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Lohan Sued:

Cops Had "Guns Drawn" After Chase

8/14/2007 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who says she was in the car Lindsay Lohan was chasing the night she was arrested for her second DUI has sued the troubled actress, saying Lohan "put me through one of the most frightening experiences of my life."
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According to the suit, Tracie Rice was in the SUV driven by Michelle Peck, the mother of LiLo's former assistant. Rice says she "was convinced that their lives were in danger and that they had to outrun the pursuing car or they might be killed." The night of the incident, Rice claims Peck was so terrified at being chased by Lohan that she drove through a barricade and into the parking lot near the Santa Monica Police Station. Rice says she jumped out of the Cadillac Escalade and ran toward police officers and saw a woman, who turned out to be Lohan, run from another SUV toward her. "Police officers approached all of them with guns drawn," the suit said.

The suit was filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court. She's suing LiLo for intentional infliction of emotional distress, and also seeks unspecified damages and payment of medical and other expenses.

As TMZ first reported, three men in the car with Lindsay that night say she commandeered a car and took them hostage.


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maybe if theycan't hit her in the head, they can hit her in the wallet! The girl has to be held accountable sometime, maybe this will work

2628 days ago


Give her a break, these people are only out for money.

2628 days ago


I don't blame the woman at all, she didn't need that drug addict chasing her down.
living in LA you truly are under stress in that situation not knowing who it is hunting you down or why.
TMZ the boys never said Lohan took them "hostage". Those boys were intimidated by a celebrity and Lohan was full aware of that & took full advantage.

2628 days ago


thank God FU is back! I always appreciate his input! He brings so much to the party!

2628 days ago


Too bad we are going to have to wait longer. The August 24th court date is going to get postponed because Lindsay is in rehab.

The judge will let this happen as long as she stays in there. So if she does 90 days, then it might be awhile before the court hearing.

2628 days ago


LL, you go get all the help you need. God Bless and don't worry about all the rude, mean things people say. You do what's best for you.

You will come out of this stronger and a better person, trust me.

Have Failth

2628 days ago


Rehab hasn't changed her so let them sue her sorry ass. I wish she would get locked up and we wouldn't have to hear anything more from her ever again. Those people were probably scared out of their minds thinking they would be killed. Take her away and her stupid mother too, Please!!!!!!!

2628 days ago


Well.. Lindsay's lying and fooling herself she can manage her craziness is a major story. She needs long term jail and mental help locked away from society.. and she damn well deserves it if she is ever going to get clean, sane and grow up. YOU got to pen her away and keep her from her addictions apparently.. , too many freaky imaginations become real to her, and the quick to anger and strike out like a rabid dog is growing stronger. Playing as if she is a gangster bully, car-jacking and speeding around after people she wants to obey her while, putting the passengers, the public and they terrified prey in great danger., while high was the brick wall with cops facing her guns drawn.. The last criminal action of your bizarre free life proves you are completely unreasonable and YOU ARE Completely INSANE and untrustworthy, and all those in charge of you.. the adult aides, whom said you were okay.. allowed you means to illegal drugs, alcohol and any chance to live a promisciously with and no rules, until you grew up were only using you, benefiting from your stupidity.. and should be arrested too..

2628 days ago


ummmm...wasn't this lady yelling to the cops "he's chasing...." And why wouldn't the cops draw their guns when 2 cars obviously out of control flying into a police department? You never once hear this lady state in fact that "Lindsay Lohan is chasing us" or reference a "she".

We need to be thankful that Lindsay is layinglo............

2628 days ago


29. Give her a break, these people are only out for money.

Posted at 3:51PM on Aug 14th 2007 by Paris

And what was Lindsay out for when she chased them all over town after ranting at them like a psycho? She would have scared me, too!

2628 days ago


Gee people chill out.

GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK. No one is perfect.
She needs help and is getting it and will come out better and stronger, but as far as her mother, she needs to step back, before she ruins her other children.
Lindsey is sorry and regrettful of the things that have happened, let her find her inter peace.

2628 days ago


Damnit, why didn't they shoot!

And the funny part is, she is not in jail why? So let em get this straight. She basically stole, or car jacked a car with a few people in it, did a high speed pursuit, wreckless driving, public endangerment, dui. And theirs more, but she is touring the country and a free person who is camping out in a rehab hoping it saves her from jail time?


Ok, so next time I chase after someone in a highspeed pursuit, drunk, endangering everyone on any public roads, etc. I also should expect to walk out of jail and go do whatever?

Lets see if Lohan can kill herself without screwing that one up like she did with her so called career of bad movies, just make sure you don't take and worth while people out with you, thanks!


2628 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I am sure it was a frightening experience but to sue Lindsay Lohan is just plain
ridiculous, THEY JUST WANT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they had been hurt, it would
have been one thing, people have seen and been through worst, they have all gone
on with their lives.
Peck and Rice should get jobs if they need the money. America is a sue happy
country and these people have not been that traumatized. LOW LIFES!!!!!!!!

2628 days ago


How would her or any of her people remember anything that night? The girl is always high. This is just a way to divert the negative attention from Lohan, and a way to strong-arm the prosecutors office from putting her ass in jail. They figur if they sue the county, then they will back-off. I cant stand her even more now. This space cadet will never take responsibility for her actions, and I doubt she will ever clean up her act.

2628 days ago

too sad    

if she wasn't driving then why is she in rehab now ?

it seems like an admission of guilt go to rehab.

anyone who has ever had l.a.p.d or s.m.p.d
draw guns on them would know how
frightening it is........

i would sue someone!

2628 days ago
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