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First Pics of Lindsay in Utah

8/15/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these pictures of a smiling and happy Lindsay Lohan as she takes a break from rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Orem, Utah.

The actress walked around the town yesterday, took in the gorgeous scenery and hit up Beaches Tanning Center before making her way back to the Lodge. We're told that Lindsay bought a $20 spray-on tan from Beaches, in addition to several more $16 tans. Lindsay was "very nice" to the folks there.

We're told she went to the mini mall to work out at the Gold's Gym, which is contracted out by Cirque. The Tanning Center is right next door.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has been a "model patient" in rehab and is currently working on her sobriety at the world-renowned Mormon facility.

You go, girl.


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Why is she smiling? Hasn't she heard she is in serious trouble with the law? I guess celebs live in denial.

2593 days ago

George Bush Hates Freedom    

You Go Girl?!? So Trying to kill people by chasing them through the streets of santa monica, getting caught with blow, showing the world that your an A-hole, then fleeing the scene of the criime to do a fake stint in rehab (again) is worth cheering according to TMZ. The pople at this website have their heads uyp their a$$es. This biatch does not deserve to be cheered her a$$ should be in jail. I realize this is an entertainment website (and it is entertaining) but come on, you're insulting the intelligence of your readers.

2593 days ago


yast's you Curtis!

2593 days ago


Eye am zurprised to zee she has three breasts.

2593 days ago


I wonder what color panties she's wearing?

2593 days ago


a mormom rehab center....i thought mormons don't drink so what could they possible know about recovery. please spare me the pontification about smoking....chances are you drink, over eat or have some other vice that someone could judge you over.

2593 days ago


Her dress, wasn't she wearing that same dress a few months ago when she was out partying with Kim Kardashian, I swear that's the exact same black dress.

I really, really, really want to see Lindsay Lohan succeed, and get through all this crap and become someone great. I think she's got the It factor, but she surrounds herself with absolute trash losers and has the incredible misfortune to have utterly ridiculous parents...

2593 days ago


This B is crazy like she doesn't have a care in the world....

2593 days ago


Just get it over with already LIHO. JESUS. NO ONE CARES......

2593 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

My grandparents are buried in Orem.

Nice, decent people live in Orem.

Please, get that drunken slag out of Utah asap!

2593 days ago


I hope she comes out OK, I'm very concerned for her!

2593 days ago


These "celebrity spa" rehab places are a joke. They are money grubbing businesses charging celebrities a fortune. Their success rate is a joke as most relapse and have to return over and over. (but that is good business for the rehab places...more money to make!) What sort of effective rehab allows patients to go and get a tan, smoke cigarettes and pretty much just be on an extended holiday? She still hasn't a clue what the real world is all about and will never be happy in life with all that pampering. Lindsay Lohan is nothing more than a spoiled brat, seeking constant attention and without a clue what happiness truly is. TMZ...PLEASE spare us anymore photos of Lindsay, Paris, Britney and the rest of the spoiled, trashy Hollywood crowd who have no brains or class and are not role models for anyone!

2593 days ago

Bored with them all    

This is a joke, a rehab where you get out to go to the tanning salon. Glad to see that she has her priorities straight (NOT!) God forbid she goes without her tanning dose, which is just another addiction, along with the cigarettes. You can just tell from the look on her face that this rehab stint is going to be a complete failure.

2593 days ago


People! She knows she is in rehab! Yes smoking is a bad habit, but they can't give up everything at once. She's not in prison, so she is allowed out once in a while. Give her a break and let her get healthy. She will face the consequences when the time comes. Try living your life in the public eye, and then you'll at least have an inkling how she feels. My my, we are a judgmental group, aren't we?

2593 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

Plenty of people live in the public eye and they don't behave like this drunkie! Save the BS!

2593 days ago
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