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K-Fed Going Commando on Brit

8/13/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineKevin Federline's so serious about getting custody of his Britboys that he actually hired an ex-Israeli commando to serve Britney's cousin-assistant Alli Sims and former boytoy J.R. Rotem with papers.

The New York Daily News reports that Aaron Cohen, described as a "security expert," was dispatched by the K-lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan to hunt down Sims and Rotem while they partied at a Hollywood Hills soiree at 2:30 am – while Britney played inside. "Cohen knows his stuff," says a source to the News. "If Alli were a terrorist, she would have been taken down."

Francis to Hef – Get My Back, Biatch!

"Girls Gone Wild" porntrepreneur Joe Francis is whining that he's been "forgotten" by Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner, even though he claims to be in a similar legal pickle that Hef found himself more than four decades ago.

"It's sad how quickly [Hef] forgets," says Joe to Page Six, while he whiles away his days in Washoe County Jail in Reno, Nev., unable to leave for fear of getting picked up by Florida authorities. Hef, of course, was arrested back in 1963 on obscenity charges for publishing pictures of Jayne Mansfield.

Hef, for his part, told Larry King back in May, "I'm not a fan, because I think it's [exploitative], and I don't think he's a very nice guy."

Bag It Like Beckham?

David Beckham – the L.A. Galaxy's $50 million man -- has played a grand total of 18 out of 270 minutes in his first two official games in the MLS, and it looks like his debut in the U.S.' biggest market – New York – might be a big dud as well.

Becks' gimpy left ankle "swelled up" on the flight out east, says the Daily News, which is why he sat out last night's match against the New England Revolution. But the 50,000 New York fans who have bought tickets for the Galaxy's match this Saturday might have an unpleasant surprise in store if that ankle doesn't heal up.

Party Favors: Magic for Hillary ... Clapton's Baby Mama Revenge-Fling with Harrison ... "Rush Hour 3" Speeds to Top of Box Office

Oprah, meet Magic. Barack Obama might have the support of Oprah Winfrey, but Magic Johnson's going to bat – or the rack? -- for Hillary Clinton, says the L.A. Times. He's going to be hosting a fundraiser for her at his pad on Sept. 14, just six days after Oprah's for Hillary. ... Lory Del Santo – the mother of Eric Clapton's son Conor, who fell to his death from a New York high-rise – says she had a dalliance with George Harrison just three months after Conor died, poignant since guitar god Clapton stole Harrison's wife Patti Boyd decades before. ... "Rush Hour 3" made $50 million at the box office this weekend, topping Jason Bourne's $33 million take. Brett Ratner reigns. We weep.


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FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2629 days ago

That's a cool story.

Magic's getting

2629 days ago



2629 days ago

Susan Confusion    

Oprah's fundraiser is for Obama, not Clinton...a typo, I guess.

2629 days ago


when you do irresponsible things, you suffer the consequences, whether K-Fed was right or wrong to serve papers, ex-commando or no, the reason she got served is because Britney is way out of control with her life, and she is getting the results back now. ironically Alli enables her through her addictions, Alli needs Alanon, lol! now Britney is getting her consequences of her actions through her enabler cousin. Britney's life is unmanageable. just like that girls wild guy is suffering the consequences of his actions, in the second story.

2629 days ago

John Denver Rules    

David Beckham is a joke. I think it's hilarious he has turned into such a dud on the field. What a waste of money!! 250 million? How many kids in Africa could have been fed & sheltered for that kind of money. Or better yet how many homeless Americans could have been helped. The Galaxy should be ashamed. Go back to England you over rated moron. Soccer sucks!

2629 days ago

Hope this does not become a pattern for Beck...he has a lot to prove.

2629 days ago


so david beckman go out partying, attend events all in his honor, go shopping, make sure he is seen with all the actors so everyone knows just how important and amazing he thinks he is, yet...........when it comes to doing his job, "my ankle hurts". PLEASE!!!!! looks like the brits gave us their reject!!!! i bet they are laughing there butts off going, geeze can you believe the money they are paying out@@@ hee hee hee

2629 days ago


KFed is just after Brits money!!!

2629 days ago


Whether K-Fed is after Brit-ho's kids for money or not, who cares! He should clean her out for acting like skank. She knows she can do whatever she wants, because she has money. People need to stop buying her dirty smelly perfume and c.d's so it can really get her where it hurts!!!

2629 days ago


Correction: K-Fed has Britney's money - for life. And he's going to get more as time goes on. This creep is now a multi-millionaire.

2629 days ago


Alli isn't going to say that Britney is a bad mom who is drinking and drugging around her kids so K-Fed is just wasting his time. They are cousins and best friends so It's a bunch of ado about nothing.

2629 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Yes Becks should stay at home when he's injured..Home being the UK!!

2629 days ago


David Beckham is as worthless as his stupid, pig-nosed, no talent wife. They need to go back where they came from.

2629 days ago


Becks commented that his ankle became aggitated again because of all the flying. so yes........stay the F* home and recover if need be!!! what a freakin waste!!!!

2629 days ago
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