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Oprah Subpoenaed in Alleged Profiling Case

8/22/2007 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell are among a host of A-list celebs who were just subpoenaed in a racial profiling case in a Michigan Federal Court.
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TMZ obtained court documents filed yesterday, which "commands" that a spectacular list of celebrities appear for depositions in a lawsuit filed by one Jerome Almon, who alleges that Canada has launched an attack on U.S. black rappers. The lawsuit claims Canadaian officals blame rappers for both increased gangs and gun violence in Toronto and Vancouver, and holds up black rappers at the border.

The list goes on to include Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Diddy, Jenna Jameson, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Tom Sizemore, Martha Stewart and Heidi Fleiss. Mr. Almon, CEO of MurderCap Records, tells TMZ, "The white celebrities have been directed to appear, in order to show the hypocritical nature of Canadian policy toward rappers. Some of the white celebrities have far worse records than these rappers, but are still allowed to enter Canada with the red carpet rolled out."

Trip to Motor City ... everybody!


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Looks to me like the only hypocrites here are the rappers themselves! Send a positive message and maybe someone will give you the time of day.

2530 days ago

tooth fairy    

Canada is a police state. People don't really have freedom of speech there. Canadians won't tell you that because they are very reserved people and they like to keep a good image and keep their face.

Most Americans just assume that Canada is a more free country than America because they have more open policy to gay rights. In fact, it's not true. Maybe one or two things they got more open policy than the States. Everything else is strictly regulated and controlled by government. You don't really have any forum to speak out. They shot you down. The way they don't allow you freedom of speech is not to physically threaten you like some communist country, they just don't give you the platform, media is very controlled by government. You will never get the spotlight to have your say.

2530 days ago


This looks more like the most wanted list in any "urban" area in this country

2530 days ago


I want to hear Snoop's deposition: Yah honoh, shizzle my fazizzle grizzle bizzle...heeeeey. Then he will light up a splif.

2530 days ago

Katie Johnson    

Rap is not responsible for gun violence in Toronto. GUNS ARE. It is the fault of the U.S.A. that they have created an atmosphere where the right to own a gun is more important than the right to live. The people on trial should be the gun/bullet manufacturers, as well as the NRA. American gun culture is the most disgusting thing to ever cross the border into Canada....we use guns to hunt. Americans use guns to hunt each other.

2530 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

sueishere- Yes, we are very laid back, and I know lots of people love their '420.' But fact is Harper is not supportive of that.... He shot down the measure to decriminalise it in Parliament. He's very, very conservative and is really setting Canada back.

2530 days ago


It is the content of the rap music that Canada has a problem with NOT the race of the rapper fot god sake,and as for gangs....99% of the gangs in Vancouver are Asian NOT black.It sounds like "Mr.15 minutes of fame" needs to get his facts straight before he goes around filing lawsuits and he picked the wrong country to screw around with,Canada is a multi-cultural country and PROUD of it!

2530 days ago

Sweater Vest    

In response to a few posters:

Bebe: keep posting those informed, unbiased facts .

Me: "All you all do is complain, gosh, it's so annoying". Uh, okay Captain Hypocrite.

2530 days ago


Is this guy filing a lawsuit against canada, because they won't let rappers in with criminal records? Canada is its own country and if it does not want to let you in it does not have to, and it really does not need a reason. get over it and stop wasting time and money.

2530 days ago


it sad that nowadays we have to deal with such B.S. If A rapper has more influnce on a child than there parents thats the first problem WHY IS THAT. That is the first place to start.

2530 days ago

Katie Johnson    

In addition, the comments about canadians not having free speech is wrong. I am Canadian and you have it reversed. We even have tv channels that are non-party affiliated so that they can give an unbiased perspective.
And by the way, we aren't 'reserved and polite - so don't want you to know the truth'. We just ignore your country because there is no sense in conversing with brain-washed violent half-wits (I am speaking of republicans and you).

2530 days ago


Give me a freakin' break! Your all a bunch of non talented racist lowlifes! Proving that you are too damn lazy to get out and WORK for a living . Anybody with an ounce of intelligence can see this is another publicity stunt. America could learn a little from Canada right now.

2530 days ago


Can someone say publicity stunt?


Go to Canada! And take Celine Dion with ya! Her crap makes me want to become either suicidal or homicidal! Makes more room for illegal aliens from Mexico while you're at it.

2530 days ago


P A T H E T I C !!!
Go Canada is right. It is a country's decision if they want you in the country or not...suing because you think we are racists....Pathetic.

2530 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

#30 Anderson, Canadians are not racist. Lest you forget the underground railroad? All over Ontario there are still signs showing the paths people took. And if black people weren't liked those signs wouldn't be there. And if media is so censored, why do I get BET and TVone cable channels? Oh and Caribana is the largest cultural festival outside of the Caribbean where people celebrate their heritage. So if things were so bad folks wouldn't be celebrating out in public!

2530 days ago
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