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Oprah Subpoenaed in Alleged Profiling Case

8/22/2007 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell are among a host of A-list celebs who were just subpoenaed in a racial profiling case in a Michigan Federal Court.
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TMZ obtained court documents filed yesterday, which "commands" that a spectacular list of celebrities appear for depositions in a lawsuit filed by one Jerome Almon, who alleges that Canada has launched an attack on U.S. black rappers. The lawsuit claims Canadaian officals blame rappers for both increased gangs and gun violence in Toronto and Vancouver, and holds up black rappers at the border.

The list goes on to include Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Diddy, Jenna Jameson, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Tom Sizemore, Martha Stewart and Heidi Fleiss. Mr. Almon, CEO of MurderCap Records, tells TMZ, "The white celebrities have been directed to appear, in order to show the hypocritical nature of Canadian policy toward rappers. Some of the white celebrities have far worse records than these rappers, but are still allowed to enter Canada with the red carpet rolled out."

Trip to Motor City ... everybody!


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P's Love child

Is it possible to accept the truth?

I have the right to tell people they're complaining too much, smartness

I guess you have to get in where you fit in, right? lol

2621 days ago

tired of cry baby    

how dumb, this is one lawsuit that both blacks and whites are on the same page, oh god !!!!! this is so stupid, i'm going to go spill hot coffee on my crotch so i can get some money

2621 days ago

Sweater Vest    

Me: I can accept the truth when it's accurate and factually-based, and not the ramblings of a bitter individual who blames others for their lot in life.

As for my comment re. hypocrisy, I can see that that one went right over your head the first time, so I won't bother trying to explain.

2621 days ago


That's just as bad as requiring a passport to fly into their country--Why?, they may as well be part of the U.S! (it hasn't been finalized yet, but it's close)

2621 days ago



( Check your spelling, 3rd paragraph up......It's CANADIAN.......AND I'M PROUD TO BE ONE!!! )

2621 days ago


I am glad to see Prime Minister Harper doing his job. Rappers music is down right dirty, if you call that music, god help us all. Go Canada keep them out of your country.
Canada has many creed, color and race and they all live in harmony, I am very glad that country decide to keep rap music out. I hope we here in good ole USA can do the same.

2621 days ago


P;s love child
That's great...just as long as it has nothing to do with me, and what I write. Thank you.

2621 days ago


The "population" of white entertainers or "celebrities" is larger than the rapper population. So the actual number of cases might be higher,yet the percentage of rappers with criminal histories may be higher,or statistically more violent.
So let's say you have 20 non rappers, 5 of whom have DUI's. Then you have10 rappers 4 of whom have felony assault charges. There may be more dui idiots, but percentage wise the rappers would be higher, and felonies raise more red flags.
The truth is,no race is perfect. If a criminal is a criminal and found guilty as such, color shouldn't be an issue. Plenty of whites wanted Paris to fry and want Lindsay to pay. Whites aren't the likely or ONLY race who has a problem "looking at their own".

2621 days ago


Several years back Canadian customs officers were caught for systematiclly trying to keep African Americans out of Windsor and in an undercover sting the were COLD BUSTED.
So none of this suprises me. I'm not a big fan of rap or rappers but we have to look at the
entire community that is effected by this type of profiling.

Canada is a great place, it's one of the most chill spots in North America...but that doesn't
mean it's ok to use racial profiling as a safety measure.

2621 days ago

tooth fairy    

Please bring equality, human right and freedom of speech to Canada. Whether you like rap music or not, it's about freedom of expression and freedom of speech, Canadians don't have that.

2621 days ago

Sweater Vest    

Jen: how were you able to post that? Are you sure that there isn't a government stiff monitoring you right now? According to some posters on here, Canadians are not allowed to express themselves.

And this from people who live in a country with the Patriot Act where the government can spy on anyone.

2621 days ago


Me. You don't sound educated. You sound like a racist.

2621 days ago


The Toronto Star Newspaper published a huge article on murder statistics last year. It posted the photos of those young men. I saw photos of young, black males...........probably these "boys " lived in the " Jane-Finch " area of Toronto. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS???????????
In Canada, in Toronto.............we now see "drive-by" shootings. We know what " colours" mean.........GANGS. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nobody talks to the police.........they are either scared or protective. When they are silent another little baby becomes a drive-by statistic........Another innocent little one gets a bullet in the head. They are sitting at their desk doing homework, or they are playing in the yard........little, tiny innocents!
The " White Community " has immense penance to pay..........and the "Black Community " also has the same onus. If I have a racial bone in my body........."God, take me now! ".

I am extremely angry with the parents.........Money prevails with the Lohans, Spears and Hiltons.............Parents are absent or get on the ride.
EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION.........put your money where your mouth is and allocate where your tax money will go. Give every child in Alabama, Georgia, et al............the same standard of learning, as you give to children in affluent communities.
I can only assume that so many gifted, impoverished children are being over-looked.
Give a very gifted child no chance to have " the North American Dream"............and you ( all of us ) have planted the seeds of destruction. Wake up Canada and USA.
My heart breaks for the kids that are trying. Someone, with heart and soul, should set up a website, where an ordinary person could sponsor education for a deserving child. We don't have to meet ,but I need to know that you are doing well in academics. I want your progress reports sent to me. You give me that child and I will work a second job to pay for his/her education. The joy , to know a child will be able to fly with educational wings, Wow. This is a child that will give back to society, this is a child that "knows".
Everyone reading this, should have an "epiphany ".........

2621 days ago

I'm hungry    

We can let, or not let, whomever we want into our country ...... got that you "talentless publicity seeking hack" ..... subpoena as many people as you want, we still don't want your "gangsta glorifying" self walking our streets .... that's our right as Canandians punk ..!!!!!!!!

2621 days ago


Well. . .it is called murdercap records, I would hold someone at the border if they worked for a company with that title. I love hiphop, but as I get older, I think the lyrics to alot of these songs are soooo violent and not-needed. Again, "murdercap", give me a break! This is a stupid case and U.S. Rap music is VIOLENT!

2621 days ago
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