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Liev Schreiber

Chases Down

'Scumbag' Photogs

8/20/2007 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liev Schreiber went berserk yesterday, when paparazzi got too close for his liking -- and violently shoved one and chased down the rest. Liev me alone!

Liev_Schreiber (3).JPG
The frustrated and limping star of the "Scream" flicks went off on a photog after walking up the stairs of Taverna Tony's, where he set down his baby's carrier, turned around and pushed the pap while screaming, "You f**king disgust me, it's a f**king child and I have one f**king foot!" It didn't end there though -- Schreiber then chased the rest of the photogs on scene, screaming at them and making them retreat to their cars.

When Schreiber and baby mama Naomi Watts emerged from the restaurant, they were taunted by paps, with one yelling at the actor, "You better sit down before I knock your ass out!" This time, Liev remained calm and got into the car, but Naomi gave the photog a piece of her mind -- with a finger.


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2591 days ago


Should not be all in his face while he is out with his family privacy please.

2591 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

And they still don't get it.

2591 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

Time to have a little bit of class and courtsey when children are involved. Don't you think? And Liev & Naomi, I realize baby is still tiny but grow up. That isn't the type of behavior you want them emulating, is it?

2591 days ago


It's because you're stalkers - - the kids should be off limits. A Red Carpet event is one thing running in and out of doctor's offices with your kids is very much another. I hope they kick your arse.

2591 days ago


Give 'em hell Liev! Good for you - protect your baby! You are okay in my book.

2591 days ago


And you wonder why the paps get their asses kicked.... Losers

2591 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

Stay the hell out of their faces when they have their baby! SHEESH!

2591 days ago


When a celebrity is injured and carrying a newborn baby, maybe the papparazzi can back off? If it were me I would have done the same thing. The papparazzi are going to be hard pressed finding supporters regarding this incident.

2591 days ago

Britney Spears    

Wow I saw ths at

2591 days ago


Psycho dad! Just leaves the baby to go act like a lunatic! In flip flops! Weiner boy!

2591 days ago


Beat the crap out of them, Liev!

2591 days ago


This is absolute INSANITY what the paps would do for a shot. Leave them alone, they have a new born. Someone ought to turn the camera on the paps and following them and their family.

Sheesh. my boobs are hurting i think my monthly visitor is about to make a comeback.

2591 days ago


If all the paps wanted was a photo, Liev shouldn't have made such a fuss. These actors crack me up, they want all the money and all the fame and glory but then they get so smug and conceited they think they are too good to be photographed because there will be no airbrushing. Naomi proves she has no class, and Liev started a fight with his baby along. Not too bright, these new parents. Sorry, these two should be thankful for any attention they get, they aren't exactly A-list, they are legends in their own minds only. Naomi probably just doesn't want to be photographed with baby-weight, I bet this is what this whole thing boils down to. But she doesn't mind getting photographed giving the finger, how unclassy.

2591 days ago


I fear the gossip mags and photographers are gonna be taken to court in each city, state and it will end up in the supreme court.. and a NEW ammendment added to the laws forcing you to ask for permission and not be allowed to cover a person within so many yards, not gather as huge groups.. as you are now dangerous stalker/predators and blinding, only giving your victim of choice ..barely one foot to walk.. no room to drive, no privacy to eat, shop, talk, relax and live normally without great costs, public warning signs, body guards, police escort and sadly.. their own personal defense..

2591 days ago
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