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The Cruises Go Knuts for Knut

8/13/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leading the pack through the Berlin Zoo yesterday was baby Suri, obligingly programmed by parents Tom and Katie to HAPPY WALK mode. She had plenty of cuteness competition from the Zoo's most famous resident, Knut, the polar bear.

The legal alien trio strolled through the zoo, attempting to appear as oblivious as possible to paps with that Frozen Thetan Grin©. No word if any sudden moves were made.

The group is in Germany while the third Mrs.Cruise's husband films that Hitler movie. Macht nichts!


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Lawd Katie looks like a zombie!

2539 days ago


This is another one like Ricky martin that needs to come out of the Closet!

2539 days ago


A Lovely family trying to enjoy a day with their precious daughter..If everyone could be as family oriented as the Cruises what a wonderful world it would be..AND might I add, that all scientology related couples seem to be happier and most of all have a tight family unit.

2539 days ago


leave them alone already, suri looks like a cute, precocious baby!!! katie is a bit scary looking and is tom choking her???

2539 days ago


They look like phony freaks starving for attention....
Make them go away. Fly them into orbit where he can find his true leader.

2539 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey #5, you mean being married 3 times is all america? or the leaving your wife and kids and breaking up kate and chris klein ? yep, that sound like it to me!

2539 days ago


Isn't the hag in the lower left of the photo frame their Scientology 'monitor'?
The one who shadows Katie to teach her 'correctly'?

2539 days ago


It's amazing that she can't go anywhere without Scientology freaks following her every move. It's digusting. She's an idiot.

2539 days ago


All you Tom and Katie haters- Dont be jealous that they have the perfect life, perfect marriage and beautiful kids...They earned it!

2539 days ago


To: Fat and dumb with Skid marks ( aka..MCNASTY)

Like the saying goes..3rd times a charm and if any person can break up a marriage or a couple..then the pair was never meant to be cause remember Love conqors ALL and I bet Katie and Tom will be together forever..

Now go wash your A&& McNasty!

2539 days ago


why does your writing have to be so mean spirited and nasty? you're not funny. just pathetic.

2539 days ago


wow. it would really suck if i couldn't just enjoy my privacy going to the zoo.
they seem happy, i hope they make it. Suri is a beautiful child, looks just like her pretty mama. Tom deserves to be happy...anyone who disses this family is JEALOUS.

also, thanks Katie for giving me the idea for a beautiful ring--I had your engagement ring copied and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever owned and people compliment me every day!! it makes me, where did you get those earrings in VF? lol.

enjoy your bliss Tomkat clan~

2539 days ago


photo op photo op photo op. Did they simply zoom through the zoo to have a few pictures taken on a "family outing"???????? Because they don't appear to be stopping to look at anything. Someone predicted there would be a blitz of them until his Nov release date, and I would have to agree. Daily "shopping" trips with Suri, flying to empty fields in Burberry, high heels and suits for...........what was the reason for that again?????

2539 days ago


what's wrong with a photo op? These people live in a different world than we do..What's the difference between what they do to promote a movie and what any good salesman does? Or even how low TMZ will stoop to post good gossip (which I love them for, BTW :)
Maybe they look like that b/c a camera is always on them and they know a stupid story like this one will caption it?

y'all just sound jealous.

2539 days ago


jealous of WHAT???? Of not having a minute of privacy. Of having it be the norm for your kid to be waving and blowing kisses at papazzari? Having your every move scrutinized and analyzed every time you step out the door, and continuing til you're behind closed doors???

OH, and lets not forget the biggest thing, going without s e x because you've sold your soul for money and fame and to get that you married a f a g????

2539 days ago
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