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Britney Fleeing to London with Boys?

8/23/2007 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsCould Britney Spears be pulling a Madonna and pulling up stakes in L.A. for London? A report this morning says she thinks it might be "her only hope" to keep her kids.

The popwreck, according to OK!, is considering the move as she fights K-Fed for custody of her sons, and according to a source, "She thinks her only hope is to move to London and start afresh. She wants those boys more than anything in the world and it's heartbreaking."

Meanwhile, reports Life & Style, Brit was sending mixed signals last weekend at L.A. hotspot Teddy's, partying into the wee hours, but seeming "down" and looking "uncomfortable" while telling the mag that her custody battle was harshing her mellow: "My babies are my life."

Paris' New Pad – Six Million Big Ones

Local news choppers have a new flyover -- Paris Hilton just found her new Xanadu, a 5-bedroom, Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills pleasure palace.

Us Weekly reports that the 7,500 square-foot home has its own gym, butler's pantry and wine closet, and it's located in the Mulholland Estates gated community -- presumably to keep all the "well-wishers" at bay. The price? A hot $6.25 million.

Meanwhile, Us also reports that the house TomKat is renting in Beverly Hills is back on the market -- for no less than $100K per month, because the Scientolo-couple will be relocating to a new 90210 address in October.

Obama Girl – I Love Hillary!

Fickle lass! The buxom brunette who proclaimed her love for Sen. Barack Obama in one of the biggest YouTube sensations of the electoral season might actually vote for Obama's rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Of course, her change of heart might've been a reaction to Obama's dissing her Monday, when he wished that Amber Lee Ettinger had thought twice about his family before making the sexy vid. "I didn't take it negatively," Amber tells Rush & Molloy. "I think he's more concerned over his child's reaction to it."

Party Favors: Kelsey Grammer Was "Addicted to Danger and Dangerous Girls" ... Boy Banders Bring It in Vegas

"Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer does plenty of head-shrinking on himself in a new interview with Parade magazine, and admits that he's lived on a slippery slope. "I was addicted to danger and dangerous girls ... I like the addictions. I'm not going to lie about it. But I got in too deep. I probably would've died if I hadn't stopped." ... Joey Fatone (*NSYNC), Joey McIntyre (NKOTB), and Drew Lachey (well, not quite 98 Degrees) had a little boy-bander summit at Moon Nightclub at Palms Casino Resort in Vegas on Tuesday, after dining at Little Buddha.


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Dawn Day    

I think London is a good idea for Britney. She doesn't have a chance it seems here in the U.S. Good luck getting K-Fed to agreed to that though!! Just through him a bunch of money and he'll shut up cuz it seems all he wants is a free ride!!!

2618 days ago


If she tries, it'll be the last nail in her coffin, as a mother.

2618 days ago

Joe Tyler    

Sounds like Obama girl is like most Librals---flip flop/flip flop/flop flop flop

2618 days ago


The only place you should think about going is REHAB!

The house warming gift is in the mail.

If you're skin is really that thin-you are applying for the WRONG job.

2618 days ago


Only a fool would think moving to London is going to solve her problems. The bars and parties are her life not her children. . . .and London has those too. This girl needs to learn that she is the cause of her problem and no amount of moving is going to change that.

2618 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Brittney is so full of herself and is deluded about her problems. Get psychiatric help and check yourself into a real rehab center and STAY there for a long time.

You do NOT have "full" custody of those children and cannot just move on a whim to another country. I think the "few" photographers who continue to shoot your ever move in the USA would let someone know that you were kidnapping Kevin's children.

What a trainwreck. I feel so sorry for those children.

2618 days ago


The London Press is as bad or worse then here. Think of what Princess Di went through. What is she thinking??? If her babies are indeed her "life" as she says then why doesn't she live her life in way that reflects this?? Partying and drugs and Nannys are not the way to go. She needs to go to a rehab for a long time, and show the world that she means it. Once drugs get ahold of you they become your life. Not people. Very sad.

2618 days ago

Papa Bear    

@#7 I was thinking the same thing. She is getting some horrible legal advice if she thinks she can just take off (or that England would actually want her)

Also, I know that when I think 'danger' you better believe I think of Kelsey "Frasier" Grammer.

2618 days ago


KIds are her life,yeah right ya'll. That's why she is photographed everywhere eith out them. Get a grip,London is not going to solve anything. Only you can turn your life around. K-Fed only wants them because his support ends in Nov. Duh!!!!!

2618 days ago


Those babies are her life?????well stay home and take care of them and yourself. shes as wack as whitney is on crack........

2618 days ago


If what Britney says is true her kids are her life than why does she not mellow down instead of partying to the wee hour. Even if she was to move to London what guarantee is their that she will change her ways for her kids sake.

Paris - She is overrated and a Pain in the butt with her lies. Don't understand why the paparrazi continues taking her pictures and getting her stupid comments.

2618 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

If Brit really cared THAT much about her boys she would keep her trashy, skanky ass at home and try to do better instead of being out parting all night, ever night and starbucks hoping. I have no use for her or any faith in all this spin about her.

2618 days ago


Well, I don't know about London, but she really needs a fresh start, to surround herself with positive people(ditch the people who she's been hanging with), and concentrate on her boys. STOP THE PARTYING! That would be the biggest step if she wants to keep the kids.

2618 days ago

in the know    

Rather than flee to London, all Britney has to do is spend time with her kids and be a good mother. How hard is that for her? If all the allegations about her are not true, why is she worried about losing her kids? If she needs medication, why doesn't she just take it so she can be a more stable mother. I worked for a juvenile judge and it is almost impossible for a mother to lose complete physical custody of your kids unless you fail court ordered drug tests or a fall down drunk alcoholic. Trust me no judge cares if a mother goes out a night as long as she has someone capable caring for the kids. If she cleaned up her act between now and the court hearing, no judge will give Kevin full custody. Where is Kevin getting money to pay these high priced attorneys, and private investigators? He gets it from the money Britney is paying him. He is using her money to get more money. Any one who thinks Kevin would not leave the kids 24/7 with a nanny is nuts. He is a known pot head who smokes it in front of the children. Of course Shar defends him, Britney stole her boyfriend. If I were a judge I would recomment drug testing for both Kevin and Britney, chances are he wouldn't pass either.

2618 days ago


Come-on Britney - you can't run away from yourself!!! The Brits are outrageous w/stalkers and you would be putting yourself and your kids in a more dangerous situtation - they prob. are targets already. You need to grow up, wake up and guard up - who the hell is advising you??? You are not in Louisiana anymore, Dorothy!!! If you want to be the mother you say you do - then DO IT! Anyone can run around panty-less, pick up skanks by the #, get photographed drunk, etc....that's easy - it was all done in high school.. BUT we all grow up and learn by our mistakes - not lead by them!! Your kids will, hopefully, learn to read someday and what a book you are writing for them!!

How the hell it happened - but you have two beautiful children that need parenting and YOU need parenting skills - that should be your first objective. Not fleeing to a different country - same problems - different country - only more problems and their territory!!!
The trouble with celebrities - they have no-one to ground them and tell them like it is. You need sat down and read the riot act and told the consequences of your actions - not hiring some "ass- istant" that is only kissing your ass to get paid!

Think before you speak/act or leap!!

2618 days ago
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