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K-Fed to Star on "One Tree Hill"

8/20/2007 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed got a job! TMZ has learned that Kevin Federline has signed on to guest star on the CW's hit show, "One Tree Hill."
Composte on KFed with One Tree Hill Cast
Our source said that while Fed-Ex was extremely excited to star on the show, he would only agree to filming if his shooting schedule coincided with his custody arrangements. We're told that he made it quite clear that if shooting interfered with seeing his kids, he would not be available. Nice daddy!

Shooting starts this week in North Carolina.
Monstah Bling


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I never watched the show and now I am pretty sure I will never watch it. Yeah, saw him on CSI and laughed my a$$ off. He was so dumb.
K-Fud does have a great Lawyer, Publicist and who knows who else. This guy was out every night doing who knows what and now he is Father of the Year? I don't believe it for a minute. His people are running a terrific smear campaign against Brit and she fell for it and now she is screwed. It's all about the $$'s...
I think K-Fud should wear the 'I have the golden ticket' shirt that Brit wore when she was prego with Tator tot!!!!
I just hope that the kids can come out of this mess reasonably adjusted.
I know I would not want to grow up and find pics of my Mom and Dad acting the way K-Fud and Brit do.

2619 days ago


he found a job ???


probabbly he didn´t like the comments that said: "get a job looser!!"

this guy is and will be a looser

2619 days ago

Smell the funk    

K-Fed has destroyed Brittney and now moves on to try and become someone! He is the one that got her into drinking and drugs.. and now is destroying her! He is a low life punk wanna be!

2619 days ago


Federlines' publicity entourage (whomever he or she is) is doing a great job for him in the
PR department---Britneys' publicity crew better wake up and smell the ___. Or maybe it is too late to repair the damage of an out of control , attention seeking and lime light junkie
that could care less what her young toddler boys read and see in the media about her in their future--after they are older.

2619 days ago


Due to his notorious relationship choices, K-Fed is the only performer who makes news every time he gets a gig. When he did the "Life comes at you fast" ad, it was in the news for weeks.
Daz alright... cuz I like lookin' at him!

2619 days ago

David Doe    

That's the perfect person to cast on such a stupid show. The producers know how to make garbage even worse; good for them.

2619 days ago


an other prank or puplicity stunt. Just like WATCHMAN he will show up for rehersal and be told he was fires or never really hired HOW FUNNY IS THAT????????

2619 days ago


Doing what ??? Being a pimp ass idiot.

2619 days ago

Annonymous -    

(the role they picked which I read earlier) I rather not give pointer tips out to anyone just yet till we know more later on -

2619 days ago


One Tree Hill is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina where Dawson's Creek used to be filmed. It is a nice town with nearly 175,000 people, and many films have been filmed there within the last 25 years. It is called Wilmywood for short. Fire Starter was the first filmed to be made there back in 1982.

2619 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Right. He's not going to do anything to mess up his real meal ticket, his "child custody." I want to see how long the "perfect daddy" role plays out. He sure didn't do it while he was married to their momma.

2619 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Can he act? What training does he have? I thought he was some kind of dancer, then he tried to sing (failed miserably in my opinion), and now acting?

How about brain surgery next?

2619 days ago


I party in Hollywood and Vega all the time. Everyone says that Kevin Federline - 1. is an alcoholic 2. chain smokes 3. is a pot head 4. and does every drug - from crystal meth to coke to heroine 5. I have also heard he is bi and screws anyone for cash - basically a male prostitute. 6 he is only 30 but looks 40.

Also - he has no skills and doesn't earn money?! Would A JUDGE actually give him full custody? Britney earned her 100 million by working like a dog since she was 12 years old. She has cooks and maids at her mansion - her children are being fed well and taken care of. I think many of the Hollywood attorneys and tabloids are just salivating to see her destroyed like they did with Anna Nicole and Marilyn. I think they want Britney die so they can sue her estate, make money off her and sell their rags. It is disgusting to watch them leave ugly people like Amy Winehouse alone but attack someone as beautiful as Britney. SO she's 15 pound over weight - maybe if people were decent to her she could feel good and get back into shape. Britney has a huge fan base; we idolized her when we were kids - if she is murdered by the press WE WILL BE VERY pissed off.

2619 days ago

Ms. Sugar Walls    

He is a loser! big time! I can't stand him! He is all about the money! He doesn't care about those kids! THEY are a goldmine to him! IF he did care for his kids,why didn't he go see his other kids...when he was with Britney? ALL WE WOULD SEE, IS BRITNEY, IN LOVE...GOING PLACES WITH SHAR, and KEVIN'S DAUGHTER, I WOULDN'T SEE SHAR OUT WITH HER OWN DAUGHTER! All kevin would do is go shopping! You would see hm, with bags of stuff, spending her money! HE IS SO WACK!

AND I can't believe that people would be on his team! Nobody know what goes on behind closed doors! but I can spot him out in a sea of black!

2618 days ago


K-Fed is gay not see "One Tree Hill"

2618 days ago
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