

2634 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Hey TMZ, how about a story on what Mia Farrow is doing. That is certainly much more interesting than Paris’s latest shopping spree

2634 days ago



2634 days ago

i'm just saying    

Paris Hilton you are adorable.

2634 days ago


What happened to the half way house that she was going to build to help others when they get out of jail? Wasn't she going to build a place to help others stay out of jail because they have no where to go? And, frankly, wasn't she tired of the party lifestyle? What happened to all of this and why aren't people calling her on this?

2634 days ago


She should go to the community outreach center for a list of children that don't have as much and take them to a less expensive store and treat them to a shopping spree for school clothes! That would shock everyone and I might actually believe her BS story that she wants to do more for others. Children seem to love her, they are young and naive, but they look up to her so she needs to be the ONE "young" person in Hollywood that gets it together!!! I don't even want my children to watch a LiLo movie because of her actions and attitude.

2634 days ago


Our good President Clinton still have fans of all ages. Why not Paris?

2634 days ago


cin at 12:20 PM: Some of us do call her on it only to shot down in flames by a her adoring fans who believe that she is so perfect that she should not sully her purity on the downtrodden. They disregard her clearly-stated promises which she nows seems to be dishonoring. Apparently, the phrase "lying hypocrite" does not apply to HIlton.

2634 days ago


Paris seems to have reverted to her selfish spoilt hollywood brat ways. I bet she's spent a fortune on her clothes that could've easily fed a village of starving children for one year.

Paris, when are you going to do something good for others? When are you going to donate your time and money to those who aren't born in to privilege? What about the starving children around the world? What about the animals that are facing extinction? What about all the little baby girls that aren't even allowed to be born in certain countries? What about the little girls that are forced in to child prostitution to support their families?

You infuriate me because I know that if I was born with your money and privilege, I'd be doing something good for others, not just myself. All you can ever do is think about yourself "oh poor me, i'm innocent and I went to prison". Big deal, there are innocent people who get raped, beaten and even get sent to their deaths. You disgust me and you'll continue to disgust me until you actually do something good for others.

Think about this the next time you see those army of little girls begging for your autograph. Think about all those little girls that never get the chance to live, are forced to have unprotected sex with for hairy married sex tourists, and think about those little kids that have no choice but to dig through trash for clothes and food.

You disgust me!

2634 days ago


Paris is a kid herself, no wonder. she is trying at least, good for u paris, as long as u dont expose urself naked to those kids, i guess it is okay to show ur love for kids, PARIS DONT SPOIL THEM, OKAY, teach them to be good, not GREEDY. :0)

2634 days ago

Mia Farrow    

Damn right -- she's the celebrity story of the day!

2634 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

I don't know how all these little fans can relate to this skank, they look like they are in a higher grade in school, than what she dropped out of.

Hope she's educating them on the effects of having unprotected sex.

2634 days ago
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