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Mel Gibson on the Straight and Narrow

8/23/2007 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson Breaking News!A Malibu judge has just given Mel Gibson two thumbs up on the progress of his DUI case.

TMZ was in the courtroom this morning for Mel's progress hearing. Mel was a no-show -- he didn't have to be there. Gibson's stand-in was his mega lawyer, Blair Berk.

Berk filed paperwork today proving Gibson completed four and a half months of AA meetings and has paid all of his fines.

The judge announced that Mel's attendance at AA meetings is now voluntary. He also added that Mel must appear at the next hearing date, scheduled for February 15.


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Dawn Day    

AA meetings are set to be held in Israel.

2615 days ago


Congratulations Mel! Drinks on me!!!!!!!!!

2615 days ago


Drunk Ass

2615 days ago


Oh Goodie Congrats Blair, OkeyDokey Mels off with his bad behaviors now you can focus on the Doctor who wants to have sex with little girls you're representing

2615 days ago


Sure Mel Gibson is pretty hot but he is no Heidi! Does anyone know when Heidi and Spencer's album is coming out? Will there be a tour? The amount of buzz on the internet over these two is crazy, but with undeniable talent like theirs how could it not be!

2615 days ago


I think many of us have said or done things while drunk that we regretted the next day, the only difference is our mistakes are not filmed or magnified in the public eye. I wish Mel all the luck with sobriety. He is a talented actor and producer. Brave Heart is still one of the best movies ever made in Hollywood.

2615 days ago


You are still aces in my book Mel. Proof that you can be a decent person and still make mistakes in life. Love me some Mel!!!

2615 days ago

Joe Tyler    

Congrats Mel!!! I have two brothers that have had problems with alcohol since they were teens. One has been in recovery for 10+ years. My other brother just cannot find it in himself to get the help he needs, which has been sad to watch. We have tried, but he has to make the final choice to get help. My brothers said many things to many people that they never meant, so I feel verbal rants were due to the drinking. You are a good person and I admire your faith and the love you have for your family!!!!

2615 days ago


#1 - you've got the best response.

2615 days ago

Melanie Kennedy    

Good for you Mel! I know you were trying to show us that Jesus truly suffered for us and based your movie on facts, not to make Jews look bad!!!! I love your talents and great sense of humour!!!! Got to love the name too! From another Mel

2615 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

In "83 when Mr. Gibson was in "The Bounty" with Anthony Hopkins, Gibson had a problem with beer and credited Hopkins with setting him straight by saying, and I paraphrase, "You've got it all kid, don't blow it." After Nick Nolte's career embarrassment (the infamous mug shot) he cleaned up and said, "When you see something like that (the photo), it makes you think."

Apparently not deeply enough, as in June he was photographed sprawled out on an airport floor with a stupid drunk/drug grin on his face.

America finally is developing a shrinking tolerance for falsely repentent movie stars and other privileged entertainers who give the best performances of their lives when they proclaim to Larry King that they are "now clean, thank God." (glug-glug).

2615 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

Gibson is an unrepentent homophobe and anti-semite.

2615 days ago


This is less about the Jews than it is about Mel Gibson. If he is a gay/Jew hater, he's good at hiding it (like many haters) but he is civil about it when he meets them. I am unsure at how 'sober' he's been all these months...even though he claims so, I've heard otherwise..but I'm a big no one. He's a huge multi millionaire, but he's just a man I don't know why we would expect more from him other than who he is. All I know is that when it comes to Epic gore, Mel's your man. He makes money with his movies, and Hollywood can't say no to a dollar.

2615 days ago

Joe Tyler    

If Mel was calling Bush and other conservatives names, yelling out libral rants, then he would be a Hollywood hero and the media would praise him. Sean Penn, Rosie O'Donnell and other like them, are "sober" when they yell their hateful words. Hate is hate!!! Some may hate the jews, some may those who pray celebrate jesus, some may hate those with yellow/white/black/brown skin, some may hate left handed people, and some may hate right handed people, some may hate Bush, some may hate the clintons. Again, hate is hate. I have had a few drunk times in my younger years. I have said and done things I would have NEVER done----because I was drunk. I is not a truth medication. Mel is not perfect, far from it, but then we ALL ARE!!! Mel you have done good, be proud and hold your head high---in a non Mary Jane way!!!!

2615 days ago



2615 days ago
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