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Bobby Trendy's SOS: Save Our Strippers!

8/22/2007 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Trendy was in mourning this morning after his favorite West Hollywood gay bar went up in flames -- who's gonna strip for him now?!

TMZ cameras were shooting the blaze at Micky's, as the one and only, never lonely Bobby, accompanied by an extremely cute companion, walked up to the camera to show his concern for any people possibly trapped inside. "I'm really concerned about the strip show tonight ... I'm worried about the strippers!" lamented Trendy. Luckily, no go-go boys were injured in the inferno, and only one person had to be rescued from the building's second floor.

Not one to miss a moment for self-promotion, Trendy compared Howard K. Stern's opinion of Bobby to "a butthole," and talked about his upcoming Anna Nicole Smith flick, starring him. Wonder how Willa Ford feels about that statement!


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This guy really needs a reality check. If this is the future of Hollywood, we can say goodbye!
What person in their right mind would ever pay to see a movie starring him or her, whatever it is

2620 days ago

No Kidding    

Please don't give this silly, flaming nothing any press. Where 'da standards?

2620 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

What a trooper ! Bobby Trendy lending his celebrity status at a time of need and conecerned for the strippers!!! Dont forget America a former Stripper made Bobby rich and famous and brought him to all of us via the televesion!!!

2620 days ago


Bobby's SOS = Suck Off Sista! It's mind numbing the people who qualify as "celebs."

2620 days ago


TMZ what were you thinking? Give us something we actually want to read abouit!!Bobbyflav or what ever its name is PLEASE GO AWAY- UR A MESS!!!!

2620 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

commet #5
you can kiss my ass ..Listen,Bobby Trendy is a leader in social society and is a paragon of style! If he wasnt he wouldnt be on this famous site! Bobby came to aid teh strippers and was tipping them ON teh side walk from what i herd..He came down with out a an inch of makeup on not even a stillletoe heel or any jewrly to aid the strippers! How many celebrtys would do that!!!
Dont for get Bobby Trendy is a leader in haute soceity!

2620 days ago


Wonder who that was with him?

2620 days ago


I wish these sissies would either get a full sex change or get back into the closet. We don't need any twirling little ballerinas in society. Where did shame, humility and common decency go?

2620 days ago


bobby is great, he's so funny!
the boy he was with is hot.
what the hell are you all bitching about?
if youdon't like him, don't watch the damn video.
thank you tmz, i was crackign up!

2620 days ago


are you kidding ??
he is nothing but a total flamer that gives the gay communtiy a bad name...
he is nothing but a untalented press whore...
if he disappeared no one would care or notice !!

The fact that he showed up without makeup or the ridiculous outfits is a huge benefit to us all...the ringling circus is out of town !!

2620 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

Bobby Trendy is Haute couture! And a leader in social soceity people!

2620 days ago


Leaders in society (note correct spelling) do not make themselves the point of what they are trying to accomplish...they have issues that others are actually passionate about and try to make the world a better place...
Bobby is leading in society only trying hard to make himself the point of all conversation by bettering nothing but his own ego !!
And Haute couture is not tearing down the draperies from grannies living room ....
and slapping on the products from his Avon catalogue
I'm afraid to think that some middle americans will see him and think that that is what all gay men are like !! what a shame...his parents must be proud !!

2620 days ago


Ms Jane, wipe Bobby's jiz off your face!

2620 days ago


I remember seeing him on the Anna Nicole Show and I thought he was hysterical. He is entertaining and funny!

2620 days ago

big joe    

aid's real soon.

2620 days ago
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