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"Crazy" Britney Backs Out of Big Duet with JT

8/22/2007 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is being called "sick" and "crazy" by music biz insiders after ditching the chance to do a duet single with former flame Justin Timberlake.

Page Six reports that JT wrote the song specifically for Brit, and that her label was counting on the tune to jump start a big comeback for the Britwreck. But last month, just before she was supposed to fly out to record the song, Brit "abruptly canceled the session." A music "insider" tells the Post, "Everyone is worried ... People like her are sick. It's like an anorexic who's sick in the head and needs help."

Jive is reportedly still behind Britney, but execs there are "worried" about her bombing at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. JT's reps had no comment.

Paris – Prison Memoir For Real?

Paris Hilton is planning another literary magnum opus, but if you were hoping to hear about bologna sandwiches, cells and cavity searches, you might be disappointed, according to her book agent, Dan Strone, who shepherded 2004's "Confessions of an Heiress." talked to Strone, and he says the heiress is "thinking of doing a new book," but it's not likely to be "a so-called prison diary." And folks were so looking forward to the Dostoevskian depths of her despair! The agent says that anything could change, and the planning's still going on, but it's unclear what material she will plumb since to follow her last tome.

Party Favors: Dannielynn's First Birthday A-OK! ... Beckham – Give Me My Soil!

TMZ hears that Anna Nicole's baby Dannielynn's big first birthday bash will be splashed exclusively all over the pages of OK! magazine. ... David Beckham says that he likes playing in the U.S., but that the ground's a little hard for him. "I'm not used to the harder ground out here," he writes in his blog.


No Avatar

Blah blah blah    

Brit just needs to give it up.

2583 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Why would JT want to perform with her. I think he knows she will breakdown, bomb or something horrible. I don't think he would want to be a part of that, he seems like a together, decent guy.

2583 days ago


Hey, TJ's 'bringing sexy back' is LAME!!!!! Who would want to be connected to that crap!

2583 days ago


I don't believe JT would have anything to do with Brit. And why would she cancel? Has to be untrue.

2583 days ago


I didn't even know hilton could read!

2583 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Oh let me get this right..Hard core Lindsay doesn't have to do jail time for reckless driving, drugs, drink, suspended license, commadeerng someones vehicle and holding them hostage in it but Paris and Nicole have/had to for way less infractions?..Mr DA what kind of justice is that??

2583 days ago

Dawn Day    

Not surprised that Britney is still sabatoging her career. But why would she agree to a duet with JT to begin with? I'm thinking it was after Cameron and before Jessica and she was hoping for a hook up with her ex?

Ah Paris, just what we all want is another book to read about her whining about how tough it is to have all this money and everyone being sooooo mean to her. Puke. She literally makes me ill.

If LiLo gets a break after all this then they need to just let her dig her own grave and let her snort and drink herself to death. Let's just hope she doesn't kill someone else in the meantime. Stay off the effin roads junkie!

2583 days ago


Wow. Lohan's a better actress than I've given her credit for.

2583 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Britney was fine before she met Federline..What on earth did he do to her?

2583 days ago


I hope the people of LA protest, and possibly recall the DA---the are the ones in danger when Lohan is on the road high on cocaine. For her to NOT get charged, needs to be investigated.

2583 days ago

Lenn K.    

Here are the three gals that are so much in the news on a daily basis on one blog. These three have cause the most trouble, get the most press and act like the biggest fools that we'd seen in decades. Here the question, where will these three be in 10 years and how will their lives be?!!

2583 days ago


she was in possession or not????

the worst thing for Larry to do is give a mega birthday party for a1 year old that is motherless

2583 days ago

Lite it    

1st of all ....If Britney was anybody else she would be able to hit her bottom and move on.That being, sobriety or dangling on the edge.The ONLY people who seem to care are those that have $$$$ to lose. Secondly, I think that LL rehab is a big joke. What kind of facility lets photo ops??? Hellloooo.... Alcoholic ANOMYOUS Do those words mean anything??? What kind of facility lets photo ops happen???This would be the first sign that the treatment is questionable. Well, whatever.

2583 days ago


Oh my gosh!
DO IT BRITNEY! (If this is true that is) That would be so cool. It would be a way to get people to start talking about the music again.

2583 days ago

Just wondering    

I was wondering how long it would take TMZ to further trash Brit and Lindsay. Not out all weekend, not seen falling on their drunk faces out of some night club. Not doing drugs. Doesn't seem to matter what these two do. Right or wrong, TMZ still runs them right into the gutter. Yet, they defend Paris Hilton. Something is very wrong with that.

2583 days ago
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