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Jenna: I'm Not Skin Flicks and Bones!

8/21/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a gold necklace draped over sternum and ribs, XXX hottie Jenna Jameson made it clear that she's not wasting away. She's just pornalicious!

TMZ cameras caught the former hardcore heavyweight last night, with her ultimate fighter beefcake boytoy, Tito Ortiz, outside of Koi in Hollywood, where she told us that we "better stop calling me skinny, because I'm healthy and I'm happy." Ready for my shot, Mr. DeMille!

After the scolding, the really, really, really not fat blonde got into her ridiculous Rolls Royce Phantom and sped off into the night. Perhaps for a snack.


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Desease control    

Her female parts..delow.. were so streched out from getting nailed on camera hundreds of times.. she had it operated on...ewwww

she is a flitty nasty whore

she went out to lunch with the deveil and the devil ate her

2586 days ago


Ever since I tried to be more like Jenna, by making porno, that bitch has been trying to be more like me.....skinny, skanky, paranoid and chasing the camera by going to only the "trendy" restaurants.

2586 days ago

Desease control    

Her hole was so streched out you could drive a Mac Truck threw it.

she is skinny from Adis.

2586 days ago


She needs a bra. Those boobs are hangin way too low and she looks like she has full blown aids. Not that it matters but don't she have a husband somewhere?

2586 days ago


She looks and sounds like an idiot. She has a FREAKING problem!! Porn is someone you WANT to screw not run away from. UGH!!! A breadstick is bigger than her. Keep it up Jenna ( pun intended) you'll starve yourself to death soon enough. And guess what NO ONE CARES.

2586 days ago


WOW. Drugs really do cause delusion. Her ex is so much better without her psycho drama. She is believing her own hype and thinks she has "liberated" women in some way. Are you kidding me? Sorry but if liberation includes her body of "work" count me out. I'll gladly wear the hoop skirts, call my man sir and have dinner on the table every night.

2586 days ago

Desease control    

Everytime someone even looks at porn they are attacked by eviel demonds.

she is goiing to have arottn life then rott in hell.

2586 days ago


She completely messed up her face with a lift and puffing out those lips. She should be suing her plastic surgeon.

2586 days ago


Omg, STOP TALKING LIKE PARIS HILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2586 days ago

Desease control    

Sesne her dwon there operation went wrong and she cant spread her leggs for the camrea any more shes going around Hollywood looking to get into shows,,but she is even tooo nasty for Hollywood.

2586 days ago

John Denver Rules    

She's either on drugs or she's retarded.

2586 days ago


She looks like shes hooked on Meth again

2586 days ago


did anybody notice the batwings under her arms? ewwwwwwwww.

2586 days ago


The bad thing about it is I'm sure shes a TMZ reader and will read these comments so on Jennas defense I'd still hit it!

2586 days ago


She is AWFUL looking. I don't know if its AIDS or what but there is definitely something wrong here. Given her past it could be anything from AIDS to Hepatitis to a serious meth / crack problem.

THIS ISN'T NORMAL AND NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK LIKE THIS. Delusion and Denial are her best friends right now.

As for the "man of the moment" - Tito? He's just hanging on to prolong his 15 minutes of fame. EVERYONE IN HER LIFE HAS ALWAYS USED HER.

2586 days ago
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