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LiLo's Bodyguard Speaks Out

8/9/2007 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Underage sex and drinking, and wild fights with dad -- just a day in the life for Lindsay Lohan, says her former bodyguard. Tony Almeida worked for La Lohan from 2002 to 2005 and says the teen queen suffered from neglectful, abusive parents who saw Lindsay as a cash cow.

Almeida recounts a particularly nasty scene between Lindsay and dad Michael to In Touch. When Lindsay was 16, Michael freaked out while driving, "slammed on the brakes and dragged her out of the car, pushed her up against the hood, screamed at her and called her a slut. This was on the Long Island Expressway! I got in the middle of it and pulled him off."

According to the former guard, Dina would often let her daughter booze it up -- and hang out with boys unsupervised. When she was 15 her mother allowed her to spend the night in a hotel room with then-boyfriend Aaron Carter. "They knew Lindsay was sleeping in Aaron's room. But they seemed happy she had chosen somebody who could benefit her singing career."

J.Lo's Ex Must Pay Up

Jenny from the block won a legal decision against her first husband, Ojani Noa, preventing him from publishing a steamy tell-all book about their marriage, reports Us. Noa, who was married to J.Lo for less than a year -- from October 1997 to March 1998 -- was ordered to pay $544,814.21 for violating their marital settlement confidentiality agreement, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 6.

Noa had planned on publishing a book called "J.Lo and Me" but Lopez was able to get a restraining order and injunction against the book, claiming it was a violation of their divorce settlement, in which Noa agreed not to make "disparaging or negative statements" about Lopez.

Sexual Assault at Hef's Place?

Police launched an investigation into a possible sexual assault at the Playboy Mansion on Monday. The famous West L.A. mansion, where Playboy founder Hugh Hefner lives with a bevy of Playboy bunnies, and hosts countless wild parties and events each year.

Details of the case were not immediately released. Said L.A.P.D. rep Jason Lee, "for reasons of law and confidentiality that are critical in such investigations, no additional information will be released." Meanwhile, just read the articles.


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Number eight, you are a moronic twit and need to learn how to speak/type in English.

2598 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I feel kinda bad for Lindsay..It's not easy growing up with horrible parents.

2598 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

She abuses herself worse than anyone else could abuse her!

2598 days ago

Schnauzer Logic    

wasn't Tony Almedia that character on 24 played by Carlos
Bernard? moonlighting for La Lohan while trying to save the world from bio/eco/nucelo terrorists? see... you try to do too many things at once, and you wind up doing them all poorly!

2598 days ago


What the hell is with all the Amy Sedaris comments? Is she so desperate for attention that she has to have people come on the message boards and make stupid ass coments?

2598 days ago


Liho is washed up in Hollywierd. Her movies aren't even box office anymore cause she is a poor example for the teeny boppers. She needs to slither back where she came from,with mama liho right behind her. Lets hope she can be a mom to her other kids.

2598 days ago


Sorry number eight, that was meant for number 4 & 5. Whomever wrote comments number 4-5, you are a moronic twit. Learn how to speak English!

2598 days ago


It that is true about her parents then yea,I see why Lindsey did all this. And as for DzDawg, Yea the bodyguard sees her as money, Protecting her pays the bills. Her parents shouldn't look at her as a job.

2598 days ago

Get a Clue    

Skim, this has to be a well orchesrated PR stunt by Amy Sedaris' agent.

The goal in hi-jacking this blog is to get people curious on who she is to somehow raise her D-List profile.

My guess is it's one person paid to post all day under a barrage of aliases. This tactic is extremely pathetic and should tell you Ms. Sedaris's career is in the crapper.

Very lame.

2598 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Part of the problem with getting her parents out of her life is that she probably feels responsible for her siblings. If she doesn’t keep her Mom on her payroll as her manager, then her Mom will have to get another job which might not be able to support them.

2598 days ago

pay atention    

Sexual Assault at the Playboy mansion??? I thought sex is why you go there?? I wouldn't think that anyone would have to "assault" to get any at that place. I would think it's the party favor!!! I think if you offer a carrot the bunnies will perform.

2598 days ago


Jeez Activist!! - BUY A DICTIONARY, TAKE A WRITING CLASS! Your post makes you sound ignorant.

2598 days ago


Lindsay Story--It figures. The parents are both a piece of work. Is it any surprise? She's got some deep therapy to go through and maybe she can get some needed piece and quiet in of all places prison. She needs quality down time from everything.

J-Lo--- She always goes after people who get all into her business and start talking for dough. Noa should've known HE has to pay HER. I guess after her latest flop his 500,000 should come in handy.

Playboy Mansion--A server was assaulted? Was it some bunny who hauled off and slugged some guy getting too touchy? Or maybe some drunk guy who had a heavy tray wacking coming? Hmnmmmm.....

2598 days ago


Published: Aug 9, 2007 Email This | Print | Share | Related | Send A Tip

Hugh Hefner Playboy Mansion At Center Of Sexual Harrassment Complaint
by Staff

A waitress working Hef's Midsummer Night's Dream party Saturday night, an exclusive yearly event at the Playboy founder's mansion, is at the center of a sexual harrassment complaint filed after an incident at the party.

The waitress (server) said a former boyfriend was present at the party, and she had a restraining order against him. He allegedly tried to talk to her anyway, and subsequently had to be escorted off the property by security, Fox News reports.

2598 days ago


it was me I had to show Holly Madison what she was missing

2598 days ago
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