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What K-Fed Really Wants from Britney

8/13/2007 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline tell TMZ $$$$ may really be at the heart of the tussle over the kids.

As we first reported, K-Fed is going back to court asking for more custody of the kids. Federline just agreed to a 50/50 split. Then, he turned around almost immediately and filed papers asking for 70/30. So why such a sudden change of heart?

It's puzzling that Kevin is suddenly alarmed, given that he's had absolutely no contact with Spears for almost three months. In fact, we're told she's begging him to communicate because of parenting issues but he won't play ball.

That brings us to the paperwork Federline filed. Sources say there are declarations from Kevin, both of his lawyers, Kevin's nanny and a nanny who interviewed with Britney in October, 2006, before the couple separated. In the papers, Federline's lawyer also included various magazine articles about Britney. Legal experts say good luck getting that into evidence.

Alli Sims, Britney's cousin, was served over the weekend. Kevin's lawyer wants to take her deposition. Now here's what's telling. Federline's lawyer also wants to take Britney's depo, but a source connected with Alli says the deposition notice Britney received is all financial -- in other words, the references are all about money, not the kids.

So does K-Fed want more custody just so he can get more cash? A Federline source says it's all about the kids and not money. Federline wants Britney under oath talking about whether she drinks and how she parents the kids.

Oh, and by the way: Kev's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking that Britney pay his legal fees for the hearing and preparation -- and that they're in the six figures.


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Does anyone involved care about those kids? Britney's acting freakin nuts... And if all Kevin wants is money, who actually cares about the kids? They're going to have a hard time growing up if both of their parents aren't acting like adults themselves.

2596 days ago

Annonymous -    

I honestly think that this whole court order would be live on televison, I want to see if this is really true or not / parenting skills, yea we make mistakes on our part were not all perfect but taking the kids away is a silly thing over - bastard out of hell all he cares about his himself and the money, he doesnt care one thing - britney if you think that he is going to get away with murder with this, you better hire someone to kill him or your life is over with

2596 days ago


I just Britney would concentrate on raising her children rather than her career.

2596 days ago

Hop Off    

Kevin is a lazy bum who sees his kids as a welfare check.

Britney is not perfect and needs dome guidance but at least I genuinely believe she loves her kids. They're just a means to an end for this professional sperm donor!

And asking Brit to pay for the legal bills? She really is crazy if she goes for that one!

2596 days ago

Kim Ford    

Your article would be convincing if there was not concrete proof that Brittany Spears is out of control. Has anyone done a drug test on Brittany, if I were Kevin I would demand it. In fact, I would hire a private detective to prove it. Brittany has dug her own ditch. There are consequences for bad behavior and bad parenting. Her consequences are going to be expensive.

2596 days ago


what a effin loser;CPS hasn't taken their kids because they're more worried about yours, you KFC eatin, welfare check collectin, 3 kids with 3 men havin train wreck piece of crap.

2596 days ago


it kinda funny how britney fans say not to believe everything you read when it bad press for britney but when it's bad press for k-fed they believe it completely and wholeheartedly.

Hypocrisy at it's finest.

2596 days ago

Team Jon    

Come on her children’s teeth a rotten and their not even 3 years old yet witch means she doesn’t brush their teeth. If that’s not child neglect then I don’t know what is. I have a 3-year-old child that drinks from a sippy cup and I brush her teeth twice a day because she drinks a lot of juice.

2596 days ago


From what my experience in all of this tells me is that Kevin is only asking for a Financial Affidavit from Britney......and HELLO that is typical, normal, and pretty much mandatory - on BOTH sides. I've filled several of these out over the last 3-1/2 years and I'm a custodial parent. Also, it's typical that legal fees are requested by the other party, but it's up to the judge. Basically, it doesn't hurt to ask............I've asked for it myself and did not get it.
I don't fault Kevin for either point and I don't believe it's all for $$ just because he did..........

2596 days ago

Blah blah blah    

You would have to be a complete idiot not to realize that it is all about money. Have you heard anything about him trying to get 70/30 custody split with Shar Jackson? Has he ever seen the children he had with her?

2596 days ago

Hop Off    

K-Fed could get a job instead of asking Britney to bankroll his attempts to use his kids as ATM's.

She is obviously bi-polar and needs professional help; giving her kids to a man so he can profit off them is beyond pathetic. I hope her motherly instincts kick in and she puts the screws to him.

2596 days ago


These girl's made their bed's ..Now sleep in them in... If she wasn't afraid to give her depo...why the drama???? I would be happy to give a depo on my friends, if they didn't have something to hid..People that have NOthing to hide, Hide Nothing!

2596 days ago


Sorry guys I got a little carried away with myself.
I would soooo let K-Fed "do me"
and make me his little dirty sanchez

2596 days ago

what the eff?    

ok.......all of a sudden kevin wants to be viewed as father of the year, but we have already seen him abandon his 1st family for the money. it's been obvious from day 1 that he was a gold digger, and i hope his baby-momma#1 gets him for all he gets from brit. Char Jackson deserves it!

2596 days ago


"You can't have it both ways, people." It's not both ways, they are 2 completely different things. A gold-digger, usually referred to a woman, but as in this case, some men as well, is a person who marries a wealthy person for their money. And if they have kids, they'll also use them to get more money out of their ex after a divorce.

A dead-beat parent, is the parent who of refuses to take their share of the responsibility for their children. It' s usually a dead-beat father, but there are also dead-beat mothers. They either skip town or just refuse to pay towards caring for their kids, leaving the other parent (or the state) to take care of them completely themselves, along with all the other things involved in raising children. And dead-parents also affect taxpayers who have to pay whenever the police are involved in tracking their sorry a**ses down. And then we have to pay even more in expenses if they end up throwing the dead-parent in jail for refusing or unable to pay back and/or current support.

The one thing the gold-digger and the dead-parent share in common, is how it affects the children.

2596 days ago
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