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Two Hitters, One Party

8/14/2007 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before he smacked a TMZ cameraman, photog baiter (and supposed race baiter) Brad Garrett hit a Las Vegas nightclub this weekend and got down with all sorts of black people -- including Brandy!?

Despite her heartache -- and legal headaches -- over that fatal car accident last year, we're told the chanteuse had a table dancing good time with a few of her famous friends, including hoop hero Jermaine O'Neal, at JET Nightclub at the Mirage. The DJ even cranked out a few old-school Brandy hits -- "What About Us," anyone?

As for the slap happy Garrett, he couldn't have been happier either -- we hear he went with his Brad self and rocked some moves with some young hot Vegas talent. Too bad he didn't let his swinging (arm) stay in Vegas.


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Brandy is so wrong! I know if I had killed someone by my negligence, I wouldnt feel like partying for many,many years.

How come Paris goes to jail for a D.U.I, and Brandy get nothing for yacking on her cell-phone, and driving too fast- thus murdering someone?

2626 days ago


'All kinds of black people' why would that even been an issue? That is a Very racist statement and totally not cool. This is not the first time I've seen such ignorance on this site. Not blatent, but close too it. It's 2007 and still we have white people who feel superior to others for no obvious reasons. The author of that article should be fired Unless TMZ is supportive of that type of behavior?!?!?
Anyway Guys how long is Brandy suppose to stay in hiding because of an accident? She can't punish herself for the rest of her life and neither should you.

2626 days ago


Numbe 12 . . . what SHOULD she be doing?

2626 days ago


"Got down with all sorts of black people????"

Whoever wrote this post should be fired. Better yet, fire all your sucky writers on staff and get some new blood in there that actually know how to write snarky and funny without offending people.

Man TMZ, you get worse and worse everyday.

2626 days ago


lol # 10

2626 days ago


Why does he look so angry? is he a drunk?
and TMZ I think I hear Al's little shiny shoes coming down the hall way lmao

2626 days ago


# 36
TMZ has never claimed to be a journalism site lol. As for TMZ promoting racism? TMZ does not promote it, It is a fact of life and it's been around sense Jesus walked the earth. There has always been racism of some sort. Always will be. someone made a error when writting the artical but it does not warrent over reaction by those waiting on pins and neddles for a cause and crutch to hang on to.

2626 days ago


Here we go the Libs are going to jump on a sentance and attempt to stir up a hurricane.
They wont be happy until this site is gone
If TMZ insults anyone they really have the right to click on out of here.
I'm sure the writer of the article did not intend for the words to sound racist and just may need to be a little more careful. End of drama.

2626 days ago


I have stayed out of the Brandy cross fire because I am waiting to see the results from the prosecutors office and their decision on the matter..some are saying it was just an accident but that has not been determined yet legally. Through your neglect you can cause that accident, Such as talking on a phone and running over a child. You didn't intend to run over that child but you did know you were not paying 100 percent attention to the responsibility of driving.

2626 days ago


Por Que..????????

I am The REAL: just me..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2626 days ago


Brandy should be dancing on tables - in prison. Homicidal, crazy driver - she killed an innocent person, people. I would be unable to live with myself had I done something like that. She appears completely unaffected by the distress she has caused with her negligence.

2625 days ago


I agree with #41. Just wait & see the results.

2625 days ago


Why did you have to mention that he hangs out with all types of black people? As if that is a bad thing that he is around others of another race. That was quite ignorant. But then again look at what you do for a living anyway.

2625 days ago


Hey,Brandy was there that night because there was was a celebrity poker tourney at the Mirage that afternoon. There were alot of basketball players old and new as well. Brad Garrett was part of it too. Many other celebrities as well. I have photos to prove it. I was at the tourney as well as Jet that night.

2625 days ago


All of the celebrities that were there were very nice and behaved as well as they should have.

2625 days ago
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