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Zahara to Play in Chicago

8/10/2007 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebutot Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt debuted an adorable new Minnie Mouse hairstyle today in Chicago, where she was accompanied by her mother, a humanitarian activist.
After a shopping spree at Timeless Toys, the international superstar wiped her nose as she was carried away.


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Her kids are always crying or looking really sad. I would be too, if that skank was my mom.

2639 days ago


Hey Maria -

Shut the F UP! And where's your proof that Angelina's the most hated woman in the US? And if you don't like her why do you know so much and even bother posting about her? Don't you have anything better to do? And I also find it very hard to believe that Angelina doesn't feel anything for Shiloh.

2639 days ago



2639 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

That Zahara looks like a mini Wanda Sikes if ever there were one!

2639 days ago


Lesbian husband stealer.

2639 days ago


Someday that girl is going to hate her mother

2639 days ago


Just when I thought grown folk could not be any dumber or sink any lower, you all start to make fun of an innocent toddler!!

U guys R truly P A T H E T I C!!

Angelina is better than all of you losers who'd make fun of a kid!!!!!!!!!!

2639 days ago

Good grief    


2639 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

I thought she was going to stay home form a year to take care of the kids, Ha Ha!!! She has been everywhere but home. These kids are no better off going all over the world. Kids need a home and they need to stay home and be a family and get married like a family. She needs to eat something.

2639 days ago


There is no need to idolize or demonize this woman, as I'm quite sure none of us know her. I don't understand the negative comments about adoption. These orphans are living in third world countries with little hope. They are surrendered to orphanages. None of this is condusive to exceptional, or even good, child developement. Get educated. Stop with the rascism and stereotypes. Ms. Jolie and her partner have chosen to grow their family this way. News flash, so have alot of other non-celeb families. And they don't care if people think they are wierd. What people think is not their motivation. That being said, if you are adopting a child who is black, learn about their needs and their culture. Black hair is not white hair, by any stretch of the imagination. But the love for a black child----especially girls----is manifest thru the care of their hair. Fact of life, PC or not.

2639 days ago


Sorry to say but some babies are ugly and that is one good example. Maybe that is why "mother Angelina" took her in since nobody else would of. With that look.

2639 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

Yes it would be nice to be adoptedby people that are rich, but why is it that they have such a wonderful home that they don't stay in to raise these kids where they can fell like they have a home instead of staying in Hotels all over the world. It seems such a shame that they don't use that house. I would want to stay home if I had a house like that, would you? They also need to get married if they are going to stay together. Maybe thats why they haven't get yet, they are not sure.

2639 days ago


Leave and Angelina and the Z alone! For Christ sakes Z is a baby, innocent and oblivious of what is going on around her and being said about her. I agree she is going to have a wonderful life as Angie clearly adores her and her other children as well. As for Angie....have none of you ever made mistakes? Do spend your time and give generous donations to others in need? She could not have been with Brad in anyway if he was not willing. So look at your ownselves...yeah I'm've never done anything considered "bad" in your life....ah ...but you are not in the public eye...r u?

2639 days ago


If bashing babies is so offensive to some of you, I guess you must REALLY hate that crazy Angie bashes her own biological baby all the time. She called Shiloh a "blob" many times and she allows her adopted child to torment Shiloh on a regular basis, which Angelina finds entertaining, which is aiding and abetting the abuse of her own biological child! Crazy Angie is a seriously mentally disturbed woman who should not be allowed to be alone with Shiloh at all. Brad should do something, but he won't, because he is a coward. Crazy Angie promised Brad she would stay home and raise the children, but she hasn't been home at all since she made that promise. She keeps making movies that people won't go see, and she is already making another one right on the heels of the failure of "A Mighty Heart." People do not like crazy Angie, she has proven herself to be a freak and a phony and a terrible mother to her own biological child, and her movies will just jeep tanking. But, crazy Angie hates being home with Brad and the kids, so she will just keep making these cinematic bombs so she doesn't have to spend much time at home. Meanwhile, Brad tries to keep the family together by following crazy Angie all over the world, and the kids have no idea where "home" actually is as they are carted around to one daycare after another. Brad wants to live in Malibu, but crazy Angie is too good for the United States, and she won't live here. So this flesh-cutting freak has made Brad miserable, and Shiloh is treated like garbage by her own mother who boasts about it in interviews, and Brad does nothing.

TMZ, these photo-ops of crazy Angie holding kids is getting pathetic. The truth about how crazy Angie treats Shiloh is too public to ignore, and the fact that crazy Angie keeps making movies back to back year after year proves she isn't a devoted wife and mother at all.

Crazy Angie is finished, and all these phony PR photos won't get people to go see this creepy woman's movies. She is through, the truth is out about deranged Angie because SHE admitted so much horrible stuff about herself in interviews. Now Brad needs to get Shiloh away from this cruel woman or Shiloh will grow up as messed up as her mother, and Z will grow up being a nasty bully because of being allowed to torment poor little Shiloh! This demented family makes the Adams Family look like Ozzie and Harriet.

2639 days ago


Why does this child never smile? I have only seen Angelina carrying Shiloh once. I see several therapy sessions in her future. Of course, she is "just a blob." Wait till she reads that some day. I have nothing nice to say about this woman. She hated her father for cheating on her mother, yet she steals (and you will never convince me otherwise) another woman's husband. Team Jenn here! And how long is she going to continue to carry these kids? She might as well be still nursing them and changing their diapers, too. I am mostly talking about Maddox. That kid always has a crappy look on his face. And he was the one who supposibly fell in love with Brad (please be the daddy I don't have because my mommy can't hold a man). Here's a word to you Angelina Husbandstealer Jolie-the children have legs (wow, two of them!) and can walk on their own. Another piece of advice- don't hate your father for the same mistake you have made. You better get down on your hands and knees and be grateful Jenn Aniston has been as close-mouthed as she has. Most women would kick your ass.

2639 days ago
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