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Nip Slips Are So Very Trendy

8/18/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thanks to Bobby Trendy, nipple shots have officially jumped the shark.

TMZ caught the taffeta lovin' Anna Nicole Smith hanger on, sporting one of his "original" designs outside a fashion show at the Highlands. Spotting the camera -- and a chance for some attention -- Trendy pulled back her shirt and exposed her nipples to the poor cameraman. Wannabe girl gone wild!

Trendy then asked about mortal enemy Daniel DiCriscio, telling our guy he'd love to see a fight between the Bret Michaels-alike and Sacha Baron Cohen -- and would even serve as referee.


No Avatar

Who cares? Who are these people?

2586 days ago

Wake up call for Jackie    

Why do you post comments by this wannabe? No one is interested in what this freak, who couldn't make decorations without his glue gun. He's neither a celebrity nor a professional decorator.

2586 days ago


Why are these people even (so called) famous? They are a bunch of celebrity wannabes that won't EVER be.

2586 days ago


I don't know who this "guy" is.

2586 days ago

Lenn K.    

I don't think I will ever understand why guy like this try and act like a woman. They are just nasty and pervert.

2586 days ago


So...why are his nipples blurred out? If you had to blur something, blur his whole body and face!

2586 days ago


DiCrisco looks more like Vince Neil than Bret...... just saying....

2586 days ago


I never thought I would say this, but this clip of Ms. Trendy is very very cute and funny. Especially when he refers to his "mules". He's pretty funny!

2586 days ago


Bobby could you please change your outfit we keep seeing the same look over and over again don't you have other pieces in your wardrobe or is this just it. The same boots, Jacket, sometimes you put the tutu on your neck just to change it up but Honey you need an extreme makeover, and fast!!! Perhaps you could go to TLC's learning channel to learn WHAT NOT TO WEAR!!! IF YOU ARE NOT SURE CALL THEM PLEASE because your look is so old. Stacy London is your girl Bobby. Each time I see you, I wanna call the fashion police to arrest you and book you for fashion endangerment.

2586 days ago

Ellis Light    

I think I will throw-up................ugh!!!!

2586 days ago


If I ever saw him do that in front of me I would pinch them nips so hard he would squeal like a pig and then think twice before ever doing that again.

2586 days ago


OK TMZ, why do you insist on giving this freak of nature any time. He is a disgusting disgrace to humans everywhere. He has absolutely no talent whatsoever. Why block out his nipples. It's not like he actually has any boobs to show off. Come on, he is a man, (by nature), and men show there chests all the time. By blocking out his nipples, you are insinuating that he is some kind of woman. The only thing he is to women (and men) is a vastly gross insult. What a waste of a human. Why bother to give him any attention. HE IS NOTHING!!!!

2586 days ago


Why do you even give this looser coverage?

2586 days ago


If you insist on showing someone doing a nipple slip, at least make it a woman, not a wannabe. This THING is a disgusting pig with dellusions of grandeur. IT, is a talentless nobody that thinks IT has something to offer the world. The only positive thing IT could do for this world is D I S A P P E A R forever. You are a man, DEAL!!!!!!!!! Quit trying to be what you are not. And since when does TMZ start blocking out nipple shots of men. Come on, do you guys actually think that that THING is a woman. That is just an insult to women everywhere. I would think that even TMZ is not that stupid and naive. You guys need to get a grip and report something newsworthy. IT is not.

2586 days ago


you guys gotta stop giving these freaks the time of day, this weird "thing" needs to go away, what a shame that this freak is even on your radar!!!!

2586 days ago
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