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Britney Gets Her Freak On with New Dude

8/16/2007 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought Britney was scraping the bottom of the douche barrel when she was with K-Fed, you were wrong.

Cameras caught Britney bobbin' and weavin' her way into the Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills at 4 am this morning with do-rag-under-crooked-hat-sportin' "Mindfreak" star Criss Angel. He's magical, y''ll -- and he's still there!

Angel is famous for doing crazy s**t like walking on water and burying himself alive, but his greatest trick is getting real close to a bunch of out-of-his-league Hollywood starlets like Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz. It's gotta be his wand, right?


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blue state matron    

Is that a pocket pooch carrier she is toting? Did she really bring that dog out with her? I am obviously, way too East Coast.

2624 days ago


his best trick ever would be to make HER disappear!!

2624 days ago

Dr. 04102    

wow, look at her skin. indicative of drug use.

2624 days ago


The dish towel she's wearing is hideous and the boots are the worst - they are about 2 inches away from being ankle boots. The dress makes her look shapeless and paired with those boots, makes her legs look short and fat and her upper torso appears too long, making her look more dwarfish than her impersonator Little Brittney.

2624 days ago


To Britney's HANDLERS!!!

Brit is HARD WIRED a certain way.

She can't control her behavior. It is psyiological not psycological.

Get this girl diagnosed for her bi-polar disease and treated properly.

She can't stop herself.

2624 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Why does Britney always wear those fugly boots? And what's with the pillowcase she's wearing? She must have lost her purse and borrowed one of her kids lunch box.

She looks absolutely ridiculous, and she needs to lose some weight. Got some big haunches on her.

The "Fashion Police" need to jump in here and do some damage control.

4:00am? K-Feds attorneys will be all over this one.

Britney needs some serious mental counseling.

2624 days ago


At 4:04 am Chris Mangel gets served with court papers. You go K-fed.

When my Cat >^.-.^ < speaks people listen

2624 days ago

Dawn Day    

There ya go Brit, get hooked up with another money grubbin' scrub that will knock you up, cheat on you and you'll be supporting and setting him up for life too!

Didn't you learn with K-Fed? Don't you see the pattern here? Gullible, I swear. And what in God's name are you doing waltzing into a hotel with this guy at 4:00 in the morning. What, he won't take you back to his place? Nice, real nice. (shaking my head)

2624 days ago


Oh shut up, speculators. You guys have no idea what Britney is doing with him. Just because someone is photographed walking with someone else, does not mean they're "doing" each other. Please, you all sound like a bunch of 12 year olds... Some of you will not be happy until Britney is dead - including TMZ. Thank your parents for raising YOU all that way. How come you all were not raised with compassion and concern? No moral, judgemental LOSERS! Maybe YOUR parents were out partying the night they should have been teaching you middle-school students respect. You should be praying for Britney, not kicking her when she's down. Geez, some of you are so mean!

2624 days ago

Get a Clue    

Would someone tell Criss Angel that Tommy Lee called, and he wants his 1995 look back?


2624 days ago


Hey lay off Brittany. She makes her kids proud. Not everyone has a 'ho' for a mom. If you mom ain't a 'ho' you shouln't be criticizing.

2624 days ago


Either, Britney has a very high forehead or she is starting to lose her wig.

2624 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Ugh! I was a fan of Criss Angel’s until this year. I have no interest in watching his show anymore. He’s gone too Hollywood. You know how he always has a point of view camera and claims to have never met any of the people participating? I’m not buying it. He’s a fake & a trickster. Whether Britney and Criss are together or not who knows. With all the partner swapping that takes place, I can’t imagine what kind of diseases these people have.

2624 days ago

Get a Clue    

"Oh shut up, speculators. You guys have no idea what Britney is doing with him. Just because someone is photographed walking with someone else, does not mean they're "doing" each other."

Chalk up another loser in denial. Hey bud, it's 4 am! They are walking into a hotel together with clenched jaws and what appear to be dialated pupils.

They ain't on their way to church, bub!

2624 days ago

eve jayne    

Must be nice to get a little bit of criss angel. What can i do to get that?

2624 days ago
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