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What a Tangled Web

He Weaves!

8/7/2007 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Although his cross-dressing role in "Hairspray" was taped months ago, in his personal life, John Travolta is still wiggin' out!

Tangled Web

The 53-year-old man arrived to a "Late Show" taping on July 18, sportin' mysteriously luscious long thetan locks. Nice piece! Eleven days later, Travo turned up at a Baseball Hall of Fame event in Scientoloshort tresses. L.Ron haircut! Then this past weekend, the "Battlefield Earth" star was snapped at a Los Angeles event -- once again in all his mop-topped glory. It's magically ridiculous!

John Boy's secret is out!


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the secret (not much of a secret though) is he's a closet case with a sham marriage and just like all the other closet gays belonging to their closet dead cult leader L.RON HUBBARD 'S cult called scientology come out come out wherever you are

2635 days ago


There are way more interesting things about him and his persona. His hair looks real to me. And that's all that counts.

2635 days ago


E! Online News or whoever is posing as them -

The last shot is from the 2007 Church Of Scientology Summer Event, which was held Aug 4th, 2007. You can easily search "Getty Images" to verify this story.

2635 days ago


Hey #13, Autism is not a developmental but a neurological disorder.

2635 days ago


He looks fine without the wig. Don't get it.

2635 days ago

HIt and Run, so what! Are you guys on smack over there at the TMZ office. Is Harvey Levine on vacation because your guys are OFF your game.

John T looks SUPER HOT either way!! He's is bery yummy for an older guy.

Why don't you guys take a break from the LA scene and cover the Hamptons and NYC for the summer.

2635 days ago


I have loved John Travolta since "Saturday Night Fever" and I still have the fever for him. He is getting older but better, and so am I. LOL
I don't care what they say about John I will always love him and watch his movies.

2635 days ago

lisa z    

Travolta is just fine. He isn't throwing his son to the wolves, his marraige has lasted this long, I'm sure it's still strong. His hair looks great, he believes strongly in his religion, which is not as bad as we all make it to be, I'm sure. Leave the man alone, you wish you had it half as good.

2635 days ago


Why do you all bother with something so trivial? He's still a wonderful father and husband. His hair? Who cares? He's gorgeous!

2635 days ago


I couldn't care what john wears or (I wish) doesn't wear because the man is SMOKIN hot!

2635 days ago


I can believe that the pictures are out of sequence... happens all the time. You can't trust when a picture is posted, all that matters is when it's taken.

2635 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

That's July 29 2006 not 2007..JT doesn't wear a rug!!

2635 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I don't see why Scientology get's such a bad rap..Ever delve into the Mormon religion?

Specifically, Mormonism teachings include:

That God the Father has a body of flesh and bones and was once a sinful man on another planet.
That God lives with many goddess wives on a planet near the great star Kolob.
That Polygamy is part of God’s holy ordinances.
That Jesus Christ is the brother of Lucifer, the Devil. Jesus had to work out his own salvation.
That the doctrines of their inspired leaders are superior to the Bible.
That "there are more gods than there are particles on a million earths"
That men can become gods themselves by joining the Mormon church and will be able to create and populate their own earths.
That the shed blood of Christ is not sufficient to save us from our sins, that it only gives us resurrection so we may be judged for our works; that men cannot be saved by grace through faith, but only by our works of righteousness.
That the Mormon Church is the only true church on earth, to the exclusion of all others. It has the only true authority.
That there are two churches only, The church of the Lamb [Mormonism] and the church of the Devil [the rest of us].
That man cannot gain eternal life and enter the presence of the Lord outside of Mormonism.

2635 days ago


Tony Bennet also wears a wig.........

2635 days ago

Arturo Fuente    

This is proof that John Travolta has OT powers! Thank you Ron!!!!

2635 days ago
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