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Hef Gets Down with the Brown

8/8/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jurassic Playboy Hugh Hefner and nine of his nurses girlfriends hit the early bird special at West Hollywood restaurant Ketchup on Tuesday. Some fries with that little blue pill!?

The 81-year-old childlike zombie bachelor trailed behind, as his bevy of buxom bottle blondes (and two brunettes!) exited the eatery. For insurance purposes, shouldn't he be in a wheelchair?

Hef's 22-year-old "Girls Next Door" love Bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, can be heard commanding her concubine king to "Say hi to TMZ." It's unclear if Hef actually heard her.


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The King of the World    

Kendra, don't ever bark orders to your daddy again, you embarrassed him. Now you need to get very creative and make it up to him, quick like, and apologize. Daddy doesn't take orders from anyone love. I don't think you need to worry, because the love's there, but, don't ever embarrass him again.

2631 days ago


I love it! Thats what they are concubines! One step up from human trafficing and one step away from moving to UTAH and joining those Mormon sex-slaves!

2631 days ago


I watched the show one time and was creeped out because he was telling Kendras mom he wanted to see pictures of her when she was a kid! Isnt she young enough right now? It was just wierd to me!

2631 days ago


HUH???????? All the comments here (negative) are absolutely without substance! I have been to the playboy mansion and to be truthful, it ain't that great! Sure its exciting but all that fun dies out after a while. 99% of you have never met hef nor his girls so how could you make such cold assumptions???? I totally don't give a crap about defending them, in fact, I could care less about them but I do believe your put down in regards to Holly is silly! She is extremely sweet and down to earth and a bit of a hot head now since the whole tv show...but I still think she is the one who has the most potential out of all. Kendra is yes indeed a complete idiot, I would not give this girl the time of the day! Bridgitte is old and I don't see why hef keeps her around, maybe she is like a dog, he just got use to having her around after a while???

All of you who come on TMZ to write nonsese, atleast know what you are talking about and if you have met them, go ahead and give your 2 cents but if you have never met them, shut the hell up!

How can you judge someone you've never met????
I don't get it.

2631 days ago


Isn't it completely disrespectful to be rude about an American ICON (not celebrity) that has actually WORKED to get where he is? Disappointed today, not cool. I guess I am in the minority about thinking that there are just some people that deserve a certain amount of respect.

2631 days ago

Leaping Lizards    

I like the show and Kendra is my favorite. Admit it....she'd be the most fun to hang with!

2631 days ago


Actually, the show is pretty good. Not sure what Holly's deal is, as she wants his kid yet he's banging just about anything that walks...

Love Bridgette, she's the best. Total package...brains, can tell she knows the deal. The woman has it together and ya, Hef's got dough, but she could actually find a guy who might be faithful to her..

I like Kendra from the fact that she is as dumb as a doorknob and just too stupid to understand just how stupid she is...kinda her laugh too (among other things).

2631 days ago


Hef is a twit!

2631 days ago


Wow Frenchsurfergirl, if you are sticking up for Holly, Bridget, and Kendra because you know them....then who the hell needs enemies..Maybe your two cents should have been shut the hell up too. I have never meet them, I wish I could, but if I did I wouldn't say Bridgets old, Kendra's dumb, or Holly has a temper. Why don't YOU keep your nasty opinions to yourself?? Thank GOD I don't know you...I certainly wouldn't want you to stick up for me! You must have sun stroke, or water on the brain.

2631 days ago

yr not kiddin anyone    

Doesn't Bill Maher look like Hef's Mini Me?

2631 days ago


Hef's "Support Hose"? Really classy, TMZ...a very clever way of calling Hef's girlfriend "Ho's". What exactly makes them ho's? The fact that they're gorgeous & you don't have a chance in hell of getting in their pants?

It's clear that you're quite jealous of Hef, but is it necessary to insult him? If if weren't for him, you wouldn't be getting your jollies over Playboy magazines.

By the way...Bridgette from Girls Next Door has both a Bachelor's & Master's degree under her belt. To me, that makes her sexy & anything but a "ho".

2631 days ago


The thought of going to bed with this "old fart" grosses me out. These girls probably throw up after every sexual encounter.

2631 days ago


Glad to see a female in there with black hair for a change. Love Hef, buy that exclusive blond crap is discriminatory.

2630 days ago

know it all    

Heff is very well-preserved.
He does seem really out of it though.
LOL... how that bimbo was bossing him around.
I wonder if she feeds him, and spanks him when he poops his diaper.

2630 days ago


im in thiis video!!

im taking a picture with kendra!

ya : )

2523 days ago
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