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Ill No Mo': Foxy Brown Is Headed to the Slammer

8/22/2007 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Foxy Brown is headed to Rikers Island, after a Manhattan judge ordered the three-months-pregnant rapper to serve time for violating her probation.
Courtroom sketch of Foxy Brown
We're told that just minutes ago, Judge Melissa Jackson remanded Brown to the custody of the state, and threw her in the clink until her next hearing Sept. 7. Brown had been on probation on assault charges, but two incidents in recent weeks violated her probation, thus leading Judge Jackson to send Foxy to jail.

A source tells TMZ that Foxy's face was "priceless" when the judge handed down her decision, and that Brown and her lawyer had not expected to see jail time. It has yet to be determined where Brown will be held, but Brown was booked at Manhattan Criminal Court and handed over to authorities.

In court, Brown revealed that she is three months pregnant, and that she plans to get married.

UPDATE: Stephen Morello of the Department of Corrections tells TMZ that Foxy will be housed at the Rose M. Singer Center, a women's jail on Rikers Island. We're told that, because of her celebrity status, she may be housed in a cell, as opposed to with other inmates, and could have an escort when she leaves her cell. She's in the facility right now and is undergoing the "intake" process, we're told.


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2627 days ago


I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the UnitedCaucasianCollege Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door.
You wanna play the race card now?

2627 days ago

LYN NY    

Amen Kali and Wedlock- you guys echoed my thoughts beautifully- Thank you.

2627 days ago


I'm African-American and will be the first to call out racism when I see it. I think that white people are too quick to use the term "play the race card." IMHO, it's an attempt to quiet us when we are in fact victims of racism. Don't be afraid to call out racists and racist behavior when you see them and it.

That being said, please save your cries of racism for those who are truly victims. Don't waste your breathe on the likes of Foxy. This has nothing to do with race. Judge Jackson has been waaaay to lenient on her in the past. She has continually violated the terms of
her probation. She has an anger management problem and she obviously has no respect for the law and terms of her sentence. She needs to go to jail. End of story.

As for LLo, I believe that many of you are correct when you say that she will walk. You are comparing apples to oranges though. LLo has yet to be convicted of anything. Even if
she is ultimately convicted, she will likely get probation. Just LIKE Foxy. Foxy only has herself to blame.

2627 days ago



So, you want to know why there are no networks called White Entertainment Television? It's because EVERY network is White Entertainment Network!!! You can turn on almost any channel on the television and see people and images that look like you. You can find programming that reflects your tastes and sensibilities and is inclusive of your communities. You can find news and programming that reports your concerns and issues in a fair and unbiased way. That's why programming such as Seinfeld, Friend's and Sex and the City are allowed to show images of NYC where it seems no black people or people of color live. Only when there are/were complaints of this blatant racism, do they even bother to add a few minor characters. Yes, it's White Entertainment Television every day of the week, 24 hours a day, every minute of the day!!

You want to know why you don't have White America Magazine? Oh that would be because you can pick up almost any magazine on the newsstand and see images of people that look like you. You can find articles that pertain to and reflect your interests and tastes. But for the very few media outlets that actually show our images, there would be an extraordinary gap. As for the United Negro College you even know why it was established in the first place? Do you even know why it still exists? Please stick to that which you know.

I wish that you could live as a person of color in these here United States for even one week....I bet you would have a very different perspective!! URGH!!!.

2627 days ago


drow1stboy-Quit playing the race card. It has no validity here. The fact is you cant just go walking down the street slapping people up and bombarding their faces with cell phones and expect to stay free. I dont care what race you are, right is right, wrong is wrong!

2627 days ago


Does ANYONE actually believe that she is really pregnant in the first place, I believe a ploy to try to keep her out of jail.. Sorry, didn't work!

2627 days ago


she deserves that jail time, pregnant or not. being pregnant isn't that big of a deal anyway. you're not going to have a miscarriage just b/c you have a little bit of stress- screw that. and anyway, if you think you're too 'fragile' to be in jail pregnant, then don't do crap that can land you in jail. it does piss me off that lohan is not getting what she deserves. that's complete horsecrap and i would love nothing more than to slap some sense into that judge. she should have gotten paris' judge. why does this stupid whore get all the breaks, she must give great head that's all i'm saying

2627 days ago

Go Away    

Do these BlackBerry phones work after you throw them around like she does?

2627 days ago


oh said everything I wanted to say and then some. btw, foxy and lyndsay and even nicole richie, who I like, deserve jail time. hitting people, kidnapping people in your car while under the influence and driving under the influence on the wrong way of the free-way is irresponsible and dangerous behaviour. pregnant or not, walthy or famous or not, they all deserve jail time.

2627 days ago


Damn she got really ugly! Did she find a random horse to fit her for a weave?

2627 days ago


#93 Vanity HAHAHAHA My point exactly!!!!. .oh and by the way, I date a black policeman. You speak when you know what you are talking about!!

2627 days ago


Can we say "street cred" boyz n girlz?

2626 days ago

u stink    

WTFH????? Nicole Richie gets a few minutes of jail time for whatever the hell was she did. Lindsay gets an over nighter, Brit-Brut gets away with anything and this girl gets thrown straight in a cell???


2626 days ago


she wants to be Lil' Kim so bad lmaoooooooooooo

poor Inga. poor baby. poor next door neihbor. poor Asians. poor TMZ for wasting video space.

2625 days ago
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