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Britney's Topless Bombshell

8/8/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BRIT MAGCan bizarro Britney Spears fall any further from grace, y'all? The trainwreckerific Brit-Brit allegedly spent a wild night with a hot young boy toy, reports Us.

College student Matt Encinas was an extra on Brit's latest video and tells how the wild mama invited him and some of the other video extras to a late night private pool party at the Standard Hotel. Brit-Brit then encouraged everyone to play a trashy game of topless truth or dare and Encinas ended up locking lips with the drunk pop tart.

"Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed. I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot," he said. "I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy, and that's what she did. Mission accomplished."

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Charlie to Denise -- You're a Nanny Goat!

Declaration -- click to read TMZ has obtained a declaration filed by Charlie Sheen in his ongoing custody fight, in which the actor grumbles that the nanny situation just ain't working.

In the documents, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Sheen explains he's now engaged to Brook Mueller, whom Sheen says "has a strong relationship with my children and she and I provide them with a structured and safe environment." Sheen wants more time with the kids, without the intrusion of nannies approved by the court who must be present when he has the kids.

Charlie says "I am capable of selecting my own child care provider and I request an order permitting me to make that decision."

Sheen alleges recently, Richards "has repeatedly made unnecessary telephone calls to me and to my home. These calls have resulted in disputes between us." Sheen wants the court to 86 all non-emergency calls. He's also asking for extended visitation -- he'd like to pick the two kids Saturday morning and return them on Monday every third and fifth weekend of each month.

"Big Brother" Wings Pilot

Big Brother ExclusiveUPDATE: To be absolutely clear, the banner that appeared on last night's show was NOT pulled by Jerry.

The producers of the CBS reality show "Big Brother" have grounded a pilot they say planned on ruining the show.

Lawyers for Endemol USA Inc. sent a cease and desist letter to Jerry Hider of Blue Yonder Air, to stop him from flying his plane over the "Big Brother" house. According to Endemol, Hider was planning a flyover carrying a message that told the other players in the house that Eric is "America's Player" -- essentially ruining part of the game.

Endemol alleges that by doing this, Hider's proposed actions would violate a "tort of intentional interference of an advantageous business relationship" -- or, in layman's terms, "Dude, don't ruin the game!"

Hider alleges that he's not trying to ruin the game, and that he was simply paid to do a job. The peeved pilot wouldn't release the name of the person who has been hiring him to make "Big Brother"-related runs, but said that up until now he, CBS and Endemol enjoyed "a symbiotic relationship." In 2001, Endemol even produced a story about the banner operation.

In a statement to TMZ, CBS says: "It's always great to have fans that are this engaged and passionate about 'Big Brother.' However, we also need to protect the integrity of the competition, which does not allow any outside influence on the houseguests who are sequestered from the public broadcast and therefore unaware of some of the secret twists in the show."

Is Hider going to try to fight Endemol and CBS? Not likely. He told us "If I had a bunch of attorneys I would fight this, but it's not worth my time."

Travolta: What a Tangled Web He Weaves!

Although his cross-dressing role in "Hairspray" was taped months ago, in his personal life, John Travolta is still wiggin' out!
John Travolta
The 53-year-old man arrived to a "Late Show" taping on July 18, sportin' mysteriously luscious long thetan locks. Nice piece! Eleven days later, Travo turned up at a Baseball Hall of Fame event in Scientoloshort tresses. L.Ron haircut! Then this past weekend, the "Battlefield Earth" Flabulous -- click to launchstar was snapped at a Los Angeles event -- once again in all his mop-topped glory. It's magically ridiculous!

John Boy's secret is out!


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Injun Mike    

I was a cameraman on Brit's "Slave" video, and I thought that she was much nicer than I'd heard....she made Xanax sandwiches for everyone and only threw a shrieking tantrum once an hour, NOT every half hour as has been reported....and hey, I'd be pissed too if the water was Evian and not Figi....also, she does not drink straight from the bottle, she uses a straw thank you very much....

2599 days ago


Leave Mi Brittany alone - Hell I would do her in a minute

2599 days ago


Who cares because she doesn't. Kevin needs to get the kids and runnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

2599 days ago

asthma patient    

#29 Shawna Grace Talk about stupid! Your post is so bad, did you even go to school? You can't spell and use the wrong forms of words. How pathetic. Get a dictionary or an education!

2599 days ago


"Everyone makes mistakes." "Stop hating as if you are so perfect" So far this is the only defense she's had. Yeah everyone makes mistakes, but the mistakes she's made are far too great to just toss to the sides. I mean if I was in her position, logic would tell me to go to rehab, stay at home to take care of my children and hinder making an ass of myself any further. It doesn't take a genius to know a train wrck when they see it. You don't have to be a mother w/ 10+ years of experiance to say "hey it's 3 am. I should probably find out where my kids are." or "hmm, maybe I should give him milk instead of Pepsi.Part of being a celebrity means being in the spotlight. It kinda comes w/ the territory. If you don't know that from the start, then maybe this career was a dud from the beginning.

2599 days ago

c is for cookie    

I really miss the old days when Britney was cute, peppy, sweet...and sane! I remember her very first appearance on TRL, I was thinking how nice of a person she was. Boy that changed fast. Beginning with the 'Crazy' video, that's when it seemed she began getting a lil crazy..and just kept getting worse. She cannot get help unless she realizes what's wrong. I think maybe she needs to be detoxed (sp?) so there is no drug or alcohol in her system so she can think clearly and be brought to her senses. At least at that point, after her family and professionals have tried all they can and she still acts stupid, everyone will know it's her own fault. I just hope she can change before she ends up like Anna Nicole.

2599 days ago


I was going to write something about her put it's not worth it.

2599 days ago


All I can say is Thank the Lord Lindsey Lohan has no kids. She would make Britney's ordels look like Sunday School.

2599 days ago


Just please leave the poor girl alone. These stories are getting old. Really old.

2599 days ago


Dennis Richard is a whore...go on with your life and let charlie finf happiness.

2599 days ago


to SO SORRY,,,,, funny that when you wrote "and, to all of you, please learn how to spell" you misspelled a lot notice that a lot is a two-word phrase rather than a single word

2599 days ago


wow if she is depressed who the hell cares

There are plenty of other Depressed people in this world. and you dont care about them.
I think that Marijuana should be her drug choice it would mellow her out, Its Cheap, And it wont label you a bad parent...My parents smoked Marijuana...And they are the best damn parents I have ever seen.
And its not just because they Are MY parents and I DEFEND them...Its because ive seen what alcoholic Parents do...They beat their kids for making a single mistake, They call them worthless, They say they were mistakes...Crack-Head Parents dont beat their children But they do ignore them, They never have food in the House, they dont pay bills, They spend every penny they make on Drugs, And they throw Tantrums.
But every Mother/Father I have ever known who smoke Pot have raised their kids better than Most Parents...Because they arent stressed.

What Im saying is Prove everybody wrong and become a Good Parent. Its your choice to be depressed because you doubt yourself. You think "How could this happen to ME...I cant be a Good Parent"
And then you go out and Drink yourself half to death...And all in all you are setting a bad example for your children...Eventually they will read something like this...Its in-escapable.

You should clean up your act now and prevent anything bad from happening in the Future.

2599 days ago


Britney is a spoiled rotten brat and an idiot. Has been since she was a child working for Disney. Used to treat adults like crap. She's all about the attention. Any guy who is willing to spend the night with her better wonder what else he's walking away with afterwards. God only knows what she will give him. I hope he sees a doctor - fast.

2599 days ago


I cant wait to see one of these photogs get run over by a celebrity just trying to drive down the road. I hope there's a big pool of blood on the road for the other photogs to take pictures of. Maybe the photog could get caught underneath the car and be dragged down the road. Now thats a news story!

2599 days ago


bd, before you post again, learn english ... ask your mom to buy you a dictionatry and show you how to use it. your first project should be learning the difference between addict and attic ... then move on to learning the difference between "your" and "you're" .... keep trying, sonny, and you'll be ready to blog soon. good luck

2599 days ago
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