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Fifty Loses His Change

8/11/2007 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper/Kanye West frenemy Fifty Cent flew off the handle this week after the furious Fiddy found out that a new video of his was leaked to the web -- and the rapper thinks it was an inside job at Interscope.

The video, intended drop in October, is for a song called "Follow My Lead," and features a collaboration with white hot crooner Robin Thicke.

When Fifty -- real name Curtis Jackson -- found out about the leak, he freaked out and allegedly told Interscope execs that he refused to do promo for his new record "Curtis," which drops on September 11. The irate Mr. Cent then went on a destructive rampage, according to Miss Info, ripping a 70-inch plasma screen TV off the wall and throwing his phone straight through the window of his executive office.

Fiddy refuses to contact anyone from the label and Interscope's now doing damage control, and rescheduling the rapper's public appearances.


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He's a moron, maybe he should go back to the streets and get shot up so he doesn't further ruin society

2593 days ago


Alas !
Another Crazed American African !!!

2593 days ago

just being objective    

Wow... for someone going for the tough "gangster" image he certainly is as emotional, whiny and girlish about this as a thirteen year old girl getting dumped by her tenth grade boyfriend because of the age difference.

Newsflash, 50 -- if your video is any good in the first place, it will make money. If it doesn't make any money, it isn't because of a leak, it's because it sucks.

2593 days ago


This is all pa-motional hype.

Homey ain't falling for dis shizzle.


2593 days ago


Good god. Put the brat in the corner until he finishes his temper tantrum. He's acting like he's the only person to ever have anything leaked to the press.

2593 days ago


Both are pain in the butt losers and this is a lame gimmick to make them seem exciting and appealing again... k?

2593 days ago

Team Kim    

What a jerk....he needs to grow up, nice example for your fans moron.

2593 days ago

one makes a difference    

I think its all trash. Who cares, stuff like that happens all the time. Whether it some rocker, pop star or athlete its cleat that enabling the youth with money and power corrupts thier core if they are not properly grounded and armed with the intelligence and wisdom they need to avoid all of the perils that they'll be subjected to, usually by manipulative people who claim to care about them. I'm just surprised at the response this particular eruption evokes from everyday people. It seems that I'm surrounded by more closest bigots and racists than I wanted to believe. Thank you.. all of you punk white, latin and especially black haters, and anyone else who is a chump punk racist.. I cant believe the quotes I've read on this site.." go back to africa"..give me a frickin break!!!!

2593 days ago

Mr. Black    

This is why you don't to crack, everybody.

2593 days ago

Too annoyed    

Maybe the leak was something more of a problem to him than he realized...after all this man has put his career on the line. For those that keep commenting about who cares, obviously you do because you are commenting on the situation. But the racist name calling is not called for, it only shows your ignorance. By the way, since you go out of your way to be racist, then maybe secretly you do like 50 and West.

2593 days ago


Just a few things to am truly disappointed with TMZ allowing such ignorance to be posted by its' readers regardless of who it might be about. There is 'never' a need to include racial slurs to stress a point or share ones' opinion. And two...for those of you that actually took the time to write out such ignorance, you are the epitomy of what these little promotional trysts are all about. So go on and keep runnin' your mouth.

2593 days ago


This should be a racial thing..we're talking about people and 50 cent is nothing but a thug who was lucky enough to get a break and make something of his seems to me he doesn't appreciate the gift he was given. To behave the way he has and does is just spoiled and childlike....he needs to grow up and behave like a man.

2593 days ago

White America    


Why do you continue to allow these racist remarks? For the most part it really shows how ignorant we are as a nation. Supposely the greatest country in the world, however, we act as though the civil war just ended. I gather most of your readers are young, and there lies the problems. People, grow up and move forward. The only thing you are doing is passing down hatred....for waste more time hatting each other. Focus your attention on the government. Pretty soon none of you will have rights to even voice your opinion in a public forum.

2593 days ago


Obviously, Akbari Ali Ajca and TJ are simple minded and ignorant. Racial slurs are for the weak-minded and those who are not smart enough to have anything intelligent to say on a matter.

2593 days ago

Too annoyed    

Why do people tell Blacks to go back to Africa? Can anyone tell me when they first LEFT Africa?
It is not about Blacks being offended, but by racists who keep bringing up unfounded stories and having superior attitudes. We are all the same, some are just darker than others, and for those that want to be darker, they tan.
So get over it.

2593 days ago
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