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Jenna: I'm Not Skin Flicks and Bones!

8/21/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a gold necklace draped over sternum and ribs, XXX hottie Jenna Jameson made it clear that she's not wasting away. She's just pornalicious!

TMZ cameras caught the former hardcore heavyweight last night, with her ultimate fighter beefcake boytoy, Tito Ortiz, outside of Koi in Hollywood, where she told us that we "better stop calling me skinny, because I'm healthy and I'm happy." Ready for my shot, Mr. DeMille!

After the scolding, the really, really, really not fat blonde got into her ridiculous Rolls Royce Phantom and sped off into the night. Perhaps for a snack.


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800 pound gorilla fart    

I heard she's friends with Paris Hilton - that explains her many appearances on TMZ.
Dlckhead. She used to be fine -now she needs to dine ...on fatty foods . Dlckhead.

2589 days ago


modeling career? get a clue- you are 40 something. Time to get a rocking chair and go home. Dont try acting, cause your Paris impersonation sucked. What a has-been........The weight loss is the least of you problems Jenna. You are a shell of your former in control self. I saw you on the E channel 5 years ago and you were absolutely gorgeous. Get into rehab or whatever you did when you quit meth.

2589 days ago

Desease control    

All she is ever done is screw strangers on film.

She doesnt look right or talk right .. she has no skills.

she is so full of herself she should be put in Jail for being so nasty

2589 days ago


Luv, Nicole Rtchie called and said you were too skinny.

I think Jenna's dress size is "bone."

2589 days ago


can you spell "gag"???? please..healthy...yeah..for a corpse.!

2589 days ago

That one chick    

It's so sad to see her this way, while I've never seen her movies, and really have no interest too, she was so beautiful before, now she looks like death warmed over, what is wrong with hollywood? They're all wasting away into skeletal waifs. What would be great is if they all got on a "lets look normal" kick and started looking like real women. Sad Sad Sad

2589 days ago


Honestly, this woman spreads her legs to make money. Who cares where she eats or if she does. I don't understand how she can strut her stuff around in popular restaurants and expect anyone to respect her. She is disgusting!

2589 days ago

Desease control    

Is there any guy who would go near her without 10 rubbers on... if at all.

Im sure the men are scared offf.

she said she is going to work on her modeling career ha ha

thats so funny

she doesnt have the looks to model with or without clothes on

she could model for adds for porn to show women what they are going to look like after
doing porn

2589 days ago


I miss how she looked a few years ago. She looked like a woman back then. She had nice curves and a fuller face. Now she looks like an unhealthy stick figure with skin. What is it with these people that think they look better like this? Yuck.

2589 days ago


She's not skinny, she's bony! That is not healthy. First, she said it was the stress of her divorce that was causing her to lose weight. Now she's healthy. Pleeze.

2589 days ago


If this is what "healthy and happy" looks like just shoot me now!

2589 days ago


I can't believe it. Everyone told me that the being a porn star was just like any other job. Who would have known that after being sodomized by thousands of men (and women) that this "poor lil wh0re" would have mental and emotional problems. Oh well, just keep doing whatever you want to do, Jenna. Ignoring God has absolutely no concequences at all...?

2589 days ago


But you are, look in the mirror.

2589 days ago


Almost anyone who is anorexic denies it. She is probably pretty unhappy with herself. Anorexia (If that is what she has) is a way of having control. And if if anybodies life is out of control, it is a porn stars. She is probably pretty unhappy with the choices she has made, and how her life has turned out.

2589 days ago


Hello Jenna, i know you come here everyday,please i am a big fan of yours and being thin is fine and overall better for health issues BUT you are borderline on anorexia,you need to reconize this because your dumb ass boyfriend is clueless,you will be here in new York for fashion week so don`t forget to hit Juniors Cheesecake once a day is a must for you, to be serious get yourself the right doctor to help you now,good luck and best wishes.

2589 days ago
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