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Dogs Rescued from DMX's House

8/24/2007 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

KPNX television in Phoenix is reporting that the Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff's Department raided rapper DMX's home this morning in Cave Creek and removed 12 distressed pit bulls.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was not home at the time. News 12 is reporting a large cache of weapons was found in the home as well.

DMX has a long rap sheet (pun intended), which includes a guilty plea to animal cruelty charges in 2002.

UPDATE: According to DMX's attorney Murray Richman, it was all about the blazing Arizona heat. Richman claims that someone reported the dogs were at risk because of the extreme temperatures, telling TMZ "Earl has a caretaker, who obviously wasn't taking care. Earl loves those dogs." Richman added that DMX isn't even in Az and hasn't been there for several months because he's off working on a project.


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Judges give out joke sentences when it comes to dogfighting. I used to live in South Mississippi and there is a dog fighting ring there that has been busted numerous times, but it keeps coming back and is open tonight because the judges won't hand out anything but a slap on the wrist. The last case I heard of the cops had videos and pictures and statements about the treatment of the dogs, what the dogs looked like after the fights, dead dogs, etc....the spectators were fined $200.00 each and the operators were fined, but didn't do a single day in jail.

2584 days ago


Why the hell would anyone own 12 Pittbulls?

What's this chump into? Investigate that.

2584 days ago


Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine itself to animals. Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives,” Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids, animal abuse is not just the result of a minor personality flaw in the abuser but rather a symptom of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty toward animals don’t stop there; many of them move on to their fellow humans. A study conducted by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA found that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against humans. I don't care what race you are, stop the abuse!

2584 days ago


someone should leave him in the heat with no food or water

2584 days ago


To "xza35",

What makes him so great? Do you know him, or do you just think hes great cause of what you read and hear in the press and on his records. I worked with plenty of black rappers and he was not the worst guy but he definately wasnt that great of a guy. He was obnoxious, and pulled a lot of attitude and his session of people almost got kicked out of working at the studio on a couple of occasions. Thats saying a lot for a place that did all kinds of rap music and cared mostly about income, rather than quality of the workplace for its employees. He certainly wasnt that nice to me and I didnt do anything to not deserve his respect.

Im not saying hes a horrible man, I didnt know him enough to really know, but unless you know him, your claims are equally as silly.

And what the hell is the point of having a buttload of dogs if you cant take care of them? Fighting? maybe, maybe not, status? probable = and does someone that has a dog for "status and reputation", well whats great about that? Thats shallow and superficial. For a lot of those guys, they live for status and reputation. Their cars, dogs, girls, money are all for show, to be the "best". Not a good person in my opinion. Any good things you see him do for charity or whatever - I GuARANTEE you, is a PR stunt - and obviously it works. When Warren G started, his people had him go all around to schools preaching about staying off drugs..........................Lets just say, it wasnt cause he actually thought drugs were bad. But it warmed peoples wallets up to buying their kids his CD cause he wasnt as "bad" as the other black rappers.

But all that said, theres nothing different from these guys and any of the white entertainers breaking laws and getting off easy and pulling PR stunts. Its not about race other than to people that make it about race. And as we can see here on this thread - BOTH sides have people that want to make it about race.

2584 days ago

edith roberson    

these ppl need more than a slap on the wrist. its a shame because it gives a pit bull a bad name, there are some very sweet pit bulls, that i have groomed when i worked at a grooming shop. its not the dog, its the owner of the dog. shame on these men who breed them to fight, and the dogs they have rescured have to be put down because all they know is to fight. i say lock them up, see how they like being behind bars.

2584 days ago

Amy Silverman    

DMX got herpes from Vick on the down low!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2584 days ago


The issue with Pit Bulls, people will argue whose to blame the owner or the breed - till the end of time.
I dont understand this argument. Obviously any dog bred to be agressive will be agressive. Some may have different tempermants than others (obviously), but I think the real thing that makes Pit Bulls get all the heat is the fact that they are just dogs that have the POWER and ABILITY to really hurt humans as opposed to some other dogs.
As to wether or not people should own them? thats a difficult topic.
More the question perhaps is should people be able to own animals that can easily cause mortal harm to people. The fact is, there are some breeds that easily can. Tons of people get attacked and bit by all kinds of dogs. The fact is, these dogs just have the ability to do more damage. Ive lived with one (not mine) and the other dog we had was more dangerous as far as attacking someone - but the pit was definately the strongest by far - and there were puppies, and those puppies would fight and they would bite each other and you couldnt get them to let go. They would draw blood on the other puppies and you could NOT separate their jaws from the victim. They are just very strong powerful animals. I think THATS the issue more than breeding or the owners. We can all argue till were blue in the face on whose to blame - the breed or the owner - and I DID see people in the rap world purposely do things to their puppies, saying they wanted their dog to be dangerous and agressive. But anyone could do that. Teh difference with these dogs is they are very powerful.

And to simply say that "he loved those dogs therefore he couldnt be a bad owner".
There are a lot of men that love their wives and abuse them physically just the same.
(and Im sure vice versa to an extent)

2584 days ago


"Incase you racist inbreds don't know, the term "these people" is very inappropriate, and derogatory. DMX is a person and if there is any case against him he should be addressed thus as an individual.
Now how has he abused the said dogs, when he has a paid hand assigned to handle and care for them and is actually away on location?
How pathetic that you devil spawns had no qualms enslaving or showing hate to blacks in this country but act like you have a soul by acting like you care about Gods creation , be it animate or inanimate. The rest of the world have wised up to you racists and actually despise your double standards."

Posted at 6:47PM on Aug 24th 2007 by empress

"Incase" should be two words, “inbreds” is should be “inbreeds”, "addressed thus" should be "addressed thusly", "said dogs" indicates erroneously that the animals in question were not dogs, "spawns" are fish, "rest of the world have wised" should use the verb "has", and, my favorite, "actually despise" is used to unnecessarily differentiate from "fictitiously despise". That’s just the grammar part.

Logically (and legally), how is paying someone to abuse animals different from abusing them yourself? If you hire someone to murder another person, are you not as guilty as the assassin?

That brings up another point to be addressed to those accusing hunters as murderers for the act of killing a game animalr. “Murder” is defined as person illegally killing another person. The act of accusing a hunter of murder is an anthropomorphism.

Talk about inappropriate and derogatory, accusing those participating in this discussion of supporting the enslavement of blacks, hating blacks, and being soulless is exactly both.

2584 days ago


Pit bulls, ALL pit bulls. are genetic time bombs. All of this crap about aggresive pit bulls being the fault of the owners is moot. The fact is that these dangerous animals need to be eliminated. They have been created by mentally deficient people, are being perpetuated by the same, and serve no useful purpose.

2584 days ago


Thanks for that "Tromba1"!!! pretty funny - but all true.

And why is "empress's" whole post in quotes?

and for the record, I for one have no belief in God so caring about other forms of life has nothing to do with God's creation to me. And it sounds like you are saying that I personally (and everyone in America today) have enslaved blacks or condoned it.

empress said: "How pathetic that you devil spawns had no qualms enslaving or showing hate to blacks in this country"

I have not owned slaves or condoned anyone doing such a thing as that is illegal in America today and in my opinion has always been morally reprehensible.
Slavery was illegal in about 1844 here in the US. (well in parts of the US). Maybe you should read a book "empress". Catch up with "the rest of the world".

2584 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

DMX, man! What's wrong with you? I thought you were cool! I give up, you fool why are
you so cruel? You could have hired someone had could take care of those dogs and
kept them out of the heat.

2584 days ago


We Canadians hate rappers, stay the hell out of our country.

2583 days ago

Idiots Respond 2 Me    

Hey Irene, you get The Most Idiotic Commments of the Day Award!

2583 days ago


just watched the story on that news site.

someone here said:
"he loved those dogs!"

If he had kids that were found malnourished and without water, would you say he loved the kids? even if there was a caretaker for the kids?

Doesnt look good. Found dead dogs, some burned. multiple automatic weapons. Locals know him for causing a commotion at 3AM riding ATVs or something like that.
Yeah, he sounds great.
I wish he was my neighbor.

2583 days ago
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