It's Raining "Umbrella" Covers!

8/15/2007 2:46 PM PDT
It's the undisputed summer song of 2007, so it was only a matter of time until "Umbrella" got the "My Humps"/Alanis Morissette treatment. This time, the refreshing remix comes courtesy of that fresh-faced Mandy Moore.

Pepsi Smash has put together a series of covers for their website, including Rihanna's take at "Redemption Song," a Daughtry stab at "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and Bowling for Soup, who tackle Fergie's "London Bridge." While they're all fun, it's Moore's haunting cover of the Barbadian's hit that TMZ staffers have found to be hella (ella ella eh eh eh) good. (A similar cover on MySpace from singer Scott Simon is just as entertaining.)

Moore's no veteran to stripping down a pop uber-hit -- she did the same thing to her own saccharine "Candy," gutting out a bluesy version during her live shows.